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  1. I did it Friday morning on a links style course. Completely unintentional. I was on the tee at 11, they were on the tee at 10, wasn't having a good day so far and the tension caused me to tighten up and toe the @#$!% out of my driver and I landed on the tee back of 10. I never even saw where the ball went, hit a provisional, and when I was headed to it after searching the right fairway/rough for my initial shot the guys pulling off the tee on 10 called to me that mine was on their box hahaha.
  2. At least someone gave this guy some sound and helpful advice instead of a bunch of bitter complaints and gripes towards a guy who's obviously got some skill and is on his way but needs a bit of advice from some people who may have been in a similar situation before. He's new, he has no idea who's on this site and whether people can give him helpful advice or not.
  3. Agreed, I have a longer hybrid in my bag right now that's very hit and miss. It's a 200 yard club when it's right, it's a 20 yard club when it's wrong and lately it's been wrong more than it's been right. I used to have a set of TM burner hybrids (4-5/21-24) and they were much easier to hit but honestly the gaps weren't enough to keep them vs my 4i so I went to a longer hybrid that is going to take more work.
  4. Mine is to play to a single digit handicap and keep it. I started playing seriously and trying to actually learn the game a year ago. I was able to get it down to a 15.x this summer but then an injury at work changed my grip/swing and threw it all out of whack and I went back up to a 23. Well now I'm working with a new coach and my power is coming back, putting is ok, just need some consistency and I hope to achieve that this year. Stupid mistakes are costing me stroke, cut them down, gain consistency and watch it drop, my only goal.
  5. My Golo by far. I've also got a SC Studio Select Newport 2.0, Select Big Sur, NC Sub 30 type 20 and type 50, Yes! Sandy, Odyssey White Hot 2 balls, Nike Method Core MC3i, and others I can't even remember. The Golo is just my go to. I drain more putts with it without even thinking. I have a pendulum stroke with a putter and this thing is just so perfectly balanced for me, I look at the cup, line up my feet, stroke, drop.... And if it doesn't, it's within a foot of the cup. Distance control is perfect etc. I have had this putter for 5 months now and I bet I've had less than 5-6 3 putts with it. I absolutely love it.
  6. When I first started it was the only way I swung a club. Especially the driver. Now 9 out of 50 times that resulted in disaster but within 6 weeks of playing I hit the longest straightest drive of my life (still haven't beat it). Once I started lessons, I developed a smoother more repeatable swing and now I need to find a happy medium. My current swing is smooth and mostly accurate with mid/short irons but not impressive as in 145-150 7i. My one and only really hard swing that went where I wanted it with a driver was before I had a GPS/rangefinder. 287 from tee to green, I landed my ball 40+ yards into the fairway of the next green. Now I have more of a pitiful driver average that I won't discuss here due to embarrassment but at least I'm typically in the right fairway.
  7. It's a good game, I no longer play online because I got tired of paying for an Xbox gold membership though.
  8. This. I am only a year into playing, my handicap varies from a 15.1 late summer to a 19.1 currently and it goes up and down as I brain dump simple things, fall apart, and then remember them and bring my game back down. Some days I look like I've been playing for years, others I look like I am a caveman who just picked up a club. The only thing any member of my club has ever said to me was "hey man, it happens to all of us from time to time just keep at it". In general, everyone I've met on the golf course has been extremely courteous and helpful. If you want to join, just join.
  9. I ended up buying my 910 slightly used with a perfect crown, book, tool, and slight brush marks on the bottom for 170 shipped a little while back. Great driver actually and glad I bought it. I've never played Titleist woods, always TM or Nike but this one easily ties my favorite driver of all time and beats my Nike VRs, VR tour, etc but a good bit (for my swing).
  10. I know it's old now but since my last post I've added even more putters to my collection so I wanted to add a bit more of my personal thoughts to it. Scotty putters (for me) are hands down the best for my putting style. I have acquired a Scotty Big Sur and a Scotty Golo as well as another NC Sub 30 Type 50 and a Nike Method Core 3i. The NC and Nike putters are great putters, well made, look good etc but a milled putter like the Scotty or Yes! are the only two I can reliably putt with. It seems like the insert putters have "hot spots" in the face. I spent probably 2 hours yesterday just rolling putts with the Nike on the practice green and when I hit it the same every time it was working wonders but a slight mishit resulted in either a dead putt or a bullet the wayyyy overshot my target. With the milled putters and my stroke anywhere within a 1/2 inch of the sweet spot will result in a comparable distance which means more made putts. Line has never really been a problem for me (I have a practice green at home and probably roll 200 putts a day) but I've always had distance control problems. The milled Scotty putters make that less of a problem for me so I score lower when using them. Granted, a severe off center hit will still be punished significantly but it's a putter, you aren't swinging it hard enough to do that often so I stick with my milled putters. Some people have completely opposite results, these are just mine.