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  1. Gary Woodland withdrew after shooting 85 in his 3rd round. Apparently, he heard something pop in his wrist on his tee shot on 8. Not sure why he played the rest of his round when he was apparently in so much pain.
  2. Wow its seriously short off the members tees...
  3. Exactly, Coefficient of Restitution comes into play too, which is more or less the Ratio of speed of objects after a collision divided by the speed of objects before collision. It's more complicated than some people think. See above.
  4. My OP still stands. 90 would be a cakewalk, dead set. If I went out there trying to break 80 I may shoot above 90. If 90 was my number, I would take risk out of play and go to some of the long par 4's in 3. You would get a few pars, probably on the par 5's. You can make big numbers going for birdies, if you are playing it safe 90 would not be difficult.
  5. How rank was the telecast? There were ads literally every 3-4 golf shots in the early coverage. I did not wake up at 3 am to watch advertisements every 5 minutes. Our provider actually apologised on air, apparently they couldn't do much as espn or whoever was the network in America was going to ads very frequently. Also, didn't see a single shot of Garcia, and saw way too much putting. Tiger hit it everywhere too. Maybe going to bad habits under pressure?
  6. Golf club/ball collision isn't just as simple as energy transfer. There are more things at play.
  7. Our greens during club championships are rolled and cut every day, they get to around 11-12 on the Stimp. My course has hosted European Tour events, and is this October too. So it's not like I haven't played hard and fast greens before.
  8. I call BS. To shoot less than 28 over wouldn't be hard. You get a shot on every hole, and 2 shots on 9 holes, even if you went into every par 4 green in 3 shots, you would still shoot less than 100. There are actually a lot of amateurs that can play golf, and who play on Tournament courses as their home club. I play off 4, and know I could shoot less than 100.
  9. Started playing just over 4 years ago, got to a 2.8 handicap December 2010. So it was about 3 years. Barely play/practice once a week these days. Engineering is pretty friggin hard to study lol.
  10. I think the big thing is when people pass their opinion off as a fact. That is something which really annoys me.
  11. I think Oosthuizen knows that he has a win coming out of his ranking points this week and the Open will drop out soon. So he's probably getting his arse into gear.
  12. The thing is, it's pretty tough to compare European Tour players with PGA Tour players when they aren't competing in the same tournament. Many will say the European Tour is much easier, but the reality is you are travelling to a different country most weeks, with completely different courses/culture/food/climate. The proof is in the pudding when some US players go over and can't make the cut or finish poorly. For example the Scottish Open last year, which many go to play the week before the Open. Gary Woodland MC, Brandt Snedeker MC, Ryan Palmer T58, Phil Mickelson T58, Matt Kuchar T10. I'm not saying the European is better than the PGA Tour, because the majority of the worlds best players play on the PGA Tour (where the money is), but it's not a cakewalk either. The other point with their system is, how do they decide what a player's skill level is? You cannot do that when players play completely different courses each week in different weather. It's not comparing apples with apples.
  13. Rory Mcilroy -13 Tiger Woods -12 Luke Donald -10
  14. He's just been doing some work with Grant Waite and Joe Mayo. I think Rocky primarily hits a cut too, so obviously doesn't hit the stock push draw...
  15. Luke Donald and Steve Stricker do alright for putting with bent arms...I think it's whatever works.
  16. Never rated the Fedex Cup. It 'may' produce more interesting scenarios at the end of the season, but It's a system which the best player may not win. Bill Haas last year was a perfect example. I think this new system is just going to confuse things a hell of a lot.
  17. Because if there is any curve on the ball, it is always curving away from the hole. It is more effective to aim right or left and curve towards the hole. Even if you under/overcurve the ball(moving towards the hole), it wouldn't be as far from the hole as it would if you started it at the flag.
  18. Carlton Draught if I'm feeling bogan. Hoegaarden if I'm feeling classy. At most pubs here, a pint of Hoegaarden is at least 14-15 bucks
  19. Was thinking of starting this in the next week or so now that cricket season is over. I like how it starts off slow with breaks in between running intervals. Have neglected my fitness over the past few years, as I just despise running. But hopefully this plan will make me stick to it.
  20. I can't understand Tigers obsession with having to 'release the putter head'. It shouldn't be a conscious action to 'release' it. I know Stricker is a fantastic putter yet apparently he tells Tiger to do it. What are your opinions?
  21. Basically, if your heel lifts, your hips open too quickly(usually causing my block) and sends your path left as a result. Rolling allows the hips to stay closed longer and go more forward, and hence your path goes right and makes a push draw possible.
  22. This is what I was referring too when I said "is he major material" Pretty obvious he can play consistently well, just wondered what your thoughts were about him playing on super tough/long tracks
  23. Paying about 1.60 AUS for a litre, which is about $6 a gallon AUS. Convert that to USD and its about $6.50 a litre. Cost me 100AUD bucks to fill up my sedan today.
  24. Seriously amazing start to his PGA Tour career. I have only seen bits and pieces of him, do you think he's Major material?
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