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  1. Greg Norman. Brought a choking culture to Australian golf. Lets not forget for a country of 20 odd million people, we do alright for ourselves in world sport. One could say, perhaps the greatest sporting nation when taking into account population.
  2. Lol. 3/4 majors are played in the US. All 3 of which are played on courses most Euro golfers aren't accustomed to playing. I'd like to see how the yanks go playing in horizontal rain and actual wind. Not the gentle zephyrs which are treated like gail force winds on the TV coverage. Most of the top US guys are in struggle town when a breeze is blowing as most play a high ball flight.
  3. I thought it was a terrible line. For a start, he didn't commit an offence. This makes me dislike Webb even more.
  4. Webb's remark made him look like a tool. He shouldn't of even acknowledged the guy.
  5. It works because the shaft does not sit perfectly in the middle of the sleeve, it is on an angle. So when you rotate the sleeve around it produces different lies and lofts. If you take the sleeve out of the head and rotate it around you will notice that the sleeve angle is not the same as the shaft angle.
  6. If you aim at the flag, any curve and your ball is getting further away from the flag. Very hard to hit it close that way.
  7. I believe he completed a degree in Mech engineering too, definitely should've chosen Civil. ;---)
  8. It wasn't uncommon for Hogan to hit 18/18 GIR, the guy was that good. If he had today's technology, he probably wouldn't miss a green in regulation for like 6 months.
  9. Introducing new gun laws where no one can carry a gun would not work in America, simply most law abiding citizens would be gunless and criminals would still own their guns. As Iacas said, there are many poor, violence ridden areas in major American cities where gun laws wouldn't make a squat of difference to lowering deaths, probably increasing them significantly. However, things may have been much different if strict gun control began from hundreds of years ago, like when many other countries began regulating guns. I will say however, that I prefer to live where I live, a country where gun licenses are hard to obtain and background checks have to be done in order to obtain a firearm. A "genuine reason" must also be given. Even then, I believe there are many categories with most higher powered guns over basic rifles can only be obtained by target shooters and collectors must have them rendered inoperable. Overall though, it's not my country and I won't tell a U.S. citizen how to run theirs.
  10. Any competition is an absolute joke when the players refuse to play because they are 'not getting paid enough'. What an absolute farce.
  11. I don't agree with carrying guns, but it's not our country mate.
  12. Original, nerdy and explosive all at once. 9.
  13. If Rory misses the cut, has he all of a sudden lost his game? Will he fall into the doldrums of professional golf?! HE MAY NEVER MAKE A CUT AGAIN! Just shows how tough this game is and some courses just don't set up for certain players that well. About time the golf media picked up on that...
  14. Thread was made in '06....I think if you asked him now about attack angles, he would suggest that hitting up on the ball means swinging left, hence a fade. Unless of course, you shift your baseline right..
  15. It's a course with a pretty average success rate for Tiger, he's only won the Players once, however he won the US Am back in his younger days. I don't reckon he'll be great, perhaps top 10. My money is on Lee Westwood and Rory Mcilroy. Rory is like the Tiger of old, manages to play well and find ways to shoot low on courses that don't exactly suit his eye.
  16. Apparently Geoff Ogilvy thinks he's hitting it ok. From : http://www.weiunderpar.com/post/tigers-strange-day-the-curious-case-of-the-loststolen-ball Quote: Tiger’s ballstriking wasn’t horrible. He hit his driver decently on Friday, but his long irons were awful and his putting arguably worse. Geoff Ogilvy, who was paired with Tiger for the first two rounds, along with Webb Simpson, felt that Tiger was actually playing well and would have been five- or-six-under had he putted “just OK.” “He hit four or five pretty loose shots off the tee and that one at five but if he holed putts, he’d be in contention,” said Ogilvy, who also couldn’t get the ball to drop. “Well, he wouldn’t be out of the tournament if he made putts. “I think he’s actually hitting it pretty good. That sounds ridiculous. He hit a lot of really good drivers. Unbelievable drive down 10 to start the day. I think he’s doing a lot of good stuff. If he tells you he’s close, I think he’s actually right.
  17. Good start for Tiger: Bombs it 320 onto the fairway, hits his second to 12 feet. misses a 2 footer for birdie and makes a par 5 on his first hole... Update: stiffs it to 3 feet on the 11th.
  18. Not a US resident, but i'll play for fun. Lee Westwood -12 Phil Mickelson -10 Tiger Woods -9
  19. I read a lot of the guys wear those hybrid spikes which are plastic around the outside but have a metal spike in the middle. Like this: http://www.champspikes.com/products/golf/spikes/pro-stinger/ As opposed to the big old school spikes that Jiminez wears quite often.
  20. 2006 AFL Grand Final, where the West Coast Eagles defeated the Sydney Swans by a solitary point. It was the fifth match in a row between the clubs which was decided by less than a goal.
  21. Usually it's a pitching wedge for most players, I remember Sean O'hair hit 9 iron once and completely airmailed it into the water.
  22. That's happened to me a few times too, I usually just measure it twice, but overall the V2 is a great little rangefinder. You can get readings from under 200m reasonably quickly and around 230m can take a couple of tries. I've got pretty shaky hands though, and it still works pretty well for me.
  23. Holy crap. I have had my white multi's on my AP2's since January last year. They cost like 170 including fitting. Ugghh
  24. I play the original AP2's in PX 5.5's and they are great. Nice flat high flight. A decent amount of forgiveness for a smallish head.
  25. From, http://www.cbssports.com/golf/blog/eye-on-golf/18377687/gary-woodland-injures-his-left-wrist-on-8th-hole-at-the-masters
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