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  1. How did you fix your slice?

    After a 10yr layoff from the game, my draw disappeared from my woods and was replaced by a fade when I was lucky not to slice. I can't fade my irons very well but I sure can draw them. I realized that I was standing too close / swinging too steep with my woods. To adjust for the proper swing plane for he longer shaft, I stood further away from the ball. I now sp,t my wood tee shots between fade, straight to a slight pull - in that order of possible outcome. :-\ BTW- I was unable to fade my irons until I started standing a little closer to the ball. :-P
  2. Ok. I can't back up some of what I said about left side dominant and shaping / drawing my shots. I switched from X-20 to X-20 Tour and now I barely, barely, barely draw the ball. A third the time it goes straight now. The reason? The tour irons have way less offset than the regular X-20's. - I beleive. So, I do pull down with my left, then I extend with the right (somewhere around or just before impact) then let my V shaped arms pass my face letting my shoulders pull my face up towards the target. Basically, what most of the posts said is what I do. :P
  3. Can't draw the driver!

    Okay, as I understand it; hands slightly ahead of the ball, Hips and shoulders aimed to the right of the club face, the club face is to the right of the target but is somewhat closed compared to the hips and shoulders, smoothie swing, ta-daaa!
  4. Can't draw the driver!

    Geez,I have a similar problem but I can only draw my irons and my woods are straight with an occasional fade. Driver address is to have hands ahead of he ball? That would explain why I lost my draw with my woods. I have my hands even or slightly behind the ball :~( I need to try his out! :-P
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Had the round of my life since returning to the sport after a ten year layoff. At a 70/127 par 72 course, I shot a 77 :-) I had 5 legitimate birdie opportunites (inside of 10 feet) and missed them all. I did, however, chip one in for birdie that I did not consider a scoring shot. I never count my strokes until play has ended. My buddie told me I was 2 over after nine and would not stop chanting that I was on fire. I didn't feel on fire. I felt quite fine not having gone through the emotional rollercoaster of bad swings and missed shots. **I never really count on birdie putts as I am quite satisfied with a par** I followed this round up the next day shooting 7 over on an executive course then an 80 at the course that I had my all time low. I made three birdies all wihtin 10-12 feet. The worst part about the 80 was that I put one in the drink on h14 and flubbed my driver tee shot on h18 leaving me with over 240 yards to the green with a flag tucked in a corner behind a bunker. My estimation is that I could have duplicated my 77 but fell short. What I did learn was that I don't have to swing past 70% effort to get distance and my accuracy remains good and; I should pitch with whatever wedge I want and not feel like I have to bump and run with different clubs ;-)
  6. I used to think about almost anything during my address. It could be my taxes, my dog....what I ate at breakfast.... Oh, I would think about swing mecahnics too, sometimes. I saw Anika on Golf channel when she said that she draws a line between the hitting box and the thinking box. The hitting box is obvious. The thinking box is when you are standing behind the ball considering your options. That is where you do your thinking. When you ahve made your choices, club, shot shape, stance etc., you then go to the hitting box. You only execute in the hitting box. If you need to reconsider anything that you have decided on then you step out of the hitting box and start over. It has helped me from daydreaming to having self-doubting thoughts at address. So simple in theory but works wonders for me.
  7. 'Don't Use Your Hands!!'

    Thank you! That is what I am missing with my left side dominant action of initiating the club down swing by pulling with my left delt/lat. Often, when I get too relaxed or tired, I start to pull my shots. I beleive this should be the counter to my swing thought of pulling with the left side. Thanks :-)
  8. I'm happy that you posted the video. I see a left side dominant / pull from beginning to just past impact. Although not my favorite athlete swing, Tiger is a phenomenal athlete. One thing that I have had to realize is that regardless of talent and athleticism, a golfers swing is very distinct to them. Some may require a little of this, more of that etc. Rocco with his left leg back comes to mind as does Furyk. I have a very quiet lower body and tend to have active arms. To deal with this, the swing thought (one of them) I have is to initiate and carry the club through the swing by pulling with my left side - outer delt to be specific. Watching Tiger I can see that I need to stop the left side dominant earlier than some of the times I swing to avoid pulling my shot. Having recently returned to the sport, I am immersing my self to get the best return for my effort. I'm glad I found this site :-)
  9. Left side dominant to me implies left side pulling of the club through the plane verses having the right side drive the club face. This recently has become very obvious to me and helped me shape and aim my shots with greater success than not being left side dominant. I have two friends I play with and they do not seem left side dominant with one that plays a draw, the other a fade. I think for me using the left side dominant helps me stay on track for a better ball strike. :~(