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  1. I'm hitting a 9 hole exec course after work, I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. I have finally gotten pretty good consistency out of my driving and irons...but my putting still sucks. I can go to the putting green and spend an hour draining puts or getting within a few inches pretty regularly but then I'm still bad when I play. I have literally hit the green in two shots, been 15 feet from the hole, and 4-putted. What is the best advice you have for putting well?
  3. I had the typical baseball swing problems too. I used too much upper body and arms and not enough legs and hips on the swing. My downswing is triggered by the thought of starting my hips. I just let my arms feel as though they're coming along for the ride.
  4. If you are using your arms too much in your swing you will flip those shots. You still have to rely on should and hip turn for your swing when you swing these lower clubs. Your wrists will lock a bit to help guide the club through, and you won't have the opportunity to flip them before striking the ball. Think of brushing your lead hand forward through water on your way through the bottom of your swing.
  5. I read something similar in another thread on here recently. I went out and was absolutely nailing my drives with what seamed like no effort on the swing. I'd come back and see how far I could hit it, and it would shorten about 30 yards. The more I used my body to pull the club through and let the head come down on an easy path through the ball the better my contact and ball flight was. Not only better, but more consistent. The nice and easy practice swing I take now is also the nice and easy swing I use when I address the ball. Things are going better.
  6. My putting sucks and it's the reason I don't break 90 with regularity. I'm willing to try anything at this point. Does anyone have a picture or video of this?
  7. I might be the exception here. I am just a tad over 6'2" and I've gone to 3 different club fittings. Every time I am told I don't need an adjustment from "off the rack" on length or lie. I guess I'm lucky in that I can pick up almost every default club set and just play it. They done tape measures, impact marks on practice swings, video, etc...
  8. So, I played this last week in some high wind and I've noticed I have a problem I can't figure out. All of my shots, from wedges on down to the driver, are very high in respect to those I play with. Normally, it's not a major problem except for the longer clubs since I still get good distance and control with it. However, I can't lower my drive or any other shot for that matter. I move the ball back in my stance, I try to keep my wrists cocked longer, etc...The more I try and fix the issue the worse it gets. I moved the ball back and tee'd it lower for a drive and actually hit the drive
  9. I have no idea what's going on. I get great distance and above average accuracy with irons. I can pitch and chip pretty well, my putting is poor but shows good signs of improving.\ However, my driving has sucked since I started playing golf. I have had the same problem over and over again only with a driver. I swing what I believe to be the same as with my woods, hybrid, irons, etc..., but the ball shoots way up in the air and drops 200 yards out, or goes 250 yards but has a ballooning slice pattern. When I think I really hit a drive well, I look up to find it's a hard pull...straight,
  10. Strange enough, when I started getting really solid contact with my different clubs I started to push the ball for a while shortly afterward too. For me it was a timing/power issue. I started getting good contact so I was trying to add more power. I was forcing my turn faster than my arms, which would cause my arms to try and catch up. My arms would tighten, I couldn’t get proper wrist action, and even though my swing was good the clubhead wouldn’t close fast enough to hit the ball straight. So, much like what you describe, I’d nail the ball but it would shoot right of the target. Make
  11. I hit the ball the furthest when I have a good swing from inside out, have a loose feel in my hands and arms and don't force anything. The biggest part of it is concentrating on a slow start then accelerating once the club head gets below the shoulders and down through the ball. I've landed balls close to 300 yards when I really get a hold of it. Weighing 230lbs might help too though...
  12. My driver and my putter are the only problem clubs left in my bag...since I've been playing about 14 months now that's not too bad. I putt poorly because I haven't been playing long enough to develop any kind of feel yet. I can work on that, and I have started to. I can hit my irons with a nice arch and a very slight draw with some consistent distances, but I suffer from DRS (Driving Range Syndrome) with my driver. I can bomb the ball at the range, every once in a while pulling one or hitting a weak fade/slice, but mostly nice, semi-straight, landing around 230-260. When I get on the cou
  13. The last time I was at the range, 2 days ago, I noticed the same thing. I was getting tremendous distance (150 with my 9i and carrying 215+ with m 3i.) but I was mixing in alot of pushes falling short and pulls getting even more distance. However, when I started making sure of my shoulder turn (indirectly the spine angle) I was hitting with good distance and getting the accuracy that should accompany. I was even able to work the ball depending on how far forward or back it was in my stance. Hopefully the swing stays with me.
  14. Played some Taylormade Black X-outs from Dick's and they felt like rocks. I like the feel, I like the E6+, and I also like NXT Tour.
  15. I got a set really cheap, under $100 new. I've a few really positive reviews on them. Has anyone actually used these on here and have any opinions?
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