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  1. fjm039

    Practice balls?

    100 yards? Holy freaking crap. I max out with my 3i and a birdie ball at about 65 yards. Of course, with a real ball my 3i only goes about 200 - 210 so....... I don't use them to replace range time, but they do allow me to get a decent practice session in with most of my clubs while in my yard. Beats sitting inside.
  2. fjm039

    Practice balls?

    I use birdie balls ( www.birdieballs.com ). Basically small pieces of pvc with beveled ends. Feels much more like hitting a golf ball over the whiffle balls and the give you a fairly accurate representation of ball flight. Fade swing provides a fade ball path. Draw swing = draw ball path. They are limited flight (to about 40 - 50 yards max). I use them in my front and back yard all the time when I don't get to play or practice at the range.
  3. My wife loves to play as much as I do, which to be honest makes it tough. We have a 2 year old and a 6 year old so finding a babysitter kinda gets in the way. I try to get her out once every 10 days or so which isn't too bad. She is like me and would play everyday if possible though.
  4. I gotcha! I disagree, but if you feel it is a waste of time then more power to you. But as Sandman mentioned, this isn't just him endorsing this means of PRACTICE, but is actually a fairly common recommendation. You have to keep in mind that there are two forms of pactice. The physical and mental. Playing from the reds is suppose to help your mental approach as it teaches you to think differently. Either way, good luck.
  5. Meenman, You are missing Sandman's point. He isn't saying that breaking a scoring barrier on the short course is official. It just helps your thinking when you go back to the longer/harder courses so you are better prepaired to break the scoring barrier there. He has been pretty direct about what he is trying to say. I suggest you re-read his posts.
  6. I am my first visit to Hong Kong for work but I know I'll be back later in the year. When I come back, I'd like to bring my clubs and try to play a round or two. Anyone have any recommendations (that won't cost me my first born)? Any input would be appreciated. Jeff
  7. fjm039

    I made it!

    Congrats steaksauce. I never played in HS, opting instead to play baseball. I had a buddy I had grown up with playing little league baseball and I remember on the first day of baseball tryouts as a freshman him not being there. I couldn't believe it when I found out he was going to play golf instead. I thought it was such a waste of his talent. The guy was BOO WEEKLEY who now plays on the PGA tour. Made over $2million last year. Suppose I was wrong :)
  8. Least Favorite: ANYTHING off the tee. Almost all mental because it doesn't matter if I pull a sandwedge to hit from the tee. Zero confidence from the tee right now. Most favorite: My 56 degree from 85 yards. Seems to hunt the pin.
  9. Thanks for the words. One of my biggest problems is the course I play most frequently has about 6 holes that are tree lined. It is either fairway or trouble, nothing in between. When I forget the trees and focus on the fairway, no problems. The trick is doing that every time. Thanks again and good luck in '08.
  10. I'm interested in responses here too. I have a new set of X18 irons and with the shiny finish they are already showing some 'wear' after only a few rounds. Cleaning them helps significantly but I can already tell that I will be wanting to get the new shine back later in the year.
  11. My best this week was a little unusual. I frequently get myself into trouble off the tee so I have to be creative on my second shots. I lost my tee shot to the right into a wooded area that is clear of brush. Due to trees I had to hit a very low shot so I pulled the driver, choked down on it, played the ball back in my stance and WHAM. Hit the perfect little low cut right around the trees and into the fairway. Got up and down from about 60 yards to save par.
  12. 1. Find a teaching pro I am comfortable with and establish lesson schedule. I need to do this to become more consistent. I am all over the place from day to day. 2. RE-READ Dr. Rotella's book on 'Golf is Not a Game of Perfect' and actually apply the teachings for more than 2 rounds. 3. Get my 5 1/2 year old introduced to the game by taking her with me to the practice range or when I play 9 holes. Allow her to putt around and drive the cart until her interest grows (we all know it will :))
  13. I know there have been a few threads on playing with spouses, but what I am interested in is how do those that do play with their spouse handle the kids while they are out? We have family in town but we start to feel extremely guilty for asking them to watch our girls every weekend so we can play. Even when we spread it around the family we still feel that way. Just curious how others handle this. Thinking about taking our 5 1/2 year old with us and letting her drive the cart/putt around but we still need to find a place for the 1 1/2 year old.
  14. I ALWAYS expect too much in regards to score. That is one of my biggest problems that sometimes gets in the way of me enjoying a round. I always expect to shoot better than I do and when I see that I'm not going to finally break 90 but rather most likely have trouble breaking 100 (yet again) I get frustrated. Finally comitted to getting some lessons yesterday after my round. My primary goals for this year are to enjoy golf more by playing more relaxed and to establish and get my handicap to an 18.
  15. Still too early to tell, but I would have to say that Tiger if he keeps his pace up there will be no question. It won't even be debatable. This generation has truly been blessed to be able to watch two of the greatest athletes ever in their prime (Michael Jordan and Tiger.
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