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  1. Graphite Design Pershing, very solid and smooth feeling shaft. About $90. Not bad for the price.
  2. It's all about the Golf Pride Wrap Cord, so nice.
  3. I got offered $35 for a V2 on golfwrx, i think i'm gonna get that, if i dont like it i'll put the old shaft back in.
  4. Ok, when I first got my driver I bought it with the stock shaft because of my low ball flight. Now I hit my driver a little too high. I think I should get a medium launch shaft but I dont know what the shaft market is like now a days. What are the well designed medium launch shafts?
  5. 83 in my 3rd ever school tournament. Par 71, 6972 yds. 350 yd drive leading to a birdie on 18. I got 5th out of 125 players, my school teams placed 1st and second. Scoring 319 and 325. Good day today.
  6. Well that stupid statistic is wrong, I'm pretty sure I average 280 with my driver. If I only hit my driver 218 I would quit golf. Don't tell us if we are lieing, I think we all know how far we hit our clubs.
  7. Driver-285 3 wood- 245 3 iron- 215 4 iron- 205 5 iron- 195 6 iron- 185 7 iron- 170 8 iron- 155 9 iron- 145 PW- 135 52*- 120 56*- 110 60*- 110
  8. I normally hit my driver straight with a slight draw. It was my 3 wood that I hit. I normally hit that straight or a draw.
  9. No, my swing coach has me correct in that aspect, I just think it's a simple problem of alignment.
  10. Today I hit 3 drives OB because I was aligned wrong, they were perfect shots. They had no cut, no awkward ball flight. They just went straight OB to the right. This tend to happen every once and a while. What are some good alignment tips?
  11. Definately my current 3 Wood. When I hit that baby crisp and clean it feels awesome.
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