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  1. Rockleigh used to be my "home" course when I still lived in that area. Rockleigh Red #4 is a nice water hole akin to that infamous TPC Sawgrass hole. Nice little set of 3 9 hole courses. The Blue was the easiest but also the one with a lot of work being done / to be done to it. And you really can't go wrong with the Crystal Springs courses. And the chance of snow on the ground in NJ in October is pretty slim.
  2. Whew! Makes me feel like I'm not a complete klutz not being able to break 100 after 3 years at this!
  3. On the ACA: keep in mind that many people opposed to the ACA are opposed because it doesn't include a public option, in other words, it didn't do enough. Also, if asked about key components of the ACA, people actually like those. In fact, some less informed people are actually opposed to Obamacare but are in favor of the ACA, in spite of them being the same thing. In other words, the only thing a lot of people hate about Obamacare is the Obama. Ad for people with Christian beliefs being left in the dust, if your beliefs are that backwards maybe you should be. In the days of the civil rights act, many people claimed it was against their Christian beliefs to serve black people. SCOTUS rules years ago that this was not allowed, that the civil rights act, and that equal rights for all citizens trumped certain religious rights. And logically, it makes sense. If someone claims that their religious belief means they should be able to bake Jews in giant ovens (let's not forget that Hitler said many times that the Nazis were a Christian movement, who was doing nothing that the Christian churches weren't doing for 1500 years) that they should have that right?
  4. This is not a government thought police issue. The fact of the matter is racist speech is rightfully frowned upon by the public in the USA. While he can't, and shouldn't, face legal consequences for it, the first amendment does NOT protect you from financial retributions of what you say, particularly in the private sector. When you are a public persona and a company with which you do business feels that you are damaging their reputation by what you say, and fear that their bottom line may be affected, it's the company's fiduciary responsibility to either get you to tone it down or sever the relationship.
  5. 5 iron 400 feet -- 133 yards? And I thought I was a short hitter! My 5 (hybrid) goes at least 150! You can try getting a GPS app like Golfshot and track your yardages per club on the course.
  6. I replied "in my pocket turned off", but that's kind of wrong. I leave it on in DND mode. I use Golfshot on my phone, so the phone is on but will not ring -- unless someone calls me twice in a row (it better be important!), in which case it will vibrate.
  7. I was playing one of the courses at Rockleigh in NJ, and same deal -- really short grass apron leading to the green. I was about 15 yards away and even slightly uphill. This was early in my golf life before I had even a semi-decent short game, so I decided to putt up to the green. Well I'll be damned, I sank the putt!
  8. If you were hitting 75 full swings without some sort of break, yeah, you probably got tired. Looking at your HC of 30, if you average just over 2 putts per round, 75 full / wedge swings is a full 18 holes of golf.
  9. If only I could abide by rule 2.
  10. You really need to do both, and playing a course teaches you things such as course management which you can't get from a range. That and actually seeing the results of that 50 yard pitch as it hits a green, and the fact that the practice green is only 1 green, and there is a lot of difference between that and the 18 on the course, so yes, you're missing a lot if you're not out there playing.
  11. Or one of these... http://www.despair.com/motivation.html
  12. I'll never forget playing Ardsley last year. Classic Westchester NY country club. Member sends me and a friend ahead to the clubhouse, says grab a beer and lunch on the terrace. My friend is in cargo-like shorts (should have had more appropriate clothes since he was out here on our annual golf outing -- this was a pre-outing round) and sandals. Member figures he'd get away with the shorts, but I lend him sneakers. Member also says "tuck your shirts in", my friend kind of snickers under his breath. Member repeats "really, tuck your shirt in". Other than my friend looking like a refugee there, had a good round at a beautiful course. First time I played with a forecaddie as well. Great experience.
  13. 62 for 9 holes is not bad for a rank novice. The first time I actually kept a true score on a real course, which I did primarily for a starting reference point, I shot a 65. I've so far knocked 10 strokes off of that, so yeah, you did fine. Keep in mind that only about half of your average recreational golfers (especially those who only play a few times a year) break 100 consistently.
  14. Someone once said that a business man golfer should shoot around 90. Lower than that, he's neglecting his business. Higher than that, he's neglecting his golf.
  15. Cute, but be wary about nocturnal animals such as racoons hanging around during the day -- could be rabid.
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