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  1. I bought a new set of Mizuno MP-53s last year on Craig's List. About 10 minutes after I received them I started thinking they were counterfeit and, of course, they were. I'd make sure any set I bought on Craig's List or eBay has matching serial numbers. Regarding my story, earlier this year I bought the real deal MP-53s on eBay and, wow, are they better. I disassembled my fake set and sold the shafts (Nippon Steel 8950GH) and the heads separately. I got about $160 for all.
  2. I started this post and want to update it. An eBay seller named GolfSalesKing gave me his phone number and I called him and asked him several questions. He said his clubs, shafts, grips, etc., are authentic. The iron set (Mizuno MP-53) would have a serial number on it and yes, I could call Mizuno. I asked him where he got the heads for the clubs, but he wouldn't tell me. In regard to calling Mizuno he said something that baffled me — "If you call Mizuno and give them the number, don't tell them that the clubs are new." Today I called Mizuno US and asked them about this sta
  3. I'd buy these if they had a .370 hosels. I want a set of graphite shafts. Oh, and I have a set of MP-53 but found out last week they're counterfeit.
  4. I recently learned that my Mizuno MP-53 irons are counterfeit. I'd like to have the real ones but cost is an issue. Has anyone ordered from these eBay sellers who allow you to specify flex, shaft type, grip type, etc. I recently called up one of these people me and he said all of his stuff is 100 percent authentic. But there were some red flags (such as where does he get the used heads) and no way am I going to buy from him or any of there other sellers. The lure, of course, is the cost. And if they're not legit, why does eBay allow them to do business. Thanks.
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