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  1. Okay, so 40 isn't gonna cut it. What do you want for 30 minutes of your time? Again, I'm not looking for a lesson out of this. More interested in what you have to say and what you've seen in your years as a teacher.
  2. How about this. What's the rate that you charge for a 30 minute Skype call? I don't doubt that you have insight toward the game and if we're going to talk, I'd rather do it in the best manner possible. Edit: Just saw that you charge 80 an hour for a lesson. How does 40 dollars for the sessions sound? Interesting story, what does he do now? Thanks for sharing this.
  3. I actually checked out both. And I don't know you well enough to consider purchasing...yet. But I do appreciate the linking of the threads in the other page.
  4. No, but being around better players is going to naturally make me a better player. Instructor - Myself. Haven't found a teacher I trust. I don't know how to practice, how do you do it?
  5. 100%, I was shocked when I first watched them just how damn good they are. Although, I don't think reaching their level is unachievable. Today I practiced and played. My practice was good. I took what people mentioned in this thread regarding my swing and worked on my flaws, started to draw the ball and I hit my irons quite well. Definitely, an improvement, although swinging so vertical feels weird and I have to get over that initial feeling because I know it doesn't reflect the quality of my shot. Only played 9 as I got called into work. Ball striking wise, I was great. Hit 2 9 irons to about 5 feet, missed the putts. Hit 6 greens, shot 5 over (ouch). Double on the 3rd hole because I got too aggressive and tried to curve a 3 wood around some trees for my second shot. Got into some trouble, hit a bad chip and another bad chip followed by 2 putts. Other double I completely miss-clubbed, had a bad flop shot and another bad chip followed by 2 putts. Last hole (number 9) I gave-up. I was rushing because I had to work very soon. My chipping & course management let me down because I was giving myself difficult up and downs for par. I definitely need to stop playing so aggressive (course management) Luckily, it poured out shortly after I started work so I got off early and had the whole course to myself. Which was great, except that my driver broke. Shaft snapped (WTF) I spent a good time on the empty course working on my wedges, my wedge stink. I have good direction but my distance control is terrible. In fact, distance control is pretty bad through all of my scoring clubs. The biggest issue has been my increase in work hours. I'm not practicing anywhere near as much as I used to and I'm not playing enough either. But, the way I look at it I'm making a short-term sacrifice (my game right now) for long-term gain (I'm saving money to move across the country to better-golfing infrastructure and courses. As well as more consistent weather). I'm never going to get good if I stay in the area I'm in. No one from this area has done anything with their lives. I'm going to where the competition is.
  6. Well, I'm going to go to the range today to work on it. I noticed I played the best golf when my swing was upright, my head still and in my pre-shot routine I'd rehearse the downswing motion, starting with the hips and my weight shifting as well as rolling of the ankles. I've drifted from that but should probably go back because when I did what I said above, I broke par for the first time, shot par and then broke par a few other times at different courses. (never sub 70)
  7. Finally got a video of my swing uploaded, im on my phone and cant post to member swings so i figured ill post here till i get back home. I was hitting a two iron in this video. I have a two way miss, right and left. Typical shot is a fade.
  8. I agree, how can I better find out what I need to practice on?
  9. There's no delusion here. I know exactly what I have to do & I'm going to do it. It's as simple as that. I will play on the Mackenzie Tour and dominate. Maybe I will go further but that road will be decided when I reach there. Right now, the goal is to become a top or very close to top amateur and get to a point where going to Q School isn't a complete waste of time & money. Also, I've seen first hand what the Mackenzie Tour guys can do and again, I'm very aware of how good they are. I'm nowhere near their level yet but I don't see why I can't get there. Anyway. Worked more on the game, Stance & Grip. Slightly changed my grip, making my lead hand a bit weaker and my bottom hand a little stronger. Seems to improve my consistency. Stance wise, I've just focused on balance. But.. By far the biggest downfall of my game is terrible putting. Yuck! I played again today, could have shot well under par but I couldn't make a damn 10 footer. Pissed me off to no end. I hit 12 greens with realistically having about 6-7 chances for birdie. Made one of them and it was an easy straight putt. If I could get the short game better and my putting drastically better I could probably come close to having a +1 handicap. I can deal with bad drives, bad breaks, bad chips and etc but putting by far rattles me the most. If I'm making some putts, I can deal with everything else so much better. When I miss birdies, I get rattled and it just keeps building as the round progresses. Number 1, I missed my eagle that was about 8 feet away. Number 4 missed a 8ish foot birdie putt Number 5, missed an 11 foot birdie putt. Number 6, missed a 15 footer. Number 7, ball hung on the lip from 20 feet away Number 9, blew birdie putt by the hole and made come back Number 11, missed another birdie putt about 20 feet away. Number 15, missed another 15 footer Same with number 17 & 18. I don't expect all of these putts to go in but man at least one should go in. Like I said, the frustration builds over the round as I keep missing more and more putts. Bottom line is that I have to improve my putting.
