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  1. Ron

    DeChambeau's Swing

    Agreed. Well put.
  2. Ron

    DeChambeau's Swing

    Many people compare DeChambeau's swing to Moe Norman's swing. They are actually very different. I can swing like Moe Norman did and I can hit the ball. NOT well at all but I can hit it. When I look at DeChambeau's swing, it makes my back ache just looking at it. I wouldn't dare try to swing like that! (LOL) That said, it sure is working for him! It just looks so painful to me. Time will tell I guess.
  3. Ron

    DeChambeau's Swing

    Disregard. I think I lost my connection in the middle of typing.
  4. OK. It must have been something with my connection.
  5. I tried to post and it wouldn't accept anything.
  6. Ron

    DeChambeau's Swing

    Dream! To do the same thing on the Putt really makes no sense to me, but...... Whatever! 🤔
  7. Thanks RWC. You're right. Finding good golf partners is tough to begin with and only gets worse as you get older!
  8. I'm trying to find some Long Island transplant seniors to play on weekdays in the Mid Cities Area. Born in NYC and lived in Huntington my entire life. I thought maybe "Birds of a Feather." (?? LOL) I did a Vietnam tour so that will tell you my age bracket. I live in Euless and play mainly at Bear Creek because of the senior weekday rate. Have played at Grapevine and Texas Star a few times (Very nice courses) but they tend to be a bit steep for me. I know that money is not the first thing in life, but it's way ahead of whatever is in second place! 😎 Still fit and trim and still have some fuel in the tank. Played a lot of golf in my time. If there is no interest, I'll just stick with "Walk-Ons." Different world down here. 🤔
  9. I went to my Grand-daughters League Volleyball matches this morning at Fieldhouse USA in Grapevine. I got there at 7:15 AM and the weather was very pleasant. She had two matches, one at 8:00 and one at 10:00. When I went out to my car at 11:10, it felt like I was in Siberia and the wind was very strong! I can imagine it must have been very unpleasant on the Golf Course. I'm not playing until it gets over 70 degrees. No more Eskimo Golf for me. Been there done that!
  10. Dave: Good post! Back in LI, NY, as recent as a year ago, in the wintertime, if one of the guys called and asked me if I wanted to play because we were going to get a 45 degree day with no wind, I would play in a heartbeat. NOW.....Living in Texas, I won't play unless it's above 70 Degrees! (LOL) I found out that there is no such thing as your blood thinning when you move to a warmer climate. It has to do with a reduced tolerance to cold weather and the loss of insulating fat in the body. Also, let's NOT forget....Golf, regardless of your ability....is a DAMN TOUGH game!! Hopping up and down trying to stay warm, wearing gloves and heavy clothing, with your knees knocking and your teeth chattering, does not lend itself to "Pulling off a 4 Iron on your approach to a tricky pin location."
  11. Oh Boy! That's a shame. I remember that week: I went to the annual Christmas parade in Grapevine, TX on Dec 7th at 7:00 PM. (2 hour parade) My Grandaughter's 5th grade class had a float in the parade and my son was in the Father's Group that worked on the float. Because my son told me it never gets real cold in Texas, I wore a Leather Bomber Jacket because that was the heaviest coat that I had. I damned near died from "Hypothermia."
  12. 1BB: Thanks. My permanent address was in Long Island, NY for 75 years. However my father was in international business and owned homes in NY, Germany Philippines. I lived in Germany, the Philippines, Hong Kong (Saigon-Ugh- US Army, 5th SFG) in addition to NY and traveled through every state in the USA in over 45 years of working. In the above photo; Long Island, with over 13 million people, wouldn't even send out the plows for that. They would perhaps "Salt" a few back roads with that small amount. It would be gone on the L.I.E in 3 minutes during rush hour. I'm going to place the blame on my son (LOL) for not knowing how cold it gets down here. He was recruited right after graduating from Colgate and has lived in Colleyville for 30 years. He took great delight in sending us photos of everyone wearing shorts on Christmas and his birthday which is in February, and whenever I would talk to him on the phone on a Saturday in the winter, he would always end the conversation with letting me know he had to cut the lawn. I mainly visited Texas in the spring, summer, and fall. (I PLAY GOLF) The few times that I came down for Christmas, it was indeed warm!
  13. Well, I guess that explains it. I have been an extremely active person for my whole life and NOBODY looks at me and believes I'm 76! (LOL) I'd be willing to bet that you are trim and fit.
  14. I have not experienced an ice storm yet, and what you have written is absolutely correct. What most people from the north want to escape is SNOW & ICE! I'm sure there must be a valid reason, but may I ask why one would choose to "Go Hiking" in a canyon carrying a gallon jug of water in 110 degree+ temperatures? I understand that people do the running of the bulls in Spain, climb Mt Everest, and sky dive, but.....Those types of activities would not appeal to me either.
  15. Thanks Par Fore, I appreciate the post. You're a hard worker. I respect that. I'm a good player but at my age, I need it warmer. I'll wait.
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