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  1. rehabbing from heart attack earlier this month so today I Did 10 minutes each on treadmill, bicycle. elliptical machine and stair climber
  2. Cardiac rehab, from Heart attack, trying to get build back up before winter plus I have a tournament to attend Mid September that I don't plan on missing.
  3. Didn't play today, I'm ticked that I couldn't but had heart attack last week and still recovering. Hope to be out playing in the next couple of weeks. so if you're out there playing stick a good one for me, right next to the pin. Thanks
  4. What happened to the Bridgestone xFIXx golfball? Was given one the other day and thought they played quite well except it went a little further than I expected and found the ole water hole. Wanted to try to get a dozen to try out but haven't been able to find them locally at either Dicks or GolfSmith. Couldn't find them on their website either and have noted they were on Golf Digest Hot list for 2011???
  5. If Titleist didn't give away their golf balls to any pro who wanted them would they still be the #1 ball on Tour. Just curious
  6. Well I have quite a few, most purchased at TJ MAZZ, Kohls and Marshalls, all are the clima lite type, TJ MAXX & Marshalls you can get brand name shirts between $15 & 20 but the styles are a couple years old but still keep you confortable and dry. I never buy Nike stuff although I have one that my son got me for father's day, of course I told him don't get me nike merchandise, won't buy it, wont wear it. I have sever shirts I also purchased from a local shop here, Carl's Golfland for Puma shirts which I like quite well, Addidas 2nd and UA 3rd on the list. UA's stuff seems to be a little heav
  7. I guess it would be Spike marks on the green. All the pros complain, especially when they miss a sort simple putt (why don't they all go to soft spikes like we have to. Their just spoiled and crying. The other would be signing an incorrect score card. Everyone knows, even the TV and radio guys how many strokes the guy took let alone someone else is actually keeping your score.
  8. For the hell of it I just had a Sr flex placed in my Nickent cyg driver head, (play it in the neutral position with 9* . At the driving range about all I could hit were hi almost duck hooks. I have both regular and stiff shafts for this head too. Haven't really noticed any difference in the Regular and Stiff VS proto, get about a 5 to 10 yard draw or straight have only had 2 fades with those shafts this year. I also have the Aldila DVS and NV shafts R and S, about the same results, either straight or slight draw not much loss in distance either, almost equal. Use these shafts dependi
  9. I've played the TPC @ Scotsdale AZ(Played it 2 weeks after the tour event; play from the tips and shot an [81], IndianWood [80] & Oakland HIlls [79] in MI, Harbor in Ohio [85] these were all in my late 50's. Had a friend who had a house on the Buick Open Course [warwick hills] and played that one several times also played the Tournament Players club in Dearborn (Sr PGA Course)
  10. I refuse to play nike balls and refuse to purchase anything Nike makes. Just a fetish I have.
  11. Just found a Penta last week up at Crystal Mountain, apparently a sponsor ball as it had a logo on it. Tried it for a couple of holes but preferred my Z-Star for which I paid $24 bucks this spring. (I think they were the 2010 or 2011 ball) I think the new Zstar came out this year.
  12. My spring golf buddies and I made our annual trip to NC the End of February and prior to leaving I picked up some Z-Stars. Granted they were last years model but I was able to get them at $24 a dozen and purchased several dozen. I really like them and then the Q=Star came out decided I'd try them and like the rest of you I feel there is a big drop of between the Z and Q-Star. I get lots of spin with the Q-Star but not wuite the distance and will be going back to the HX-Hot+ basically due to pricing. As for the mention of the Titleist Prov1 and x, I've never liked them. Won 2 dozen
  13. I put Arnold Palmer in the freezer the night before, by about the 4th hole I consume that which has melted and replace it with Traverse City Vodka. When empty I refill with water only to complete the round. It Just takes the edge off.
  14. Just purchased a pair for $99 off e-bay, love 'em only needed to make a slight adjustment to my swing as my older shoes were also Ecco with a low turf profile. Only used for 4 rounds so far but no problems to report, haven't yet played in the rain but temps in the ow to mid 90's every time.
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