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  1. The hardest records tiger will have to beat is his own. Given that Id like to see Tiger be at the top of the pga tour statistics in driving accuracy.
  2. The Open face allows highly skilled professionals to square up the face at higher swing speeds producing maximum workability.
  3. I would love to play Loch Lomond across the Pond
  4. Nothing bugs me more than when a high handicapper uses a high priced ball like a pro v1...in this month's golf magazine Stuart Appleby has a great quote---"Amateurs tend to overestimate clubhead speed with the driver. So they may overpurchase a ball that's a bit better than their capabilities and won't suit their real needs."
  5. I prefer steel. However I have an 85 gram Fujikara TP rombax graphite shaft in my Taylormade Rescue TP 19 degree hybrid. A heavier graphite shaft is perfect for a hybrid. It keeps the ball from balooning and is easier to control the trajectory
  6. I play Cleveland Tour Chrome 588 56 and 60 degrees--two wedges is what most tour players prefer---but if i had three wedges they would be 53 57 and 61 degrees respectfully
  7. Ive always felt that these stats were kind of ovrrrated in a way just because a major stat on the pga tour is Scrambling. You see day in and day out that the top guys on tour --all chip the ball fairly well. A great wedge game pays dividends for a poor iron and putting game. To me Scrambling is the X factor
  8. I agree with you. I also want to turn back the clock a few years and say that Titleist's best driver ever made was the 983K...That club on center hits to me is longer than any other club ive hit today. I know that it was only 363cc but in my opinion that was titleists single best club theyve ever made. It was just soo solid and very very long. Im just surprised I don't see it in more players bags at oakmont.
  9. The 907d2 is a great driver. I like it because it feels "solid". It is a fairly forgiving club--its not nearly as forgiving as a Cobra F- Speed--but i would say that the d2 is about the same forgiveness as a TaylorMade r7 Superquad in my humble opinion.
  10. ive heard that the Tour Burner is lighter. Also The Tour Burner Tp comes with a Whiteboard as well--thats a major upgrade
  11. Yea I know..Its cool to see that the ball has zero sidespin whenevever the pros launch the ball. I love how the launch comes off low and then all of a sudden the ball drops. That tells you something..The pros hit the ball off of the very top part of the grooves on the irons and wedges. Thats very hard to do because you have to make the perfect strike just because of the bounce angle of the iron or wedge .
  12. Its 1.99 here in the great city of Pittsburgh
  13. I would switch. I would recommend a stiffer lightweight shaft. Something with less torque could help you to reduce shaft twisting.
  14. A lower ball flight. A lower ball flight is more controllable and you can calibrate your distances better. Ive went to PGA Tour events and most of the pros --check this out--all most every single one on tour hits their driver really high and their irons really low--so thats what i would aim for if i were you..
  15. In the new WedgeWorks on the vokey website--- Will Bob Vokey offer custom bounce options so that higher skilled players like me will have the ability to have a wedge with intermediate bounce options like 7 9 and 11...??
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