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  1. my wife just brought me a set of mx-25 last week.. really like the feeling.. it was so much better compare to the other set i have=> Prima III. i don't think i'll change any more for the next 5 yr unless i get single handicap. hahaha.
  2. forgiving are those club with larger face and easier to hit.... if i don't explain wrongly. haha. OS = oversize, larger club face. also good for enginner.
  3. maybe get a cheap set of forgiving iron set from ebay. look for those with cavity back, easier to hit and straighter. i'm new too. haha. taylormade 2002 OS rac is cheap in ebay. should be less than 150. monitor ebay and remember to get from those seller with high and good feedback
  4. Yes! MX-25 here i come!

    i just come back from range. so much sweeter than my Prima III. i must say the feeling is super. now just need to get more use to the club then i will head for the green. hahahaa
  5. Yes, my wife just got me a new set of mizuno mx-25, can't wait to hit some ball tonite. kekekeee... it come with N.S.pro 950 reg, would say it just nice for me. any comment about this club?
  6. i'am getting a Mizuno mx-23 or mx-25 from ebay now. will see how it goes. hopefully able to suit the way i play. maybe budget ard 300usd or less. anyone selling a left hand set, let me know. haha..
  7. Check Out the NEW Pings!!!!

    just want to check, for beginner like me can use S59 or S58? is it hard to control the ball? but the S57 real look good.
  8. i just purchase 2 hybrid from globalgolf in ebay. the price is real good. but i also receive email from a email which contain ebay asking me to buy something that i was outbidded which i think these email are fake. now waiting for the club to arrive. can't wait. haha.. just that i stay in singapore. the shipment will take 1 week. even i include the shipping price. the price is still good.
  9. agree with you, ping will be a great choice, anyway, i can get it ship over through friend in USA. not a problem at all, i will check it out on the website. the club in Singapore are 20% more in USA. no matter how i count, it worth to get over in your country. unless the price difference is less than 200.
  10. i try the G10 today, too good to be true, the feeling was great. but i think i need to get a graphite shaft for it as i still feel heavy on the swing. what you guys think? too bad they don't have a demo graphite club to test.
  11. agree with u in the sense that it really voice down to cost and preference.
  12. I am refering to japanese make club like onoff, brigdestone tour stage or dunlop club. those china or thailand make are mostly fake club that my friend told me.
  13. hi everyone, iam a asian and like to check anyone use japan iron set like homan and tour stage? please tell me more on the difference between japanese iron and other brand like ping, TM, callaway, cleveland etc. thanks in advance
  14. i am using steel R flex now but i feel the club was quite heavy and the swing slow. if i swing fast, the angle all gone. the shaft that iam using is around 130g, iam looking at 80-90 g shaft.