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  1. eh if i tighten my grip I tighten my muscles with screw me over almost all of the time so I like a soft grip...also the blisters is from moving the hands on the grip to make the v's and other shit point in the right direction
  2. Mainly short irons and some longer ones. I practice from various lies up hill down hill rough burried balls. I try to shape my shots more to like a cut or a nice knockdown for example. I spend a lot of my time working on putting to a tee instead of a hole and chipping to a hole I'd say my ratios are Full Swing - 60% Short Game , Recovery - 20 % Putting - 20 %
  3. 300 yard 3 wood i crushed that thing, I even know what I did to create such a far shot. I also hit a beautiful 4 iron 200 into wind 10 ft of green in between trees over water & a bunker put it on the fringe for an easy putt..sign of things to come i hope.
  4. I hit some of the strongest and best shots ever with the simple thought in mind - use the sternum and keep the hands out of it they will do what you need. I really like the idea of a nice 1 piece takeaway with the same tempo through and going back has helped tremendously in my game. cheers, diece
  5. ughh i need to read these threads, i've always liked els swing
  6. gah read what happened wrong, but still I did not know that you couldn't do it off a green that isn't yours. Good to know for that errant shot
  7. In a bantam championship I shot a 91 (was super, super sick very rundown and basically slept on the 16th hole while people were teeing off) and the next day an 81 - was extremely happy about my 81 and even the 91 considering the conditions. I ended in a tie for 43rd.
  8. I believe there is no rule that you cannot hit off a green, its not something you do but technically he is in the clear. As for the divot on the lie I would of just putted.
  9. I use an old, old putter I found at a private golf club's lost and found it was a rainy day and I was bored and tried some stuff from the lost and found as soon as i tookt the putter out I fell in love with it may look like shit but I love the feel, idk the make but it looks like an old mini-putt putter This is something similar but my real putter looks better haha
  10. played a few weeks ago did very well shot an 88 with 3 doubles on the last 3 holes. I got a qualifier in a week on the same course hopefully I qualify.
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: 16 years My current handicap index or average score is: 15 My typical ball flight is: Low, If i hit it good its a fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Don't really have one I just want to hit the ball more pure and crisp, with a higher ball flight. Sorry about crappy footage this was taken today at the range Videos: HO There's 2 swings here one I hit really thin and missed it poorly, the second I hit relatively well. I really would like to eliminate my horrible sway, I've tried various methods of fixing it but I have no clue how. DTL Crappy shot, I realized my plane is really flat but I have no clue how to fix this I have tried to by extending arms and making sure I do a full turn to no avail. Note: After practicing for a while I get extreme pain on the left side of my back underneath the shoulder blade. I would really like to fix this I have a feeling it has to do with killing the ball and swinigng to hard which I know I do but I still can't fix it despite various attempts. I also line up with an open shoulder which yet again I don't know how to fix. Cheers, Diece
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