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  1. 2 black dots to the left of the number. I used to make a line to help putting alignment, but I don't like how it leaves ink marks on the face of my clubs.
  2. It appears you are correct. Thanks. Now if I only knew what the heck "diadic" meant!!
  3. While we're on the subject of gap wedges, my set of Cleveland TA4's has a 52 degree wedge labeled "D" wedge. Anyone know what the "D" stands for?
  4. One thing to consider when buying a bag is do you plan to carry the bag on the course, or do you use a pull cart? I've always had a stand bag in the past, and just this past season I started walking the course alot more often, using a pull cart. I found that a stand bag is more difficult to strap into a pull cart because of the stand. I recently bought a used cart bag, and it is much easier to strap into my pull cart, and an electric cart when I occasionaly drive rather than walk. I really have no need for a stand bag. Just my opinion.....
  5. Check out the February issue of Golf magazine. There is an extensive article about finding the best ball for your particular style of play. I just read it last night, and I'm ready to try out the ball it recommends for me: Titleist NXT Tour.
  6. I'm going to Hawaii with my girlfriend in March, and I have decided that I MUST play a round of golf while I'm there. She's not a golfer, and I already have a "kitchen pass" to go play for a day. The Feb. issue of Golf magazine has an article on Kauai golf courses (the island that I'll be going to). Wailua Golf Course is looking like the affordable one for me. Greens fees during the week are only $32, plus $17 for a cart. Has anyone ever played at Wailua Golf Course? Any opinions?
  7. I live in Arizona, where the golf season never ends. The rates, however, do go up quite a bit in the winter. This time of year, I just play a couple of cheap courses. The municipal course closest to me, Palo Verde, is $10 for 9 holes, walking, and $5 to go around again. It's nothing special, but it's cheap. When I want a better course, I go a little bit further and play Shalimar for $17/9 walking ($23 riding) and $11 to go around again. In the summertime, I'll pay a little more, anywhere between $20 and $40 to play some nicer 18 hole courses, where I'll usually ride. It's too hot in th
  8. It's mostly just for review purposes, just to keep my mind entertained during the hours when I can't golf. I would say my putting needs more help than my long game and my short game, so I will look for "The art of Putting". I've found (online) Bob Rotella"s "Golf is a Game of Confidence". It sounds like a good one. I will definitely check out Rotella's other book as well.
  9. I am looking for a golf instructional book. Something to help me with the basic fundamentals, and maybe something to help with the mental part of the game as well. I plan to get Ben Hogan's "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf". Can anyone suggest another book?
  10. I would suggest a Cleveland reg 588 wedge.
  11. I have to disagree with you. the word "GOLF" is NOT a noun, it is a verb. A noun is an object, something you can touch, or see, etc. "APPLE" is a noun. "BALL" is a noun. "GOLF" is not an object, it is something you do. "I like to golf." "Do you golf?" Those sentances make perfect sense to me, and that is the way I speak when I refer to the game. And that's all I have to say about that......
  12. I often tell myself "nice and easy" just as I address the ball, and when I DO take it nice and easy, it is more of an acceptable fade than a slice, but with a sacrifice of distance. I know, a 180 yard drive on the fairway is better than a 230 yard drive in OB, but I hate sacrificing power. Thanks for all the tips, guys. I'm itching to play again now.
  13. I carry a 23 degree Nike Slingshot hybrid in place of a 3 iron. It fills the yardage gap perfectly between my 5 wood and my 4 iron, and is much easier to hit than my 3 iron. I've been thinking of picking up a 17-19 degree hybrid to repalce a fairway wood.
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