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  1. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    It's about fast twitch muscles and proper technique. People consider me to be long off the tee. I am also a fairly big guy. I was a high school and college athlete and I was a workout machine in my younger days benching over 350lbs at one time. I don't think it is my strength that allows me to hit a ball as far as I do, I am just naturally built to do it. As a college baseball player I was a power hitter and I had excellent arm strength. I was not, however, all that fast. When I started playing golf I naturally hit the ball farther than most, when I made decent contact that is. My length actually increased as my overall strength diminished as I stopped lifting, but my golf abilities increased. I hit the ball just as far or farther today as I did 15 years ago because I make better contact, I am certainly not stronger than I was 15 years ago. I also believe, as @sharpljp stated that bigger chested, stockier physique, heavier players have ever so slightly different mechanics from our more slightly built peers. At least I do, my swing is not what you would call traditional, but it works alright for me.
  2. Skins Game Question

    It was mildly off topic at best. This post, on the other hand, is highly . See the difference.
  3. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    Perhaps on undulating greens maybe, I cannot see how on a relatively flat green a difference of one or two feet will even be noticable. Its negligible at best.
  4. Skins Game Question

    The only truly fair way to play any game is to give no more than a couple strokes and play someone whose game is closely matched to yours. Once you get above a stroke a side things get iffy. The GHIN handicap system does its best, but if you think its actually a way for people with a large difference in index to play a match you are mistaken. The first problem with the GHIN system is the human factor. People don't follow the rules for inputting scores or just blatantly cheat. Second, even if everybody inputted their scores completely and correctly, a large difference in index means the players have much different chances of shooting good or bad scores. Lower handicaps are more consistent whereas a higher handicap could shoot 10 over or 10 under their handicaps on any given day.
  5. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    What I don't understand is the decline in enjoyment with faster greens. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I love faster greens. I hope the greens keeper at my home course doesn't see this article, you already have to take a full backswing on a 10' putt on our greens.
  6. Golf Goggles/Glasses

    First this ^^^^ Then, if you still need glasses, Oakley makes prescription lenses, the director of golf and one of the pros at my course use them while playing golf.
  7. Go to the side of the range farthest from where you buy balls. People are inherently lazy, their need to be lazy will override their need to be next to you.
  8. Being a great player does not automatically make someone a student of the game. Gary Player’s job was to win golf tournaments not teach golf. Not to mention he is from the generation that preached short game. We are armed with more knowledge than they had back then. We know, as the data irrefutably shows, that short game is not the most important part of the game. Like all new ideas it takes some time to convince people of its validity. Unfortunately some people are extremely close minded. Change is hard.
  9. I have to agree with @iacas when it comes to teaching short game, It's not hard. I have been teaching junior lessons in the summer for 12 years. We can get young kids, who have never picked up a golf club, fairly proficient at chipping and putting in a couple of days.
  10. I believe and @iacas will correct me if I am wrong, but it's all about perception. Someone hits a poor tee shot, chunks an iron then blades another iron over the green, then hits a poor chip and three putts and blames the 7 on their short game being bad. I have done the same thing hit a bad approach shot leaving myself an impossible 60 foot putt, and then I blame my putter for the resulting three-putt. Its ridiculous! Short games are the ugly stepchildren of golf, they get all the blame and none of the love!
  11. When is it too cold to golf?

    My wife said it was snowing in Denver?
  12. Favorite Commericals

    Still my favorite. Bob Uecker is the best!
  13. I don't think either book says that, they just show that it's not AS important as many thought it was. People don't want to beat you up, but since the owner of this site wrote Lowest Score Wins you will find a majority of the people who post on here are enlightened to the facts in this particular subject. Well I hope you change your mind, it's a good site, just don't be close minded. We are all on here to learn.
  14. Does Sports (Golf) Teach Life Lessons?

    You Win! And the post of the day (or yesterday) goes to...
  15. @Oskar and @joro the statistics speak for themselves. Lowest Score Wins and Every Shot Counts have done the research. Being close minded to new ideas just because you've always heard the opposite is just silly. People used to think the earth was flat, thats pretty much been proven false as well. The books mentioned above fly in the face of traditional golf wisdom, yes, but when the data so significantly points in a certain direction you should pay attention. I guess what I am saying is you are going to get beat up a bit on this site if you come in with the whole "short game is everything" idea, because its been proven that its not. Give one of the two books a read, if you do so with an open mind you might be surprised because they both have good information in them that will help your game.

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