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  1. Cell phone service has nothing to do with GPS reception from a dedicated GPS unit. It only affects people using cell phone golf GPS apps. Keep the GPS dude and tell your lady thanks.
  2. Hi guys. Guitar player here too. 1969 Gibson ES 175D, 1983 Gibson ES 335 DOT and 2005 Fender American Deluxe Ash.
  3. Lawyer for 26 years / Musician for 46 years.
  4. Skycaddie SGX is the best hands down in my opinion. Frequent updates and great customer support.
  5. That was my experience as well. None of the cell phone gps apps are as accurate as dedicated golf gps units. On the other hand, I have never had any accuracy issues with my Skycaddie. The phone apps are cute but that is about it. Also, the folks at Golflogix are not the best folks in the world to deal with. They tried to charge my credit card when I did not renew the subscription. I have heard good things about Golfshot but accuracy is still an issue with them as well. You can find used dedicated gps units fairly cheap. What good is a golf gps if it is 10-15 yards off? I'm just saying.
  6. None of the cell phone based gps apps are anywhere close to dedicated gps units in terms of accuracy. None. If you don't mind not having accurate yardage I guess they are fine. As for me, they will have to pry my Skycaddie SGX out of my cold dead hands.
  7. Yesterday I played my first round with my 910 D2 (RIP 60) and I am very pleased. Distance is about the same as my 907 D2 but way more forgiving. Reminds me of my 905r but longer and easier to hit consistently. For me it is a winner.
  8. I love my 32s but they can be a bit demanding when I have not played in a few days. I just put the 57s in the bag and they will probably be my primary set. I'll hold on to the MP-32s (as well as my MP-30s) for the forseeable future. They are great irons. I shot my lowest ever scores with the 32s. Maybe Mizuno will award the "signature" status or whatever it is they call stuff that the stop making but folks still want new.
  9. That sort of makes the whole thing silly to me. I think the testers must have been hungover or something this year.
  10. Favorite is a nice little flop with my 60 degree. Least is any club off hardpan over a hazard.
  11. I think the Mizuno MP-32s are the best looking current irons. In fact, in my humble opinion, Miz makes the best looking irons period.
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