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  1. agreed. carried ping hoofer's all through high school and college and they are great stand bags. there is a reason they are the #1 amateur and junior golf bag brand
  2. for me its all about the look and feel of the putter. the look has to not only fit my eye, but it has inspire confidence (a SC futura putter for example, doesnt in my opinion). as i prefer a more traditional/minimalist look to my clubs (obvious based on the clubs i use in my signature...), many of the classic SC and ping putters are usually to my liking. beyond the look, the feel is the ultimate piece that has to be there. the key there is that the feel is always going to be a personal deal. while i like the looks of the new ping putter's (started playing years ago with anser's), and their att
  3. yeah i really like the 585 series (and more so the new hybrids overall) now that i've gotten the chance to playtest one a bit... i was a little skeptical before, but now i definitely can see the benefit of having one (vs my old 2 iron/5 wood/4th wedge swap spot). in fact now my concern is less on whether or not to carry the hybrid, but on how my short game is going to respond to the change (went from 48-52-56-60 with an old iron set to 47-52-58 now). i have been leaning towards the 17° simply because the loft and shaft length differences make it just that much more viable as a "driving iron
  4. I know that ultimately this is just going to depend on preference + distance gaps in an individual player's set, but i'm currently shopping for a hybrid (have a buddy's 19° in my bag) and wanted to get some feedback. right now i'm more looking specifically @ the 17° & 19° titleist's.
  5. i think my signature answers this one ;)
  6. i'm struggling with the same thing: as you can see i went the 52-58 route rather than the 54/58 (or 60) the hybrid i have in my bag now is a friends. dont know whether i should get a 17 or 19 deg... thoughts?
  7. i like the idea of dropping the pw from the iron set for the vokey. if my 47-52-58 experiment doesnt work for me (used to have 48-52-56-60... see below), i think my next attempt would be to try a vokey 48 degree pitching wedge.
  8. amking

    The Wedge Game

    woah. what set had a 43.5 deg PW?
  9. i just dont want that big thing sticking out of my golf bag
  10. lol, if i'm forced to admit it, thats me to a T.
  11. amking

    The Wedge Game

    agreed. The Evolution of Iron Lofts my current setup is 47/52/58. the 52 is great from the fairway for me and also a good greenside chipper/bump and run. i used to do 4 wedges (48/52/56/60), but with hybrids coming around to the mainstream with some good options available (and taking the spot of my old 2 iron/5 wood/4th wedge swap spot), i'm going to try that route for now and drop one wedge. only problem is i'm starting to view the pitching wedge in my titleist 735's as just a 10 iron... which would put me at only 2 wedges
  12. agreed. only times i've had a caddy were in the city and state amateurs as a teenager. they are cool, but as an amateur/junior golfer @ the time, you do it all yourself anyway.... lol, and sometimes the advice turns into an argument
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