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  1. Hands down the Vokey Spin Milled wedge is the best feeling wedge I have ever hit. I have played vokeys all my life; they just suit my eye with a very classic look and feel. I like a wedge that is fairly heavy so I can feel it in my backswing. I prefer a lower bounce on my 52* but my 56* is an 8... Just my two cents.
  2. I like mallets because i putt with a left hand on bottom grip. It lets me make a more pure, syncopated stroke. Although when i play courses with really fast greens, i prefer to bust out my cameron blade. You just can't go wrong with a scotty.
  3. Happy Trails Bob Knight...... You will forever be The Greatest college basketball coach ever. Your championships, Big Ten Titles, Undefeated Seasons, and career wins set you above the rest. I will always cherish your time as a coach here at IU.... "When my time on earth is gone and my activities here are passed, I want they bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my a$$..." -Bob Knight That about says it all....
  4. b_diddy746


    You obviously dont know anything about soccer. That is the problem with us Americans. We think that for a game to be "fun" or "watchable" you need to score a zillion points. And this is simply not true. Soccer is an art. Soccer in my oppinion is the second hardest game to be good at behind golf. I bet that if you put your 99% of people against Peter Cech in a penalty kick, 98% of them get denied. And that 1% just got lucky..... just my 2cents......
  5. Cheaters..... Im glad they lost the Super Bowl. They got what they deserved. It gave me so much joy to see The Hoodie sporting a sad face in his post game interview... If thats what you want to call a couple of one word answers. The patriots are classless, just like their jerk of a coach. And above all else, they are a bunch of cheaters. Thats all i'll remember. Oh and the fact that Tom Lady stole a record from a quaterback who deserved it WAY more than he does.....
  6. b_diddy746


    Soccer is awesome... ive been playing for a long time and i enjoy the art of the game. It is by far one of the herdest sports to be good at at the top level, by far... As far as the world cup goes USA will dominate hands down. If we can get out of our group you might as well hand us the cup Look for DeMarcus Beasley to come up huge! Go IU soccer, Go Barce, Go USA!
  7. Pro v's all the way... But i must say that the nike power distance super soft is an amazing ball... You can get them for about 15$ a dozen. Last year consumer reports named them the 2nd best overall ball next to the Pro V. Just something for us college kids to consider afgter an expensive night at the bars...
  8. Ive always used a scotty cameron putter... I prefer the milled feel of a solid putt. But i just recently bought an odyssey XG putter. It is an extreemly solid feeling putter, yet they are also very soft, but they dont feel so soft that you leave them short. (one of the things i think has plagued odyssey putters in the past) It just depends on what you think feels like a solid putt. The PING putters are nice but, i think they feel slightly hollow...something that a cameron surely does not feel like. Again, it just depends on what type of feel you want out of a putter... Im going through a putter phase right now also, so i know the feeling.... haha good luck and keep us posted....
  9. I just got a new odyssey XG putter. It is used but in great shape... I have a couple of putters, most of which are bent about 4 degrees flat, since i am very flat with my hands... But i am considering just trying this one out as-is. I dont know if i am just looking for a cosmetic change, or if i should make a grip change considering I putted well with it on the practice greens... just wondering what you guys think?
  10. My Titleist driver just broke on me over the winter. It was a good driver, but I bought it used and for cheap, so I wasn’t really surprised when it did. Being in college, most of us have to watch our pennies, but I honestly can’t go a week without hitting a bucket of balls. So I needed to get a driver…like now. So I put some thought into it and did some research…and I decided to get fitted for a nice shaft, then get it off eBay (New UST Proforce sv2 77g) along with a decent head (New Cleveland Hi-bore 8.5*). I put the two together and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I hit a bucket of balls and I was annihilating the ball with it… Further than I have been for a couple of years actually. But what impressed me most was my feeling of control over the club. I was able to work the ball with it, it just felt so right….. Me =
  11. I would have to agree with some others on here , that if i make 2 solid swings and hit my driver on the screws, with a well struck 5 wood, i am either on the green or close with almost any par 5. But again. the problem lies with the 2 good strokes
  12. I too, stopped de-lofting (pronate) the golf club for more distance. Now i come through nice and high, and i love my ball flight. I lost a little distance but i gained tons more controll. I dont really use my 3 or 4 iron very much. I can hit it pretty far off the tee, and i usually only feel comfortable going at a par 5 in 2 if i am either a nice 5 wood (250-270),or 5 iron(190-215) away. If i am not either of those distances i usually lay up to 100 yds. I guess i havnt really thought about it before, but i think that might be a bad thing actually What do you guys think???? Avg. Distances (95% swing) Driver: 310yds 5 wood: 270yds 3 iron: 230(max)yds 4 iron:220 (max)yds 5 iron:215yds 6 iron:180yds 7 iron:165yds 8 iron:145yds 9 iron:135yds PW:125yds 52*:100yds 56*:75yds
  13. I am in the market for a new driver. I really like the D2, but a guy at the Golf Galaxy by me said that a driver head is a driver head. Besides cobra who mills their driver heads. You should pick a head that suits you visually and audibly, and then put your money into a nice shaft. How true is this?? I play with a Speeder shaft right now, and from what i have heard its a pretty good shaft. I am interested in these Diamana shafts, I have heard they perform well... Does anyone have any advice?
  14. Our Family belongs to a private club in Carmel, IN. It is called Crooked Stick, John Daly actually won his only PGA championship there! I saw it!! :) I dont know quite what the dues are but, i do know that the initiation fee is probably 80K. It blows my mind, but the club house is very nice, and the course itself is probably the best in Indiana....
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