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  1. Hi, I'm looking to buye some Titleist AP2's. I currently have Titlesist tri Spec shaft in my irons. I want the Project X 6.0 in my new AP2's but I feel these are slightly thicker than my tri-spec shafts. Is this true? and is there a solution to this? chers
  2. I hit the ball the same as you and they are a very good club. I have had them 3 years and will be replacing them soon with either Titleist AP2 or Mizuno 62,57 or 52. Probably Mizunos as I used to play MP-32's and while the Titleist are a good club nothing beats the feel of a pure strike with a Mizuno. Not that it will really make any differece to my game - just feel like a change after 3 years - hit a shot well with any decent club and you will be rewarded. They've been around a while so make sure you get them nice and cheap (credit crunch and all that!) Mke sure you get them custom fi
  3. I have just read the Utley short game book. Have tried his method at the driving range and except the chipping method I think it is great. However, I don't understand the bit where he wants to use the bounce of the club when pitching. He wants the sole of the club to hit the ground before the ball. I just don't understand this bit - surely he doesn't want you to hit pitch shots fat. I like his pitching method but I think I am getting "ball first contact". Any help would be greatly appreciated..............
  4. Hi , Has anyone tried the new line of Seemore putters?? I have tried the new Scotty Cameron, Yes, and Odesy, and yet these Seemore putters feel better than anything. Plus, the alignment aid seems like nice tool to check your alignment is ok while u r practising. I started off with the m1 and m2 as they were similar to my Scotty Newport but I think my favourite is now the mFGP. Before I spend so much doe I was wondering what people think. What is the major down side with a centered shaft and no offset?? Are the Yes C groves just a gimick?? thanks
  5. Muskegman, just wondering how you get on with your 48 deg PW as opposed to the PW that came with your irons. I was wondering if I should go that way. Interesting that most pros don't...........................
  6. My Pitching Wedge is 47 deg. I am thinking of buying a 54 deg sand wedge and a 60 deg L wedge. 1. are these the right lofts to buy? 2. Titleist give you the option of 10 or 14 deg of bounce for the 54 deg wedge. My swing is relatively on plane (i.e not overly shallow and not too steep - although with wedges everyone swings quite steeply) and I play in the UK (wet in Winter dry in Summer). WHICH BOUNCE SHOULD I CHOOSE? 3. The options for the 60 deg wedge is 4 or 8 deg bounce - I think I will choose 8 as 4 seems quite low? 4. Titleist do a 48 deg wedge - are there any benefits fr
  7. if you can find a gps (e.g Skycaddie) system where they have actually walked and mapped your course - not just used satellite photos you will be very impressed. They are fantastic and u can find them quite cheaply on ebay
  8. when practising lift your left leg up on your back swing and then swap legs for the through swing. This helps you to get the feling of having weight on your right side for the back swing and then vis versa for the through swing. Try it 3 times and then hit a normal shot. Keep doing this until your muscle memory builds up. Also, try having your swing though at the top of the backswing to be "left shoulder low and left" - all books say you should shift your hips to the left but i find to get my left shoulder left and low is a great trasition swing thought and if the shoulder moves left an
  9. FAVORITE - Flop shot - nothing better than to hit a high flop that stops like a rock once it lands MOST DIFFICULT - 6OYARDS to the green in a bunker - seems very difficult to get it close to the pin
  10. I am a New Zealander living in London. Working for a stockbroking firm. In my bag: Tileist 907 D2 - 10.5 deg BUY YOU STIFF SHAFT Sonartech 2.25 15 deg Mizuno MP Fli Hi - 18 deg Titleist 755 3 - pw Titleist Spin milled wedges 56 deg, 60 deg Scotty Cameron Newport putter
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