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  1. I've actually heard of a drill where you drop the club as you complete your downswing, but you don't throw it. Supposedly it helps get you more in sync with developing lag and temp.
  2. You guys are funny. I shot a 53 today on 9 holes and that was tied for my best round. But hey, I shot 8 strokes under you and I'm a 36 handicap so I feel proud of that. But we all have bad days and tough courses, I shot a 134 on Indian Creek(my highest ever) tough course though lots of water hazards.
  3. I bought the Callaway Razr x black for 439(4-PW) and they perform great once I got used to them. Unless you are playing really tough courses where you need to fade and draw iron shots then cavity back straight distance irons such as these and your Adams will work great. I'm needing to actually replace my 5 wood with a 2 or 3 hybrid(16.5-19 degrees), I'll be sure to check Adams Golf for some deals.
  4. I try to never pay more than $40 for a round of golf(18 holes with cart and range balls warm-up). I have played Colorado National and the Rawls Course(both championship courses) for 40 and 35 with range balls respectively. And those are among the top public courses in their states. I always try to book twilight times online, Golfnow has some amazing deals, I'm able to play great courses for 50%+ discounts. That said, typical rates in my area are as follows: Low-tier municipal courses(such as Lake Park 18 or Twin Wells)- $20-25 with cart and $6 for range balls. $15 at 5PM
  5. I played with some guys today, one of them hit the pin on a 30 yard chip shot, guess we should have counted that as a birdie 3. Still was an amazing shot though and hell of a par save.
  6. 420 yard par 5 9th hole to end the round(I tee it forward, 36 hcp). I nail a nice drive, gues it carried to 220 yard because I was left with just about a 200 yard shot from the edge of first cut rough and fairway. I decided to be aggressive since this had been a good round so far(Just one triple and nothing worse). I pulled out my 3 wood and nailed it 200 yards, the shot was parallel to the flag stick, just pulled it slightly to the left but managed to clear the large greenside bunker designed to put the risk in risk/reward. Anyhow, I hit a clean one and find that my ball has cleared the
  7. Tied for my lowest ever 9 hole scored at 53 on the front 9 at Lake Park in Lewisville today. Great start with a double bogey for me, than triple on hole 2. Then I hit a groove and shot a couple doubles. Then I hit a GIR on hole 7 and 3 putted for my first bogey on that round. Finished hole 9 with a great drive, 2nd shot 3 wood carried 200 yards but pulled to the left, but cleared the bunker. Pitched onto the green and 2 putts for par(Almost a birdie but the nerves to making my first birdie got to me. Nothing worse than a triple bogey for all 9 holes. I played perfectly to my handicap pretty mu
  8. I've played two rounds this week so I'll pick my two best shots from eacrpin4l At Indian Creek the other day, aside from the beautiful drives I hit my best shot on that course on the 18th hole(to keep coming me back for me) I had hit some water hazards and it wasn't going good. I managed to clear the water hazard leaving me with a 55 yard approach from a first cut rough lie to the right of the flagstick . I decide to take my trusty Titleist Vokey 56 and take a solid half swing pitch and just pop it out, which landed within 6 foot of the hole. it was q beautiful shot which of course I e
  9. I'm the loving new USGA "Tee it Foward" campaign. As a 36 handicapper the scorecard said I should be playing from the forward tees anyways at over 5100 yards it presented a fair challenge with some easy drivable par 4's at 225 yards and 359 yard ones which I parred and quadruple bogeyed respectivetly. Made a par and 2 bogeys over 24 holes. I I shot a 98 over 14 holes and then ran out of of balls after hitting a slice in a tree then a hook in the left trees on hole 15. Would have probably around a 120-130 ny usual sceore.
  10. Hey, played another round today. The slicing has gone down a lot just due to simple improvements in grip, stance and swing path. If I hit a bad shot though, it is usually slice. I have tamed into a workable fade. Sometimes I will hit straight though when I was intending to fade, so my slice is improving. A slow relaxed swing does seem to help, but it's a tradeoff for distance. I hit my driver anywhere from 250-280 on a good hit, with a slow controlled swing it's more like 200 yards. My biggest problems are topping(getting the ball up in the air), hitting behind the ball, occ
  11. For reference here is the old one from last year.
  12. I have improved this swing a lot, if you look at my old swing video you could see that I didn't even try to keep my left arm straight and I had an outside-in backswing. I can already notice a few things I can fix though, my head should be more stable, my left arm should be more straight and my legs need a better transition through the swing. I really like how my hands are squaring up at impact though. Any tips appreciated.
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is:36.4 My typical ball flight is:medium trajectory, slight fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Topping, shanking, not getting the ball up Videos:
  14. I'm getting better so I finally have some concrete things to works on. -Wedges: I have 4 wedges now in my bag and I'm trying to figure out which to keep and how far each one goes. I'm in love with my 64 and 56. I can't decide if I should keep my 52 or my 60 now. I also need to work on short game distances with these wedges, and dropping and stopping on greens instead of letting the ball roll away. -Irons- I still have a hard time hitting a 6 and 5 iron, and a 7 and 8 iron are topped sometimes as well. I need to move my ball back in stance, that's really the only problem because I'
  15. PLayed at Stone Gate today, its a regular front 9 then a par 3 executive back 9. I got 14 holes in before it got dark. First tee, a 280 yard drivable par 4 with a water hazard behind the green. I step up with my Burner Superfast that I just hit about 5 balls with on the range. Crack drive 250 yards right toward the green. I always wanted to drive that hole. Anyhow I ended up taking my second shot with my new 64 wedge and got it close enough for a 2 put par. Which for me is quite good. My second good shot was on hole 6. I'm participating in the USGA "tee it forward" campaign
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