  10. Came to a bit of a realization today. Stance & Grip are EVERYTHING. Why? Because they are the only parts of the swing that you have full control over. The rest of the swing is much harder to control. I was sitting back, waiting to clock in at work and I started to think about what I noticed with the Mackenzie Tour Players when I watched them. Other than one of the players wife was the hottest girl I've ever seen. I noticed how PRECISE they were. When they set-up to the ball and gripped a club, everything was precise. Compared to when I saw the top Canadian Club Pros two months ago, they were less precise and more willy-nilly. Then I started to think about it. If your stance and grip aren't consistent, then how the hell can you expect a consistent swing? How can you have a consistent "feeling" through the ball? How can you figure out the parts or feel involved in a good swing? You can't really. Because you will always be starting from varied positions. Reading Jack Nicklaus's Golf My Way & Greatest Game Of All plus Gene Sarazen's Thirty Years Of Championship Golf have confirmed this assumption. Both players say that the grip & stance are vital because they are the only part of the swing that you can fully control. Now I know what I need to work on, Stance & Grip. For a while, I've known that my grip and stance are bad. Now it's time to fix them.
  11. I actually noticed more improvement when I practiced less. One/two baskets of balls with extreme focus yielded better results than 4+ hours at the range. Over the course of a few weeks I went from a 6ish to a 2/1 handicap.
  12. Honestly, I don't think you should ever copy Moe's swing. Moe was different. Are you even remotely close to Moe Norman? That's like trying to copy Picasso. Are you Picasso? Have you lived like him? Do you think like him? Both were operating on levels so far above other professionals. If you want to get good at golf, you're better off learning the fundamentals, practicing and playing on a regular basis.
  13. The only thing that really rattles me with high handicappers is watching them swing and then hit an awful shot. I've learned to just not watch them. Look at the fairway, the birds, the ground. Wherever. If they lost the ball, I'll say "Sorry I wasn't looking" Another thing I do is while they hack their way up the course I'll hang to the left or right side of the fairway. Sometimes go into the brush/hazard and look for balls. I typically only play Pro v1/v1x so if I find anything else I'll grab them and give them to the players. A simple "Hey man, I found some balls back there. Did you want some? There are some good ones that I don't need." A good way to show that you're not snobby but just doing your own thing. My tips may not apply though, I play the back tees where ever I go and most people just assume that I'm serious (if they don't know right off the bat, they'll certainly know when I miss my first short putt ;))
  14. Thanks for the kind words. I mainly put the disclaimer/note at the top because I posted something similar a while ago in a different community and there was no real discussion. Just people telling me that I can't do it or that I'm crazy (which I'm used to hearing anyway) however you guys have been great. Seems like theres a great group here. Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. I really need to step my game up if I want to hit the level that I desire. I agree with this, I just want to minimize the disagreeing and instead have this thread develop into a great discussion and share my journey with other people, hopefully inspiring others to take on similar monumental tasks in their own lives. Thank you, and yeah I will. Definitely, I love writing so I don't see this thread die. Niagara Falls. Playing on a local tour, will be branching out more next year as I will be moving to B.C (Kelowna). Definitely, I don't want to be that guy and like I said above I love writing so this is going to be a thread with regular updates. And yea, I don't want to just barely make it on the Mackenzie Tour, I want to dominate. If I can do that, maybe I'll branch to other tours but I think before I even consider moving further I need