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    I just bought some refurbished golf balls. They said they were near mint. Should play like new right. They looked good just looking at them when I opened the box. I had hit some shots that seemed to have odd ball flights. I just kind of wrote it off as mishits or the wind or something. I hit one this weekend and hit it good and it seemed to drop right out of the air. We all looked like what just happened. We all hit about the same distance and theirs were a good 50 yards ahead of mine. We started looking at the ball and the dimples had been like they had been sanded. The ball flights were like at a driving range when the knuckle because the dimples were worn off. I have tried to get a hold of them with emails and I keep getting response like quote: (We received your email, but you have responded to an unmonitored email address. If you need to contact us, please email us at XXXXXXXXXXX! Then I tried this and it said there was a problem getting through. So I would be careful with this company.