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  1. i thought it was more like a frying pan on a stick.... i played with a guy who had a 37cc titliest driver, and it sounded great
  2. i wasn't his biggest fan, but there is no denying what he did as a coach and announcer. so i bid him farewell
  3. i'm not upset that i don't have one. i use my money and technology on things i enjoy like music software. so for me, personally, an iphone is not important. but for some people they are really cool and practical, which is also cool. for me, i just don't need one. so i'll do myself a favor and get what i know i will use
  4. that is a great idea, but it just BEGS for sandbaggers
  5. i'm 15 and i agree. there are better things technology and money can be used on. my generation will have the strongest fingers. but when i'm bored and on my friends i use the Ocarina and Virtual Bible
  6. i'll agree with the first and last, but he had the burn carried by a ton, he just hit the gate. but that was pretty damn lucky yesterday. although couples may be a little luckier
  7. it may seem dumb, but it does leave the grey out of the area. although the rules can be quite vague at times.
  8. do the opposite of kenny perry ;) jk, props to him, good guy. but make smart club choices. don't attempt a hero shot on a par four when a lay-up and chip gives you a good shot at par
  9. 3. do not hit a driver on 18 when there are bunkers in reach on the left and you always, always draw your drives.
  10. Bloodshot by The Youngblood Brass Band
  11. i think i can compete. i'm not the best player by far, but i usually won't be shooting over a 44, and our teams are really good.
  12. i only posted here because i though maybe some people would have had the same experience with something and would have some helpful insight. and i do play in 3 bands, plus sitting in for choir concerts etc, practice for at least an hour every night, etc. not saying i can compete with all the people trying to get into julliard and stuff, but i do think i have enough passion. i think i've decided to rebook all of my lessons that i teach for sunday afternoons before band rehearsals, so i can play golf, keep one lesson a week, play golf on saturdays with friends and my dad, and still be able t
  13. i am currently a sophomore, and played on the golf team last year. i wasn't great, but got better. i want to play JV again this year but i don't think i can. golf is very relaxing for me, but i know it will never be more than recreation. i started too late and have other interests my problem: golf practice is every week monday through thursday after school, with matches on some weekdays (during school) and fridays after school. i've been playing drums for 7 years, teach lessons, compose a little, and participate in marching band (won every competition last year). my weekly schedule
  14. as the economy is bad, we decided to go to hawaii instead. all of the flights and hotels on points as my dad travels for work.
  15. i think the steelers defense is way to good to lose. the cards offense is very one dimensional, and the secondary will jump those routes
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