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  1. That pretty much sums it up right there.
  2. Hmbre97

    Got HDTV?

    That was the first thing I bought when my wife and I bought our house last year. Picked up a 50" Sony SXRD Bravia set. HD programming is definitely FTW.
  3. Just picked up a center shafted Yes! Tiffany and am loving it so far.
  4. No, it would be an eagle. He was hitting the second shot from the rough. 300 yd drive plus 300 yd cut around the dog leg = on the green in two. I think he mentioned the B players shot just to emphasize that they had a good 3rd shot opportunity so he went for it instead.
  5. You have to upload the photo to a hosting site on the web.
  6. 1. Star Ranch - Hutto, TX 2. Adult Male 3. $400/yr (unlimited range access, free access to all clinics, half price twilight green fees)
  7. I'm really liking my new SK Fiber shafts; especially the Tour Trac 80. Almost wish I would have put one in my driver.
  8. I haven't really played any courses in the area since moving here but I joined up at Star Ranch in Hutto. It's a pretty nice course and the price is right. I also played at Tera Vista. Nice course but not for what they're charging. FYI, Star Ranch has a deal called the Star Players Club. $34 a month gets you unlimited range/practice facility access, free access to all of the clinics, and cheap twilight rates ($12 after 2pm, includes cart). It's on my way home from work so I stop just about everyday to practice my short game. Best money spent golf wise ever for me.
  9. Here's a pic showing the difference between the tour chrome and the black nickel for anyone interested. I prefer the black nickel finish but the tour chrome is very nice also.
  10. I would suggest a 50 degree gap wedge. The pitching wedge in your iron set is a very strong 45 degrees . That's a huge gap to have when you get within a 100 yds or so. Personally, my gap wedge is my go to club around the green. Only times I use my sand or lob wedge is for flop shots that are absolutely neccesary.
  11. I just got rid of my Callaway XTT Xtra-Lite. I just wasn't happy with the strap system and only having 3 full length dividers sucked because I'm fanatical about keeping my grips clean and slightly tacky and they would always stick together and get tangled. I replaced it with a Callaway Warbird Hot. I love the divider system and the bag only weighs a pound or so more than my XTT.
  12. I shot 4 over today..... after 2 holes. I guess I didn't stretch enough and my swing felt funky hitting my warm up bucket. I kept pushing everything right. 3 lost balls right on 2 holes and something finally let go in my lower back on the 3rd hole. Felt like such a loser going back to the clubhouse but didn't want to hurt it anymore trying to push it for another 15 holes.
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