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  1. Good points by everyone! I guess it just seemed odd to me being that I'm just getting into it seriously. I don't keep track of my score as I go, just write it on the card hole by hole and total it up at the end. I felt like I was playing reall well. Apparently I was doing certain things well on each hole, but not everything well at the same time.
  2. I had one last night. I shot a 56. My best this year has been a 51. However, I "felt" like I was playing much better golf than I usually do. I felt like I was hitting the ball better, and I had much better control over my driver. Even my putting seemed to be a bit better than normal. I had to take penalties on two holes where I shanked my drive OB, but my second shot on both holes was right up the center of the fairway. Just thought it was weird that I could feel like I was playing better than normal, yet my score didn't reflect it at the end. Maybe I just had a lot of luck mixed into my other rounds.
  3. My favorite club is whichever one I happen to be hitting well at the moment. Right now that seems to be my 6 iron, which has been working really well for me the last couple of rounds that I've played. My least favorite is my driver, I still haven't figured out how to control it consistently.
  4. Congrats on the drivers. I don't think it's a big deal. Sounds like many people involved with the school were in the raffle, and many others won. Generally in a contest, anyone affiliated with the organization, as well as their immediate family members would be excluded from entry. I know that this is not always the case, but in larger contests, such as on line giveaways from larger companies, it is usually in the fine print. However, raffles are generally much more relaxed. I've entered a ton of raffles where somebody working for the organization, or even running it, had won something. It's for a good cause, so who cares?
  5. Not sure what the winning score was. Couldn't stick around to see. I know I talked to a couple of the teams that were at 4 under and 5 under. The tournament didn't use any handicaps, and all of the players on our team would have been considered very high handicapped players. I don't know about the other two players, but myself and they guy I knew both average around 105 to 110 on 18 on that course.
  6. Turns out I'd probably be pretty good at golf if I didn't have to hit off the tee. On 18 holes, we played from the spot my second shot landed on 14 of them. We only played from the spot my tee shot landed once, and that was on a short par three. I only knew one of the people on the team, and we were randomly paired with the other two as we were kind of a last minute entry. Had a great time though. Shot 6 over as a team, which we figured wasn't too bad considering we were more a group of two pairs than a team. It's amazing how a scramble will really point out the weak parts of your game. Guess I know what I need to work on to improve!
  7. [quote name="Gresh24" url="/t/60593/colorado-man-goes-on-shooting-spree-in-movie-theater/36#post_745633"] You can pretty much walk around carying a gun anywhere in the country (with a permit). [/quote] You would probably be surprised to find out how many people around you carry guns every day. If you ran into me on the street, you would never know that I had a gun on me (legally, btw). There could very well have been people in that theatre that had guns, but chose not to act . Just because people carry guns, doesn't mean that they're all out looking for an opportunity to be a hero. Could it have been stopped? Maybe. Would I have tried? Don't know. I would like to think so, but at the same time I'm responsible enough to realize that you don't just pull out a gun and start blasting away. I'd also like to think that the majority of CCW holders are also aware of the responsibility that comes along with it.
  8. I'd have to look up the rules to find specifics, but I do know that college sports are extremely strict about betting. In fact, my step brother, who is on the track team for the University of Miami Ohio, wouldn't play in our family football pool this year because it cost 20 bucks to get in and is technically gambling. I can't imagine that stuff like you guys put on the line would be an issue, but then again, you never know. Best to try to find some sort of official rule I guess.
  9. I actually just got the Walter Hagan XLR's this year. I'm just getting back into the game after a long hiatus. I really like them. Obviously they're not Callaways or anything like that, but they do the job. They seem to be pretty well made, and for the price I figured they'd be good for me for at least a while.
  10. Gotcha! Nope that's cool..I obviously didn't pay attention and just didn't realize where it came from. Thanks. I actually kind of like it..it's funny.
  11. Lol...how did that get there? Seriously.
  12. Conversations like this always crack me up. I had a similar discussion with a guy in college who claimed that he was a born again christian, while he was drunk of his ass and trying to get into the pants of everything wearing a skirt in the bar. He informed me that as long as I accept the fact that Jesus died for my sins, I'm in. So I guess I can do whatever I want till I'm on my death bed, then just accept it. Seriously though. I'm married to a pagan, and am pretty much an atheist myself. I've yet to see either a pagan or an atheist show up at my door pushing their beliefs on me. Can't say the same for most others. People who are super religious are kind of like vegans...you don't have to ask them what they are...they'll tell you :-P
  13. I had the exact opposite happen. When I was playing frequently in the past I always used the interlock grip. In college I wound up with what they call a "boxer's fracture, in the upper knuckle of my right pinkie (I'm right handed). That knuckle is actually shifted back about half an inch now. When I recently got back into golf I was still using the interlock, but the pain in my knuckles after playing was unbearable. I switched to an overlap, and it seems to have alleviated the pain. It took some getting used to, but now I don't really notice much difference in my play between now and when I was using an interlock grip.
  14. I begin wildly flailing my club in the air. I figure I have just as good of a chance to get a decent shot by hitting a ball out of the air as I do with my driver off the tee.
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