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  1. I don't play or practice as much as I used to so either hitting it well and shooting 75, or having a few bad holes and shooting 82.
  2. Putting vaseline on a driver defeats the whole purpose of the game. It's meant to be hard, and when you play someone for money and make it easier for them to beat you it's pretty dumb.....
  3. Poor Matt Jones went from T13 to missing the magic number with a +3 final round. Bit of a shame, the guy has a really nice swing.
  4. Lets not blow smoke up his arse just yet, He still failed to hit his driver on the fairway. I like watching Tiger play well as much as the next guy, but how is he going to go on courses where you can't just hit irons off the tee to maximise your scoring potential? Maybe he might change his game plan by hitting a lot more irons/3 woods off the tee and giving himself a chance from the fairway, albeit a bit further back than most guys. I mean he can still hit his 2 iron like 250-260 yards right?
  5. I hit one the other day for the first time. To be honest i didn't find it terribly hard to hit with a controlled swing, but it was quite hard to go after a shot without mishitting it. I found you can hit really nice lowish runners that go pretty far still, but the forgiveness on bad shot is very small.
  6. I might watch the nedbank after work tonight. Usually watch it every year. It will be exciting to see how luke copes on this mammoth course.
  7. I have only shot over 90 once in 3 years, and that was a few months ago while on university games after a night of drinking and nothing but no-doz keeping my alive. You must be doing some serious changes to your swing.
  8. That was epic. Webb Simpson's hosel rocket and Mahan's 20m flub. They were unbelievable...
  9. Always like watching this event. Hopefully a close finish on sunday
  10. Geoff isn't as bad obviously, but he still should shut his mouth and not lower himself to Robert's childish level. Nobody likes a whinger, and it doesn't make you look any better by calling someone out about it.
  11. Apparently at the Australian PGA championship after party, Allenby approached Ogilvy and asked him to leave after harsh words were said. These guys are just bloody children. Taken from: http://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/golf-2011/heated-words-as-presidents-cup-teammates-robert-allenby-and-geoff-ogilvy-tee-off/story-fnaluu3q-1226208538836
  12. The damn thing wasn't even televised in Australia. I had a feeling those guys would do alright, Gary Woodland is ridiculously talented at ball striking. If only his putter comes alive he plays really well. Probably helped having such a steady player in Kuchar to back him up too.
  13. Umm. i've watched a lot of Mark Crossfield's videos, and he doesn't even know the ball flight laws. I commented on one of his videos what the real laws are and he stated that "I am entitled to my opinion"....Nice guy, but some stuff is pretty bad. I do like some of his equipment reviews on the trackman though.
  14. Golf is hard enough to stick it close with the correct yardage, let alone being off by possibly a couple of clubs at a time.....
  15. Dude you have improved out of sight. Loving the cricket hat too.
  16. Its a push draw pattern. I completely changed my game after employing the basic moves of the pattern. I dropped from a 9 to a 3 in 6 months. It maintains staying centred over the ball which allows you keep your swing bottom in the same spot, instead of moving your centres and having to time your weight shift back to the ball. Therefore by controlling what spot you hit the ground every time, it not only stops you hitting fat and thin shots (when done correctly), it also allows your ball curvature to be consistent with each shot, something which a 'traditional' swing never allowed me to do. Sure you can play great golf with a weight shift off the ball, but for me consistency was what I needed.
  17. Much better mate. I think your over the top move isn't helped by you turning from the top instead of sliding. i.e. right foot props very quickly, instead of rolling. I had this same problem too. Baby steps though, you need to work on one thing at a time.
  18. I count GIR's and fairways hit. I can tell after a round which part of my game let me down. Usually its missing 8-10 footers for birdie.
  19. I think with harder sand especially concrete ones in the summer, It is a little easier if you open the face a little and lead with the handle slightly to make sure the sole digs under the ball. Our bunkers can get seriously hard underneath and thinning is very common
  20. That's because you actually need a golfing brain to play some of these golf courses. He plays his best when scoring conditions aren't easy.
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