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  1. I purchased Tour Trek One-Click Collapsible Push Cart from Golfsmith for $130. I've used it a few times and I love it. It holds my stand bag well, has all the features I wanted (esp. an umbrella holder) and the price was reasonable. It also feels sturdy. It folds down nicely and it's easy for me to carry to/from the car and store in my trunk or in my house.
  2. My instructor recommends practicing my swing and hitting a tee or a leaf or a chunk of uprooted grass, basically anything but a ball. That way I really focus on my swing and I know if I make contact but I don't have to be concerned about a ball and where it goes. I believe this is one of Harvey Penick's lessons.
  3. I used to only go to the practice range and I was dying to go play but there were two things I did before I felt confident to go play on a course: 1) have a basic understanding of golf etiquette and playing ready golf 2) do a playing lesson with my instructor out on the course With at least those two, regardless of my golf skills, I can keep up with pace of play (even if it means picking up my ball sometimes). My biggest fear about playing on a course was slowing everyone down. Now I love walking 9 holes by myself, I try to go when it's not busy so I don't feel too nervou
  4. I love Insanity! I don't think it helps with my flexibility though. It's great cardio and strengthening exercise, no equipment needed and really only takes up 35-40 minutes of my day.
  5. There are two iPhone apps (maybe for android, I don't know) that pull up affiliated golf courses and their tee times/green fees. Some tee times are discounted and you can reserve through the app while paying a ~$4 fee. They don't have all courses but at least you can get an idea of what's around you. One is GolfNow and one is Golfzing.
  6. I want to eventually graduate out of my starter set (Lady Hagen from Dick's) and "invest" in a nice set that I get fitted for. I'm excited for an upcoming demo day because I have appointments with Ping, Cobra, Callaway and TaylorMade. Just wondering about the ladies out there - do you play with clubs that are specifically for women or play "men's" clubs with graphite/ladies flex shafts? Is there a difference?
  7. I agree with the others who recommend Srixon Soft Feel. They're great for me (female, slow swing speed) and they're easy to identify because they're pink. I also bought a box of Noodle Plus Easy Distance that I haven't used yet. They're cheaper than Srixon and they are for slower swing speeds as well.
  8. Bulk - 500 tees for $9.99 at Walmart. I try not to take a practice swing without hitting something (besides a ball), so I'll usually hit tees for practice.
  9. Some courses offer an introductory package special, something like 5 lessons for $99. But I currently pay $80/1hr lesson and my instructor offers $400 for 6. This is in line with another local "higher-end" golf course. For my first pack of 6 lessons, I went weekly. Now I plan to go once a month. I talked to a friend of mine who said he goes every 6 months when his game is good and if he feels rusty, he'll go every 2 months but he's been golfing for 15+ years.
  10. Thanks everyone! All of your advice is really helpful, I'll practice what you preach this weekend. I hope to get a few rounds in. I still love golf though.
  11. I've been taking lessons and practicing at the range for a month and a half or so. I've been improving a lot and I notice when I practice, my good shots definitely outnumber my bad shots. This past Monday, my instructor took me out on the course for the first time and man, was I humbled. All my great shots from the range disappeared and my one good shot was when my instructor stuck a dollar bill under the ball and told me to hit the dollar bill. Then yesterday, I went to a women's golf event in which we had a short clinic and played 4 holes. Again, I did well during the clinic when it was at t
  12. (korean female here..) I like to wear long sleeves, either a long sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved shirt with solar sleeves because: 1) I don't like weird tan lines 2) I want to protect my skin from cancer 3) I want to fend off wrinkles for as long as possible 4) It feels cooler to wear light, long clothing than to have the sun beating on my bare skin 5) I almost forgot..to prevent sunburn! And to agree with previous posters, many Koreans value lighter skin tones. When I was young, I was pretty tan from swimming and when I went to Korea for the summer, some mean kid
  13. Hi. Feel free to disregard my input because I'm new as well but I've been taking lessons with a former pro and he's helped me a lot with my swing. Before I went to my first lesson, I read as much as I could and watched as many videos as I could about swing sequence. Then I would try out what I read and it didn't feel good and my ball didn't go where I wanted, if in the air at all. My teacher's greatest insight so far that really resonated well and helped my swing A LOT: achieve proper address then just swing the grip. (that's the condensed version) Basically, your lower body wil
  14. Sunday was my first time at Golfsmith and I was in heaven! I bought two pairs of shorts that weren't marked on sale but ended up being about 50% off, hot pink balls and a Nike hat. I have only been playing with my cheap starter set and didn't realize how comfortable grips can be until I held the Callaway Razr X HL club. I can't wait to upgrade..
  15. What is "Simply Key 1"? I do have a problem not keeping my head in place, I thought I was lifting my head but my instructor said I was lowering my head. I'm not sure if it's because of our chests or we just need practice keeping our heads level.
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