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  1. Thanx for the quick reply, WUTiger. I will work them a bit more before spending any money.
  2. I currently have a couple sets of Adams Irons and between the two, I have a PW, GW and SW. Is this good enough, or should I get a dedicated wedge set? The 2 sets that I have are A4 and A7OS.
  3. It seems that most Iron sets come with at least a pitching wedge and maybe a gap or sand wedge. If given a choice, what two wedges would most people find the most useful in a set? Then if you keep the set wedges, would you get an aftermarket lob/gap or whatever was missing? Would you just get rid of the combo wedges and buy a whole new set of wedges alone?
  4. Since there are so many golf clubs available and the latest and greatest comes out every year, I'm sure that most people have more than one complete set of clubs as well as multiple drivers/woods/irons/etc... So, when you get something new to use, what do you do with the old club/set? Do you still use the old ones even though they aren't your main clubs anymore? Do you sell the old after you are satisfied with what you are currently using? Getting the latest and greatest is something we all do, I think, but what happens to the old? Being a guitarist, I have many guitars, but each one is a little different and is used for a specific tone. With clubs, I would think that you would want that which makes you play the best. Would you use a different set of clubs for a different course or what not?
  5. I haven't had a chance to video myself yet, but upon looking at my swing yesterday, my club is more like 10 - 10:30 and not parallel to the ground. Like everyone said, when not looking at my hands and clubs, the backswing feels lower than it actually is. Thanx again for all of the great responses.
  6. Hey Dak - Yes, 9 o'clock if someone was facing me. And your description is accurate. I bring my hands up to where the club is parallel to the ground and 90* to my left arm, my hits are solid and straight. I guess I will work to keep that consistent and then increase my backswing up slowly. Thanx for all of the advise so far.
  7. Thanx for the quick reply. By 3 o'clock, I mean the club is parallel to the ground, so anything parallel of closer to the ground, the ball hits straight and far. As soon as I go above parallel, I guess I lose control.
  8. I have been practicing at the range for weeks now and it may be time for a lesson or two. I got most of my instruction from a friend that is a good golfer and you-tube. If I hit, using an iron, with my backswing going no more than 3 o'clock, I can hit the ball really straight and far (usually 140 - 150 w/7 iron). Once I bring the backswing any higher, I tend to hit the ball to the right and can lose as much as 40 yards. I know it's tough to give advice without seeing my swing, or lack of it, but if I start at the 3 and bring my backswing up gradually, is that a good way to work on the swing? I was told that my swing is much faster than my backswing and I should slow down and make everything nice and even. Any suggestions are welcome.
  9. I was hanging out with a friend who wanted to buy a set of inexpensive irons at the Sports Authority yesterday. After looking around and hitting some balls, he narrowed it down to the Adams A7)S and TaylorMade Burner Plus. Both were $299 and he thought they both hit and felt good. I also hit both and they both felt like solid clubs. I play Adams A3OS and told him that the Adams brand was good. He also liked the TM so we're going to go back today to see if he will make up his mind. So, would both sets be comparable in terms of being SGI and overall quality? They also had a set of A4R's for $170. Maybe he should jump on those, if I don't get to them first :).
  10. Thanx for all of the great advice. I'm on vacation starting next week so I hope to play a couple of 9 hole courses that are about 10 minutes from my house. They are supposed to be nice (Minerals and Cascades in Sussex County, NJ). Lets see how this goes.
  11. So I have been going to the driving range for a couple of weeks now and starting to get the hang of hitting that little ball with the long club. I would like to see what it is like to get on the golf course. I have a friend who is an accomplished player that will go with me, but he won't be back in town for a while. My wife also has a friend coming in from overseas who does play and wants to take him to a public course and i'd like to see what's its like going thru at least 9 holes before booking time. That being said, are beginners welcome on golf courses or is it frowned upon? Would I play alone or would I be grouped with another group of players? I would assume that everyone has to start somewhere, but I'd hate to "hold everyone up" that is behind me. Thanx for the info.
  12. I went to Dicks yesterday to see a store with a large selection of golf gear and it was pretty cool. I noticed that you can buy almost every club separately except for irons, which only seem to come in sets (unless I missed something). Is there a reason for this? If you wanted to change a specific iron, you would have to purchase an entire set?
  13. Do a search on Agile guitars. They make good quality guitar in most of the major flavors (Strat, Tele, Les Paul, etc...) and are very price effective. Google is your friend :).
  14. What kind of music do you like as this will influence what guitar you buy, regardless of price. I'm the opposite of you as I'm a guitarist first and am just stepping in to the world of golf. I like rock/hard rock although I listen and play most everything. I'm a Gibson guy and love double humbuckers. I also do the super strats with single hum, hum/single and hum/single/single. If you're looking for an electric, I am assuming you already have an amp or something to play the guitar thru, otherwise it will be awfully quiet. I would take a quick look at craigslist to see what is out there used. Take you time picking your guitar, like you probably do your clubs. You can buy used MIM Fenders in the $300 ballpark. You can also look at Squiers or Epi's, but know what you wanna play, then go from there. Let us know what you decide and keep rockin.
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