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  1. I finally, FINALLY shot a bogey round 2 weeks ago, and then again last week. Granted it was only a par 31 nine hole but an accomplishment is an accomplishment.
  2. So in an interesting update to the hooking, I played 2 times at my local par 31, 9 hole course, and did really well (42 and 41 respectively). As far as the new dreaded hook, I didn't. I modified my grip a little and focused on squaring the club face on address. I did draw a LOT more balls with both my irons and my driver (50% of my shots had a draw), but I usually fade my irons and I was also trying a new swing (more arm triangle and wrist power, less lower body) so that could be to blame for the irons. But with the driver, I definitely felt a difference. And just the fact that I didn't h
  3. So, just for the heck of it, I decided to play my usual ball and a pro v1 today when I went to my home 9 hole par 31. I was lucky that it was only me and my father so I was able to play 2 balls. The Pro V1 was uncontrollable off my driver (no surprise there), but it was amazing with my irons. When I teed up with it on the par 3's, it was a LOT better than my usual Burner (and since I played two rounds, I played burner vs Pro V1 the first round and Mojo vs. Pro V1 the second). I almost feel like playing 2 balls, one for the holes I need to use driver, and one for holes that I use iron
  4. Played my home 9 hole course 2x today. Shot 11 over then 10 over (and for the 5th time this year missed a bogey round by 1 STROKE! ) I did drill my driver 300 yards on one hole, and my irons were spot on today. Oddly though, got 3 pars on the first round, and no pars on the second round, but the second round was more consistant, and I'd rather be consistant then go triple bogey and 3 pars.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So true. And I'm not a father at all. 27, married...NO kids (at least for now. Maybe in 3 years...at least that's the plan lol).
  6. Just curious how everyone mentally prepares for a round. Obviously, there will be a difference between tournaments and recreational rounds, but I was just curious how some people prep. For me, its just simply running through my head what I want to do. Occasionally I'll listen to some music to focus, but that's just me. What about the rest of you?
  7. I would, in your case, just make sure that they are low-compression balls. 2 reasons for this. First, they are usually pretty cheap. Second, you probably don't swing at very high speeds (115+mpg). I know I CAN swing over 120mph, but I rarely do this anymore as I rarely hit the ball well (if at ALL! LOL). I average a speed of 107mph now and hit the ball MUCH better. I also switched to lower compression balls which allow me to swing slower without losing distance. My point here is that if you use lower compression balls you will be able to slow down your swing and work on its mechanics wh
  8. 2 things...first, perhaps change your glove. I know that I had a glove that I always felt made me have to grip tighter to avoid the club spinning on impact. That would be my first recommendation...change your glove. Second, based on your scale, grip around a 5, take one extra club than you would normally, and swing easier. That has helped me tremendously just in terms of control. I try and grip light (or strong) and kill the ball, I never get a clean shot. By taking a 9 iron for a 140 yard shot and gripping normally and swinging easy has been a major help than what I used to do, wh
  9. Actually it makes perfect sense. Although not the same extreme, its the idea of not knowing peace without the existence of war (obviously I just began proving my history "geekness"). Thankfully, I rarely "banana ball" it anymore. They are more like fades or pushes (which i know a push is totally swing path). I do want to pull off a draw (since my regular 9 hole has 2 of them which I usually have to play over the dog leg) but I'd rather consistently hit it straight first lol. And mosnas, I don't usually pull the ball so-to-speak. I listed all the stats up above (I'm honestly j
  10. aha! I changed to a stronger grip because I always sliced! So....i OVER compensated...go figure. Oddly, I use the same grip with my irons and still manage to slice those...but I think that is because I bring my hips around too early with my irons...but that's a totally different thing altogether. Thanks for the tip. I'll post a video of my newer, flatter, swing soon, but obviously with a slightly modified grip.
  11. I know we all tell the ball to "bite" from time to time...but I never thought the ball would bite someone in the @$$
  12. Here is a link to that newer "old" swing. The only real difference between this one and my current driver swing is that I stand a little further from the ball and flattened the swing plane (hence the reason I needed to stand a little further away from the ball). Oh and the reason I kinda "fall" at the end, is because the mat was kinda small. http://www.swingreader.com/video/view/zNZy8UMj
  13. Irony of Ironies....my dad gave me a box of Pro-V1's he found in his closet. He can't hit them to save his life, and they were a gift, so he gave them to me. I'll probably play them till I lose them just to test them...so it was a dozen balls....that will probably last me about 3 holes! Actually, I might just play them on par 3's when I'm just going iron, and use a different ball on long holes...again, until I lose them all. In reality, I'm still tossed on what I'm gonna buy, but I definitely leaning towards the Q-Star, Hex Chrome, or PD Soft. Will probably all come down to whats on
  14. Played a quick 9 with my father for Father's Day. And I played a LOT worse than my scorecard lets off. Although I did have some killer shots, I went 15 over 31 for the round and that was with getting Par on 3 holes . Also topped 25% of my shots which my average is 4.5%. BUT I did manage to 2-putt every hole. So all in all...I'm disappointed with my round, but if the #1 and #2 can get cut from the US Open, that is just proof we all have bad days!!!!
  15. While I'm sure many of us support the spirit behind what your saying, most golf course have it written someone in plain sight (usually on the scorecard) that golf is a sport that has "inherent" dangers and that it is your responsibility to watch for wayward balls. While the statement is meant to protect golf courses from being sued, it would probably protect individuals as well (provided the person wasn't intentionally TRYING to hit someone). Again, I completely support what your saying and how safety is the most important part, there is no legal action that can really be taken
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