to get to that level first. For sure man, I need to be breaking par consistently around here. That's my first "big" goal, then I need to start performing better in tournaments but that will come with more experience. I want to thank everyone who has posted into the thread. Now... Let's get down to business. ____________ Today I played and practiced. Spent about an hour and a half hitting a basket of balls. Mainly, working on my swing. Takeaway and plane. I've been taking it too far inside and coming over the top, causing these nasty slices with my irons where I'd hit the ball well but it would move so far left and I'd lose so much distance. Which is why I was working on a more upright plane and a nice takeaway, straight back, straight through. I recorded the session... (not the best video, but we'll improve that next time) After the session, I played. How did I do you might ask? I don't want to talk about it... Haha. I shot a 79, 4 birdies a double and a triple. The triple was because my ball was stuck behind a tree and my ball bounced off the tree and hit my leg. Double was from a godawful drive and equally worse 3 putts. My putting and up and downs really let me down. 32 putts. 1/5 Up & Downs Terrible. I think this is the biggest thing that's dragging my game down. I can't make the birdies when I hit the ball really close and I can't recover from my missed greens. Which makes sense because I hardly practice chipping and short game due to my home course having terrible facilities. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to put a putting green/chipping smack dab in the parking lot. One bad shot and you're through the window of the mayors BMW. I've been keeping track of my rounds (for the past 7 rounds) Here's my percentages. 45% GIRS Hit 31.2 Average Putts Per Rounds 58% Chance Of Saving Par (Up & Down) 25% Fairways Hit (But I usually am just in the rough, rarely lose a ball) God... Crazy You think you're a decent player until you look back at your stats and realize that I hit less then 50% of greens and my chance of getting up and down (from mostly easy situations is just shy of 60%). Compare that to PGA Tour Pros. 64% of Greens hit. 29 Putts per round. 61% Of Fairways Hit 56% Scrambling (but this is on tough greens + conditions. I imagine I need my own stats to be 80% or higher at my local course to approach proish levels.) Basically... I have A LOT of work to do. I knew I was far off of course but it's nice to see numerical representations of HOW far off I am. One thing I want to mention thought before I wrap this up. Actually I lied. There's two things. The first one is, stats don't lie. They can't. Unless you lie. But then youre just hindering yourself because your stats don't reflect your true abilities. I read a book this year by Byron Nelson, it was titled "Byron Nelsons Little Black Book" Most of the info was kind of basic, except the part where Nelson said he loved stats and figures. He said it himself. "I kept track of everything" Is there a coincidence here that he was one of the greatest players of all time and holds the record for most wins in a row (which will likely never get beaten). Perhaps that's the "key" It's under our noses. Golf is such a hard game to figure out where exactly you're messing up and what you really need to improve. Your rounds don't tell you the full story. But the stats do. Having a direct overview of your game and improvement is key and the only way you get that bird-eye view is through stats. Seriously, I had no idea that my green were only 45% (I would have guessed 50% at least) Funny how, even though my stats are not very good (percentage wise), I can still manage to shoot 1/2 over. Goes to show just how hard the game really is. So the lesson today, Keep track of your stats a bit more diligently, you might be surprised at what you find. I know I was. Now let's move onto the second thing. Considering this thread is both for me and you, I have to ask -- What do you want to see out of this thread? What would you like me to write about? Better yet, Would you find a website, YouTube or a Daily Emails about the game interesting? Let me know what would personally interest you.
