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  1. I am thinking of getting my hybrids reshafted with these shafts. They are relatively a cheap shaft. Anyone have experience with these shafts? Everything i have read on them makes them sound like a quality shaft for the price.
  2. My irons are perfectly fine. Then again they are being shipped at the moment with stiff steel shafts. As i said before i was thinking getting them reshafted with ust irod shafts, would this be a decent shaft? Is there also anyway to possibly just "open up" the clubface. Whether that be with set up or actually bending the head or something.
  3. Recently i have been hooking my hybrids a great deal. So much that i have taken laying up with a 5 iron on Par 5's opposed to going for them in 2 with my 2 hybrid. I was told a while ago that with hybrids if you stand further away like you would with a wood they have the lower penetrating flight and go further and when standing closer like an iron the act like that. It seemed to work but recently when i set up like a wood i just hit a massive hook. Any comments or ideas to straighten me out. I love hitting my hybrids so im not getting rid of them. May i also state that the shafts are regular and everything else i have is stiff... should i get them reshafted? I was thinking ust irod shafts.
  4. I work at a golf course and new footjoy catalog, price list and such came in the other day. I looked through it and there wasn't a brand new shoe or anything in it. Atleast not that i noticed. It seemed to be mainly the same stuff that is already out there.
  5. Ive been in the rough around the green and from about 30 or 40 yards out. Throw it about 5 to 10 feet short, 1 hop and then nuzzles up right next to the hole.
  6. I placed an order about 2 weeks ago for three new vokey cc wedges. Everyone said not to worry about the new grooves but i figured what the heck ill try it out, espectially if my new irons will have the new grooves. I'd like to keep everything the same. Two out of the three wedges arrived the other day. Here is my look on them. First off, I don't think anyone could give me a better 100 yard club, the 56* is perfect from that distance. The 60 is magic for short pitches, chips, and even the flopadopalous. These wedges definatly do hit the ball higher and i absolutly love it. Every shot i have played with them seems to spin to my liking. Never more than 3 hops and if you play it right it stops dead. I don't like pulling the ball back so this is perfect. I must note that i never had a "good" wedge before this so one that has played vokeys or other wedges with "zip" grooves may see a difference but i absolutly love them and I would say take the "challange" and play the new grooves. P.S. How can i edit my signature so it shows these wedges I cant figure it out. :/
  7. Well ive beginning to think for short sided bunker shots the 60.04 will be dandy. Also the 60 will for be those nice touch chip shots around the green. Probably only about to 20 30 yards. After that i would use the 56 that is bent to 55 for longer bunker shots and longer chips. Does that sound good? I really do like how the 60 sets up on the ground. The grind on it is just beatuiful. The demo has already worked some magic around the green. I will have to readjust though because i got the CC vokeys.
  8. Since i work at a golf course the pro let me send an email to the Titleist rep to order 3 vokeys. I got 50.08. 56.11 bent to 55 and then 60.04. Upon playing with the 60.04 demo one more time i feel that i am sliding under the ball a bit too much and then in the sand i am taking too much sand. Does this mean i need more bounce? If so do you think i could send another email today and change it? or do you think it is too late?
  9. I am going to be purchasing 3 vokeys here soon. I really like hitting hard down on the back of the ball. I like feeling the contact not swooping it off the ground. Does this make me a "digger"? Should i want lots of bounce? I hit a 54.08 ("slider club") It felt like i slid right under it and the ball cover shavings were very high on the clubface.
  10. I believe Sun Mountain makes Titliest bags. I have a Sun Mountain superlight slx i believe and i love it! They also have a 3.5 lb bag too. I liked the Sun Mountain diveder set up better than the titleist. I'd def check out Sun Mountain.
  11. I don't believe there is a difference in the chrome and non-chrom finishes in terms of spin. Go to Titleist.com or Google "Vokey wedges" and go to vokeys actual website. It has a whole glossary on there of terms that are wedge related. You can find it all there.
  12. Does the yardages im planning on using the wedges for make sense and seem easily playable? And i will use the 58 out of the sand. Its all mental that i can't use the 54.
  13. I currently play 2 wedges. A 48* pw and a 56* sand wedge. I play that pw for shots anywhere from 125 to about 70 yrds. The sw i play from about 60 and in. I really don't like taking a full swing with a sw because i always seem to thin it or something silly. With an upgrade wanted/needed i am considering 3 wedges. The 50* pw that comes with the ap1's. This would be for about 115-80 i think. Sound good? Then move to a 54* wedge that would be nice for anything from about 80 down to almost 40 yds. Then use the 58 for anything 30 yrds and in along with bunker play. I don't really know what bounce options i should get though. Im thinking the universal "either" bounce from vokey. I demoed a "slider" vokey and felt i did just that, slide under the ball. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.
  14. I play a 23* and 17* degree gap and have nice distance gap two. The key is knowing how to control your distance with hybrids. I was instructed when you want to play it like a hybrid stand closer to the ball and hit down on it and when u want distance back off and swoop it and bomb it. With theses swing i can alter my 23* anywhere from about 200-215 then the 17* from about 220-235. I really like having to pick a club and deciding how to hit it to get the ball to do what i want it too.
  15. Im thinking 50, 54, 58. The 50 degree will be the wedge that comes with the ap1 set i believe and then 54 and 58 vokey. I like to open up the 56 face so why not just get a 58 instead. Also the wedge i demoed was for the "slider" swing. And i felt i was doing just that, sliding right under the ball. Does this mean i am a "digger" or should ijust get the one for "either"? Now i just need to decide whether to get the cc vokeys or the normal. I know i know, don't worry about the grooves but if my irons have the diff grooves why not covert all at once. Adapt, improvise, and overcome is my philosophy. Might as well learn how it all works now.
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