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  1. Yep. Always thought she was stunning. Shame that she smokes though. I reckon Miranda Kerr just pips her though ;-)
  2. Well, it's starting a week from today. The Course condition is not the best I've seen it, it seems everyone is wanting a round before the tournament starts as it will be unavailable for a week. I hope the greens improve because at the moment they are probably the worst I've seen them. Took this photo on Saturday morning, which is the approach to the 18th green.
  3. I believe it was at the Australian Open at The Lakes in Sydney. The accent in Western Australia tends to be a bit rougher than perhaps Melbourne or Sydney.
  4. Well it's less than 3 weeks away, and with a cancellation of the tournament at Valderrama, the field has gotten somewhat stronger. I can see from the player list, that Robert Rock will be playing. I am really looking forward to following him. http://www.pga.org.au/site/_content/document/00042819-source.pdf I will try to go around and take some snaps sometime next week, perhaps when I play on saturday. Will definitely attempt to take some snaps on the Public practice round.
  5. Wow, Tiger and Stricker are having a stinker. They should be about 4 down at this stage.
  6. Just watching the ceremony now. It's quite over the top. But God, some serious stunners in the player's wives.
  7. Does that mean Cadel Evans wins Le Tour in 2005? lol.
  8. Don't count out the Europeans. These guys feed off matchplay, it is no wonder that 'weak' European teams have mopped the floor with apparently 'unbeatable' US teams, just because they play as a team much better. The partnered matches will decide the fate of the cup.
  9. Barring a certain Frenchman's 72nd hole, I reckon he'll be fine.
  10. I'm not sure I'd like to leave myself a 3 footer if i miss the hole...
  11. I'm loving this. 9.40 at night and the final round is live. Might just have to stay up for the finish. Also, Sergio is flushing it.
  12. It has a name: the Baader Meinhof Phenonenon http://www.damninteresting.com/the-baader-meinhof-phenomenon/ The amount this happens is mind boggling.
  13. It's easy to say now, but I must admit, at the time I kept saying "WHY IS HE HITTING 3 WOOD". Pretty much every player hits a hybrid or iron short into the green. I think he was trying to be the hero, and after dropping all those shots he should of just played for a play-off and tried to beat Ernie then.
  14. That front on swing reminds me a lot of Luke Donald, especially the rehinge into the follow through. Not a bad swing though mate, must be working pretty well for you at +1.9!
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