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  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I remember the first time I broke 90... I bought all my golf buddies a beer!!!! I'll take my favorite....... COLD!
  2. I would say, just cut it down an inch. Most golfers rarely take a full swing with a sand or lob wedge, so the extra stiffness really won't be an issue. All wedges come with basically the same "wedge flex" shaft, so reshafting will just get you the same shaft you already have. I really don't think there will be a problem. The shaft may be ever so slightly stiffer, but the club will be significantly lighter, which will make it easier to swing. Good for her, you're a good husband! I got a set of clubs for my wife once... Good trade huh?
  3. I have short fingers, so I use the interlocking grip.
  4. The first thing to know is your wedge "setup". I have a 54* sand wedge with LOTS of bounce (14*), and a 58* lob wedge with slight bounce (8*). I use the sand wedge in the fluffy stuff, and the lob wedge on the wet cement bunkers. Sometimes, it is safer to just pick the ball clean or chip the ball out like they do in Japan. Also, keep in mind that if the sand is that hard, and you don't have a big lip to get over, you can always use your putter. There is no shame in using your putter to get out of a bunker, and there are no "pictures" on the score card.... only numbers. Good luck!
  5. "Choking up" and "Choking down" would be mutually exclusive terms. I guess it should be "Choking up" or "Gripping down". Anyway, if you have an inch showing above your left hand (at address), then I would say that you are choking up (A little). I hold my clubs all the way at the end, that is to say that I have the entire end of the handle in my left hand (NOT like a baseball player that has one or two fingers hanging over the end of the handle). You are tall, so I assume you have big hands/long fingers. The more you "Choke up" or "Grip down" on the club, the smaller the grip gets (as al
  6. TommyD69


    I have been playing golf for 25 years. I have had more than one a year for at least the last 10. I hope I have MORE this year!!!
  7. YES! I alway grip down almost to the metal on ALL chip shots, and MOST of my pitch shots (depending on the length on the shot). I use Player Sofftie grips just for the reason that they are "fatter" under the right hand, so when you choke up on the club, you still have some grip to hold on to....
  8. CRAP!!!!!!!!! Freddy just ran out of gas!!!! I was pullin hard for him, but no joy... Looks like a play off now...... The wind is just brutal... I tryed to play in the wind on Saturday, and it just beat me up!! It's gotta be tough on those guys, being out there for all those holes today.
  9. The TV networks made it difficult to watch the LPGA this weekend. I went channel suffing late Saturday afternoon, and there was horse racing, info-mercials and some other crazy thing on the major channels. It almost seemed like the networks went out of there way to NOT show the first womens major! What a finish... if you missed it, you missed a lot!!!
  10. TommyD69

    Holy Cow!!!

    Can those gals play or what!?!??! Did you see that shot on 18 by Lincicome????? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. What ever it is... it is TERRIBLE of toast!!!!! LOL
  12. I teed off the last two Saturdays with the temp around 36 both days! Frost delay both days too... Still felt good to be outside, but putting was a problem... Got a 9:00 tee time This Saturday, will probably be in the 30's again... Plus a little rain this time just for good measure! Oh well.... pretty soon.......
  13. Is that like Kentucky Jelly? Anyway... The "RAW" wedges are supposed to rust, I'm afraid you are "trying to p up a rope" trying to keep the rust off a wedge that is supposed to rust. Sell them, they are good wedges, and get chrome wedges instead. Good Luck
  14. Craig Stadler (The walrus) used to do all his short shorts around the green exclusively with his sand wedge (probably a 56 degree). In this "modern" age of carrying half a bag of wedges, and the other half with hybrids, it nice to hear that some of you folks prefer to be shot makers. That being said, I use a 3 , 6, or 9 iron to do my chip shots (keeping the ball as close to the ground as possible, and letting it run like a putt to the hole). You will find that you are good at what you practice... Party on.................
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