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  1. Sure, The white pants and the solid blue shirt on the right would be a good combo with a white belt. I own quite a few adidas items which i consider to be the best golf clothing there is. The formotion shirts are very light materials and fit quite well so you don't look like a muppet. I'd say Dustin Johnson is perhaps the best dressed on Tour. Not a fan of the massive Oakley buckles though...
  2. Yeah, silly me. Forgot they still had the monday qualifier.
  3. EDIT: I should've said 'Pre-qualifier'. He still has to have a good round on monday It's the first I've heard of him actually playing golf. Remember this is a guy who apparently doesn't practice in between clinics and lessons. Not only can these guys teach, but they can also do it pretty well. ;-)
  4. Mike Bennett qualified for the Honda Classic today with a 65. Finished one shot back in third. He must've had a poor day with the flatstick ;--)
  5. McIlroy and Coetzee's match will be interesting. Both are big hitters, and if Coetzee's putting is on song h could upset McIlroy here..
  6. I dunno, but one of the best irons they ever made don't seem to be doing much for you.. ;--------)
  7. Bugger calculating the MOI of the club by hand, would take ages as the club head isn't a perfect shape(s). You can calculate the MOI in Autocad, which I'm assuming is how club manufacturers calculate it.
  8. 3 regular season wins. I'm going for no majors. As much as I'd love to see him win all 4 this year, I just think he won't for some reason. A few years ago he could hit it everywhere and still win tournaments. Now he is apparently hitting it less wildly yet he still is blowing up good positions in tournaments, something which he never did.
  9. Believe me, Rock is a lot longer than tour average. He can seriously bomb when he wants to.
  10. Robert Rock just won the Abu Dhabi event, not sure if he still gets his caddy to line him up, but he did last year.
  11. Dude, Mcilroy hits a draw on almost every shot. Usually big push draws, too.
  12. He had some serious numbers on there. But conditions were pretty tough, very few going under par
  13. Thanks Mike, I've really been focussed on the right foot for the last month or so. At the moment, it feels like i cannot roll it anymore, but as we know, 'feel isn't real'. I've always known that I spin my hips too early, which came from old school info of spinning hips instead of sliding them for power. If I can delay the hips for while by rolling the foot, that should close my hips a touch at impact. Not sure who the player on the right is, but I thought it was me for a little while till i realised the range looked different
  14. Updated swing video: I think I'm hitting a 7 iron? Can't remember was a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, a couple of those swings produced overdraws which is my miss at the moment. Was working on rolling the right foot. I have a few things I think I am doing wrong, but will be interested in seeing what others have to say. Was pretty windy that day too, so was trying to hit it a tad lower too. Apologies for the bad view, but was alone at the time :-)
  15. Hmmm talk about spamming your own website on a golf forum......
  16. Chucky 3 sticks :-) Looks like textbook stuff if you ask me ;----)
  17. If you are indeed swinging too far out to the right, the handle needs to go lower and left earlier. A good drill is swinging with tees under your arms, which will straighten out the path. However, without seeing a swing we can only guess...
  18. Another great video Mike. It bamboozles me how someone cannot understand this. Pretty simply: For the shoulders to turn to create power, the hips need to turn. For the hips to be able to turn you need to lose flex in your rear leg. Unless of course you have straight legs to begin with :-)
  19. Or when they completely contradict each other :-) I think that article about Frazar was interesting, that he just ended up asking for a yardage and played the shot by feel. Almost automatic. Sometimes I think you can play better by just hitting the shot instead of over thinking it.
  20. Fowler and Cobra are a good fit. ;--------)
  21. You are being ridiculous. Even if you knew the wind at your ball, trees and other obstacles provide shelter from the wind so quite often the conditions at the flag are quite different than at your ball. Having any sort of practice aid in your bag during a round does not make a difference since you actually dont use it....
  22. I've been looking at his swings on youtube for a few months now, such a sweet action. I bet he flat out bombs it.
  23. I remember I heard that the former Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting beat Aaron Baddeley about 4 years ago in a matchplay game at one of the tournament courses over east. Gary Player was there that day and has played with him a few times and thinks he could turn pro after his cricket career. FWIW Ponting is a 2-3 handicap and rarely plays.
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