  15. *NOTE* Just a little warning. I will not tolerate any posts that tell me that this is crazy or that I need to choose a real dream and be realistic. I'm willing to live out my car to make this dream a reality, I'm willing to invest every bit of my life into this. I'm willing to....you don't want to know the extent I'm willing to go. So shut it. *NOTE* God.. I know what you're thinking. Not another delusional thread about some amateur who plays to a 1 handicap and wants to start looking at turning pro.. We have had enough of those. Okay. I hear your cries. I'm different. How? I'm not delusional & I know exactly what it takes to get my game to the level required. How? I've traveled around my area, watching different levels of tournaments. Analyzing their skill levels and abilities. And let me tell you. I've NEVER hit a long iron as good as those guys on the Mackenzie Tour. But that doesn't mean that I never will. Because... I will. And you guys are lucky because you're gonna see my development from an unknown amateur who drives a beat-up Saturn Ion that sounds like a rocket ship taking off everytime you hit the gas because the brand new muffler that was installed during the winter has already rusted. To a professional golfer, with the matching clothes and big staff bag with my name embezzled on it to prove it (oh and don't forget seeing my name at the top of the leaderboards). This thread is going to serve as a log of my journey. Now.. Let's get some basics out of the way. What is my current handicap? I play to a 1/2 right now at the courses around here. They're nothing crazy but certainly aren't easy, the course I belong to is a 128 rating. If I'm on the road playing a course for the first time, the handicap can jump up to an 8 at worst but typically is around a 5/6. Tournament play I'm struggling, averaging around a 7 handicap (still trying to figure out how to deal with Tournament pressure and nerves) My journey so far has gone like this... The beginning of 2017 I decided to take golf seriously and pursue this goal. Never really broke 80 before or did anything noteworthy with the game prior but have been playing recreationally for a while and I did take it quite seriously when I was in Grade 7 & 8 but quit in highschool (playing video games is a great way to never reach your goals). Fast forward to 2017. I had a handicap of around a 7ish. Lowest score was a 73 (par 71). Best 9 was 2 under (did it a few times) 2018, Handicap of 1/2 so far. Best round, 71 at my home course (first time breaking par for 18) Best 9, 3 under (did it once) With these numbers, I definitely don't feel I am living in the clouds of delusion..but I am a long ways away from turning pro. Anyways. Let's cut this here. I gotta wake up early tomorrow to play & practice. Maybe I'll throw up a post or video of what I'm working on, I'm sure some of you might find it helpful.
  16. I have a membership at a par 3 course and pretty much use the entire course for pitch shots chipping bunker you name it, there practice greens are alright but people always putt on them...The greens on the course are in excellent condition and they allow me to do pretty much anything including making my own shots when not many people are on the course. I suppose I am pretty fortunate.
  17. you get very little spin but sometimes its better that way, it's a good shot to have.
  18. Diece

    It's 2012

    People just dont work hard enough in this game and expect secret to fall out of the sky...I have had very few formal lessons some lessons from people that knew me for a long time and I can say is that the best way to get good at golf is find out by yourself. I don't believe in none of this technical bullshit people put into our minds I like to find out technical things by myself through trial an error. Why with all of this new technology golfers still suck and pga tour players still are no where near as close as the older players were in terms of ballstriking.
  19. Here's an update of my swing this shot was with a 5 iron and it was hit pretty crisp. I also swung this with my eyes closed which from what I can tell is an amazing drill but I'm still trying to find why it works...I see no big differences from a swing with eyes closed and eyes open.. Thoughts???....
  20. just play learn where you lost strokes. A good example was today I shot and 83 with 10 greens hit and 7 3 putts. Obviously I need to work on putting but for you it may be 0 greens hit and an 83 your putting maybe good but you obviously need to work on ball striking its a pretty easy to answer question.
  21. Recently I have started to change up my routine and it has helped tremendously with my game. I used to just warm up with full swings but my shoulders and back would be in tremendous pain at the end of practice so I decided to change things up a little heres my warm up. 1st - Putting to a tee time 3 times in 3 different locations, this helped me get a better tempo for my full swings and for the day -10 mins (30 balls) 2nd - Putt once from a foot from the hole, this is done for confidence making every single putt from within a foot boosts confidence - 5 min (30 balls) 3rd - Chip to a tee 3 times 4th - Chip to a hole once 5th - Stretch making sure all parts of the body are stretched 6th - I head to the range and hit a 9 iron or pw and just go from there This takes around an hour and I found it had helped a lot with my game.
  22. I do a little degree sign above the number
  23. A good word of advice from me teacher "If you can't scramble in the game of golf your ****ed" I think recovery is an extremely important part of the game that often gets overlooked.
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