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  1. The Vs is supposed to be for people who dont have the speed for the board-like nv but balloon the nvs. Leftie
  2. Nine, boy that was hard, I guess q-school ain't that bad though, I hear it's nice, no cut, you get to play 6 rounds instead of the normal 4. Iacas that's sick, 16 ? you must work for a golf website or something
  3. I think it's very fessible goal Everardo, Just like Ncgolfer said, work on yur putting, i would even expand that to short game, as long as you keep the ball in play, the easiest way to reduce your handicap is short game. I work at a lil nine hole muni and before shotgun tourneys(or mens and ladies nites) i usually take 20 balls and drive out and just chip, pitch and putt on the first green. Make sure yur chipping and pitching and putting with yur own balls. You want to develop feel with your short shots, so don't use the range balls when practicing your short game, use your own balls, that way when you get out on the course, you know how your balls react. I also recommend a consteint pre-shot routine if you don't have one. Keep it short the grass, Adam
  4. It is a big difference, As Dfife says the pga tour is the best tour, not just the guys tour and is there to showcase the best players on the planet...bar none. The lpga is there for women to compete with women on an equal footing, which is great, those women could spank most of us around the golf course. And about women talking the spots of men, Suzie whaley qualfied, and as i don't like to see Michelle just bein shoved in there for ratings, she is taking sponspers exemptions, which sponspers can give to anyone(there is a handicap rating, something like 0.4 or sumthing) who they feel best deserves and most use it too try and boost the ratings and thus bring in more money for their tourney...makes sense to me to bring Michelle or Annika in and the tournement ratings go thru the roof. Final note....Van de Velde is a doofus..it would be fun to see him blow up on the 72nd hole of the women's open tho
  5. Pro shop worker, no green fees and discounted equipment
  6. I think it usually happens that when I'm playing with people who are a little bit higher handicapped than myself, it's usually a bit more relaxed attitude, and in some cases that may help my scores, but most of the time I'm not concentrating enough to string 9-18 solid holes in a row, usually it's more of the dbl-dbl-birdie-par-par-par-birdie-bogey-triple kinda rounds. I usually play with better players tho and it doesn't matter to me if they're a 2 and I'm a 9 I wanna beat them. Me and another junior(We are the top two ranked in the city) and he's a 1-2 and I'm around a 9-10 and we usually play straight up, no strokes given, it usually means that I have to rise to the challenge, and while I'm not consteint enough yet to compete with him all the time but i do beat him every few times. We usually only play a quarter or 50 cents a whole so it's big stakes, and the pride of winning means more to us than most of the wagers.
  7. I play a 2h and a 3h callaway heavenwood, and then 4-pw in irons. I tried out most everything else before settling on these, I love how easy they are too hit, and how i can hit them out of all junk.
  8. I play a nine hole muni for free, it's gotta range and a practice green, I don't need anything else
  9. If not Norman, than who?
  10. You putt left-handed and right-handed, are u trying to be shuned by all golfers
  11. They musta messed up on their first set and put E instead of P and never bothered to fix it.
  12. I like Seve's philoshopy " They should make the fairways narrower, then everyone will have to play out of the ruff, not just me"
  13. Hensby is a doofus, he won the john deere classic, big friggen deal, and now he has an opionion on everything and a forum to voice it, he isn't winning so he's gotta keep his name in the news somehow.
  14. Maybe this has something to do with what Tiger was always talking about-learning to win at all levels before he moved on. Michelle seems to have went from the womb to the lpga tour and is suffering her growing lumps there, I don't really consider it choking, it's getting experience in these pressure situations and learning how to handle them. The ol' adage " You gotta learn to lose, before you can learn to Win".
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