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  1. Being with the drought this year, I've hit it several times out of muck/evaporated lake. Very squishy and I almost fell in a few times. I've also hit it from the edge of the lake, and again almost fell in.
  2. I just thought since golf was supposed to be a gentleman sport, that type of info would be supplied. Again, I wasn't the only person/group that was issued a refund. Bottom line -- I need to always ask this stuff. I played a very reputable course and on one occasion, they actually closed down a hole completely. We were not told about that until we came up to that hole. I don't care so much about discounts or getting it as cheaply as possible. However, to not even mention that at all? Again, I guess I just need to start asking if all the holes are in play and conditioned pr
  3. You both are wrong. I wanted a later tee time and they forced me to go 12:46. OK, fine, that's the way it is and I accept. I'm upset because I get there and WAS NOT TOLD about the large groups (walkers!) and the mess on the Front 9 when I paid. For the record, I've been told almost every time at other courses when something like this goes on. I decide to stay and accept it, or leave, or ask to play the other side of the course. So, I play the first hole. I move onto the second hole, and THEN I find out about the giant mess from the other golfers (NOT the staff!). I make the
  4. I had the day off last Friday, so I decided to get out to one of my favorite local courses I recently started playing, before I move to CA. Even better, they have a special of $20 for 18 holes/cart on Fridays. It's a really nice layout and well-kept course, used to be one that the LPGA played years ago. I was originally shooting for about 1:15p or 1:30p, but was told that my choices are either 12:46p or 1:50p. So, I book my tee time for 12:46p with a friend. We arrive at about 12:30 and are in the box at 12:46p exactly. As expected, the fairway is ours. We play through the first h
  5. Par 3 course (holes range from 60 to 120 yards). Shot at 32 on the front, 34 on the back. Did it with 3 clubs, SW, PW and putter. For a regular course, 45 is my best for 9 (slope was something like 125).
  6. Yes, I realize how the traffic is out west. However, anyone from Pittsburgh can tell you that traffic down there isn't much better! I work there everyday, driving 2.5 hours round trip and I'm just plain sick of it. It's one of the things (along with getting another job) that prompted me out to CA. If anything else, it'll be a long vacation :)
  7. 10, and I did it twice. 45 on the front, 55 on the back...and then 50 on the front and 60 (!!!) on the back. I'm trying to erase that 110 round out of my mind...just was playing plain terrible. For me, anything in the 40s is acceptable...so even the 50 was a bad 9.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. To the one who posted about salary -- I'm making 68.5k/yr, though I do have the rent thing covered (free for at least 6 months). I should be completely debt free after that, so hopefully I will be able to afford something. My primary sport is beach volleyball and hopefully sand is free out there, so I'll only play golf maybe twice a month. Worst case, I'll move back to Ohio from a 6 month vacation!
  9. Being from Ohio, some of our "better" courses can be played for a little as $20 including cart. So my question is two-fold: 1. Burbank, CA area -- what are some good courses nearby? 2. How much would I expect to pay at an "average" course in Southern Cali?
  10. If I don't get par on at least 1 hole in a round, I will jump off a bridge. I take this sport very seriously. So far, I've managed to do that, and I'm alive!
  11. My question is, certain rules in golf allow for a free drop. For me, this particularly often applies to the cart path and next to a yardage stake that isn't movable. Under the "free drop" may I place the ball (no closure to the hole) on the fairway, or must it be in the rough? Or, is it where the ball is nearest to? I.e, if the ball is on the cart path, which is "in" the rough, it must be placed in the rough. Likewise, if the yardage marker is in the center of the fairway, the ball is placed in the fairway. But how about on the edge of the fairway/rough...?
  12. With the severe drought in Ohio this year, I'd be SHOCKED if the local courses were NOT losing money or breaking even. Stated another way, it would be unbelievable if they were actually making money. Wouldn't want to see their water bills...
  13. ** Additionally, I was looking at TM Burner Specs and the new Rocketballz specs. It seems that the Burner 2.0 driver had the long of all shafts @ 46.5". The TP version is 45.5", the RBZ standard is 46", and the RBZ TP version is 45.75". So, why would a club manufacturer give the "amateur" a club that is the longest of all, verses the TP version, which is shorter?
