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  1. Yeah Dustin WD with a case of the Flu I think the specific strain was Flu Z.
  2. Dont think she is the sacrificing stay at home take care of the family kinda girl. I think Dustin is in for a ride that will give him more weeks of catching the flu half way through the tournament. Her mother was the worst thing to happen to Canadian Hockey and she must be trying to do the same for golf.
  3. I have played in both local and provincial Tournaments over the last number of years and have some dos and donts gained from painful experience. Donts Dont Ever give up - You never know what the rest of the field is doing - Ive seen guys hockey stick it around when they thought they were out of it and find out later that if they hadnt they would have been at the top of the scoreboard. DO Mark your ball - even if it is only a 3 footer. I have stepped up to tap in a 3 footer and rushed it only to miss what I would never have missed if i had taken my time marked an
  4. Shot 62 at my home course (par 71). 9 birdies and 9 pars. It still stands as the course record. Come close a couple times shot a 64 this summer.
  5. I went through about 3 putters a year when I first started back into golf. Finally I went out and bought the most expensive putter I could find primarily so that I would feel to guilty about taking it out of the bag after the amount of money I had spent on it. It seems to work. I have had the same putter in my bag (blade style) for 5 years and have dropped my putting stats from 31 ppr to 29 ppr. I did lose confidence in my putting last year and tried a mallet putter and found that my old faithful was soon back in the bag. I guess my moral is that it doesnt matter what you use as long as y
  6. To the original Question - I purchased the MP-63's last spring and played them this summer. Previous to this I had Forged Snake eyes that were about 5 years old. I had them fit at a Golftown outlet and then put together with stiff Project X shafts. Gotta say it took a couple of months to get used to the new lofts (stronger than my old Snakeyes) and the ball flight was a lot higher. But now that I have had them in the bag for a year I got to say I love them. They have a great feel when hit well. I can work the ball both left to right and right to left. It took a while to get the ball fli
  7. OK lets try this since 1999 John Daly has only been in the top 125 in the money list 3 years. So that means that the other 10 he is on bended knee. Mike Weir has been in the top 125 10 of those 13 years and only on the bended knee 3 years. Which one has gone to the Well more often.
  8. OK so JD has not had status on the tour since 2006. In that time he has got sponsor exemptions to play in 79 events between 2007 and 2011 in which he made the cut 27 times and more importantly Withdrew 12 times. So basically you give him a special invite for 5 years and there is a 1 in 7 chance that he is going to snub the tournament that gave it to him by walking off half way through the week. John has with the exception of his early couple of years and 2004 and 2005 never lived on the tour with his game. Nobody (with the possible exception of David Duval) has been given more opportuniti
  9. Played first game when I was 14 at our local par 71 course. Shot 104 first game 94 second game and 88 third game. Best I could do in my teens was high 70's and low 80's. Took up the game again about 8 years ago when I was in my late 30's and broke 70 at the age of 40. Almost broke 60 with our course record 62 last year. Basically I have always had the hand eye coordination to be able to hit the ball but the short game required more than just natural talent. Once I dedicated my self to learning how to chip and putt the scores came down from 80's to 70's.
  10. He brings in the Nascar fans who show up not to support John but to see the big crash that inevitably will happen. Nicest guy on Tour Mike Weir cant get a Sponsors exemption to the Screen Door Open and John's been pulling them in for his whole career.
  11. Thanks for the compliments guys. Yeah I never have had a lesson so I just picked up the club as a kid with the baseball grip and went from there. I read in one of Harvey Pennicks Books that Tommy Armour Senior said that the ten finger grip should be taught to all amateurs because it promotes a stronger more assured grip. Think I stick with it.
  12. I have always used the Ten finger grip. I play to a +1.3 handicap so it has served me pretty well. The question I had was whether anyone else who played the ten finger and then switched found a great improvement or maybe they found it made there game worse. As you can tell I'm thinking about switching to an overlap but would love to get anybody's opionion on the move since part of me thinks if it aint broke dont fix it. Thanks
  13. So I'm about to start a year long Fantasy keeper pool and am on the fence about Tim Clark. Primarily because I can find nothing about his current recovery from surgery or his return date in 2012. Any info or other nice to know Fantasy info please post here
  14. There was a post a year or so a go by someone who saw Bubba making fun of Ernie Els on the Range. Basically giving it to him because he wasnt hanging with the fans more. Bubba seems to like the fame and spotlight that golf affords more than most.
  15. I always said that When Tiger or most Pros do the fist pump thing on Tour it appears that thier saying "Good For Me" When Chris Dimarco does the fist pump it always looked like he was saying F@#k You .
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