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  2. Getting back into golf after years away--never had lessons until this year, just hacked away back then using hand-me-down Spaulding Tournament Johnny Palmer blades--they actually had leather grips! This year, I've had a couple of lessons on stance, grip and chipping and have found them useful but I'm not sure about continuing with those instructors. No handicap, play mostly practice rounds, trying to be aware of course management and trying to learn a swing. Right-handed, my misses are slices with the driver and occasional pushes to the right with all irons, although my irons in general are straight. I can usually par a couple of holes per 9 but sprinkle some triples in there, too. Pretty inconsistent. Does anyone have advice/experience with instructors in Western Mass or northern CT? There are many golf instructors at courses here in W. Mass. but I feel it's too random to just try and try until I lock into one that might click. I'm also thinking about evolvr but I thought I read where Erik et al. might drop the online piece? Thanks in advance--great forum here. PJP
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