  14. For me, the difference in shaft length is huge. I didn't know this much when I bought the club, but my current Burner 2.0 driver is a whopping 46.5" long! Whereas, my 3W is 43.75" long. That's 2.75 inches difference in shaft length. For a guy who just started golfing this season, that's a big difference. Again, I played a round yesterday and shot the 3W unbelievable. It was automatic -- 250y straight. I took out the driver and hit a 2nd ball on a very generous fairway. Ended up connecting and blasted a straight shot down the fairway. To my surprise, it was only about 265y though
  15. I don't think I've ever broken more than 5 tees using my driver from a bag of Stinger tees. However, I do use the shorter 2-3/4" tees and I tee it up high, so the tee is probably only 1/2" (maybe less) in the ground. They usually fly right out. Now, since I've been using my 3W off the box, I've broken them nearly every time because the tee is nearly all the way in the ground. Same with irons, it's almost a guaranteed break. But really, how much does it matter? It appears that you can get them for $12.99 for a 200 count. So, that comes out to 6.4 cents per tee! Or, you
  16. That's crazy...some people. I just had an issue today where it almost ended up in a fight. The guy (and his lady friend) were playing ahead of me. I had been waiting for them for 2 holes (they wouldn't let me play through). I'm by no means a great golfer, but they didn't make contact most of the time. Meanwhile, I'm en route to shooting a 44 or 45 (ended up with a 45). Finally, I was on this one Par 4 hole and there's a blind spot about 250y from the tee box. There are no visible yardage markers (see my other thread about that). I didn't see them (must have been about 270 o
  17. For a while, I was swinging my driver really well off the tee. By really well, I mean that I wasn't landing the fairway, but was slightly off due to a fade. At least I wasn't in the trees...right? I was happy and kept playing those shots...scoring between 48 and 53 for 9 holes. Then one day, I noticed that my drives kept getting worse and worse...turning into a slice. I come up to this one hole, a dog leg left, and I needed 250y to the bend. Brought out my 3W...straight as an arrow and 245y. Finished the hole and kept with the driver, all bad drives. A few days later I replay tha
  18. Speaking of incorrect distances, I've really started to question the posted yardage of some local courses. One course said 155y to COG and I thankfully hit a club less, and still put it 8' over the pin. So, did I really hit an 8i (36°) 159 y with a tee? I think not. For most holes, having the tee distance off by 10-15 y isn't a huge deal...but Par 3 should be dead on.
  19. So, I've recently formulated an opinion that I really prefer courses that have the yardage sticks at the edges of the fairways, instead of the cart path markers or the fairway markers that are in the fairway. This allows me to know the edges of the fairway from the tee box and know the yardage of my ball at all times, without having to use my cell phone at all. What's your take?
  20. Agreed. Many of my friends with higher handicaps just have to pick up all the golf balls to check. For this reason, I put my first name initial on the ball. This way, I can tell if it's mine without even touching the ball. I guess that's kind of what I meant by the 3rd option -- with exceptions being if you're playing on a fairway with muddy conditions or standing water and the ball is 1/3 into the ground or something. I'd also add that another time I'll pick up my ball is when there are actually rocks next to it or behind it. If it's bare ground, I'll play it as i
  21. Per the title, what is your worst or most unusual cart path shot ever? For me, it was a Par 3, about 197 to pin from blue tees. The cart path on this hole is on the left, fairly close to the green. I got my 3H and played it the distance perfect but pulled it about 15y from the pin, right onto the cart path. The ball took about 6 bounces all the way down the path until resting on the slope of the next tee box. Turns out it ended up being about 70 yards past the hole!
  22. So I got into an interesting discussion with my uncle, who usually shoots low 80s or better. I was discuss recent play with some friends and brought up how they always fluff their ball before every shot. His response was that he always plays the 6"/winter rules all year around (well, we live in Ohio so there is no "winter" golf here). It kinda struck me odd because I would have thought someone of his skill wouldn't need to fluff the ball at all. Although shooting my current posted handicap, I absolutely do not fluff the ball unless it's somewhere like an approach and there's grass complete
  23. I wipe them off after every shot. I usually give them a full cleaning (grooves and grips) after each round or every other round.
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