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  1. Help with grip

    no similarities to the swinging of an axe. the axe swings on a single plane without any rotation of the clubhead. The axe swing is almost entirely done by the arms. Body rotation is absent. I'm not combative, I just don't always enjoy hearing BS without responding. If that is combative, so be it.
  2. Help with grip

    as you wish, Goldfinger.
  3. Help with grip

    hitting shots with a golf club and swinging an axe are different actions... i find it peculiar that you'd compare the two.
  4. Rory withdraws from Target

    So what is your point? I just think he should acknowledge what he did is wrong by giving at least 25 percent of his earnings back, just like the tourney director suggested to the Tour. I'm not arguing the mechanics of PGA Tour policies. I mentioned the unofficial money issue because the previous poster noted a situation where someone might need the cash to maintain status.
  5. Ultimate golf instruction...

    he was too clever to play PGA Tour golf anyways! lol. His real calling might be acting!
  6. Clubhead Release

    grip position has little to no bearing on the relative steepness of the arc. Look at Furyk: upright swing plane, strong grip. Duval in his prime: Flat Swing plane, strong grip. Hogan: extremely weak grip, extremely flat plane. Daly: very strong grip, uprightish plane, questionable mind= 2 majors and a number of tour victories. These guys all hit it pretty good. lol. Swing plane is a function of a few other variables, mainly how you are built, your height ect. If you are concerned about the rolling of the hands having a function in the shape of the shot, I can guarantee you that there are other variables in your swing that are not working as they should. You shouldn't need the grip to produce a "rolling" effect in your downswing. The plane of the swing and path of the golf club is enough to determine ball flight. Even Leadbetter (in one of his recent golf tomes he addresses this question)amended his opinion on the necessity of having the "ideal grip". i.e. there isn't one. Sorry to all the Hogan followers!
  7. Help with grip

    Yeeah- If you are hitting alot of shots from certain kinds of turf, and you have some steepness at the bottom of your arc, blisters are inevitable. All good players at some time or other develop blisters and subsequently callouses. Really I have yet to see a blister develop because of an "abrupt" change of motion at the transition into the downswing but I guess it is possible
  8. Rory withdraws from Target

    true, but the tournament's purse is counted as unofficial earnings...
  9. Rory withdraws from Target

    x2 All very good points- I think it'll be interesting to hear Sabbatini's response in the press. All of conflicting stories are an ill-omen, though. I too hope that Tiger stays low key on the subject.
  10. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I own a delivery service. It allows me to play golf and build performance cars in my spare time during the day. I'm a student of the history of the game and have been fortunate enough to be introduced to the game at a young age. I'm really concerned about the affect of the ball on tournament golf. I think a tournament spec ball needs to be introduced at the pro level and at the highest level of amateur golf. I don't think that a golf course should have to be 7,500 yards long or have 5 inch rough to be a challenge.
  11. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Tiger is the best to ever hold a club. He'll prove me correct over the next 8 years. I'd have said that there were better ball strikers a few years ago, but Tiger has taken care of that deficiency in his game. Trevino, Nicklaus, Snead or Hogan with modern equipment, (in their respective primes [which Tiger isn't in yet]) might have challenged his as the outright best a few years back, but Tiger has stepped into another dimension with recent changes in his game. note: Each of those greats mentioned above didn't EVER have the short game that Tiger has- so now there is little debate.
  12. Rory withdraws from Target

    sabbatini should be donating most of, or all of his 170k cheque back to the Tiger Woods Foundation. He seems to be someone who has a profound lack of emotional control, which is fuelled by his childish jealousy of Tiger Woods.