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  1. What shaft flex are you using? Where are you placing the ball in your stance? Have you tried slowing your swing down a bit?
  2. Youve got a very short choppy stroke. Id suggest slowing it down maybe a bit.
  3. Anyone have any helpful input? Much obliged.
  4. My balance blows on two or three of those.
  5. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 Years with alittle consistancy tho not as often lately due to having a child. My current handicap index or average score is: My average score is about a 90-95 My typical ball flight is: I hit my irons very high and I like to keep my drives fairly low if possible with a fade . The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: My long irons. I dont get much distance on my 3 and 4 irons despite being able to drive from 270-300 yards when hitting the ball well. Sorry for no shirt. It was 95 out and I was messing aro
  6. Looking to see what everyones swing speed is on average with the big stick. I am 5'10 170lbs and according to my local golf equipment dealer and they clocked me regularly between 95-105. Post your averages here!
  7. Whats the difference between the 09 Burner and 2.0?
  8. Thinking about investing in one. Read some reviews. Any of you have stories about them? The newer orange ones.
  9. Are Normal drivers. Or others I should say not closed? Do you think that 1 degree could be why I am often pushing my ball left to right? That inner spin rotates it right.
  10. Lol. Well Im thinking about getting a new driver. Im currently using a 09' Burner with a stiff shaft. I hit around 220-270 ish on avg. I tend to push the ball to my right usually ( Im righty) . Somedays I can control it enough to play my drive as a fade. Should I go with a extra stiff shaft to maybe straighten it out slightly? Im about 5'11 170 with a baseball background (Dead Pull Hitter) so its hard for me to not turn on the ball. Any advice on the topic would be great. Club ideas also. Thanks.
  11. Anytime? No one on my shift plays. Looking for anyone who may wanna go out and shoot a round.
  12. Well when I have a blow up hole I then remember I usually shoot low 90's. Therefor realistically im not at all a good golfer so it makes sense.
  13. I cant for the life of me hit irons at the driving range. I dont know if its the lack of any real thing to aim at or what. But its real aggravating. I think I actually try to swing to hard because of the lack of something.
  14. I went to the range the other night to warm up for a next morning tee time. I felt completly lost with just about every club in my bag. I literally couldent hit any shot. The next morning I actually went out and shot a 88 which for me is pretty good. I was making most of my shots comfortably. Its seems weird. The range troubles me sometime.
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