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  1. Ahhh the vanity handicap. I've never understood those guys. Play off a zero handicap and have a difficult time breaking 80. The reason no one cares is they basically donate to the prize pool. All the actual low handicappers aren't going to complain we know these guys aren't going to play well enough to beat us and their money makes the purse bigger. There used to be a couple of guys at my course that would play in the Club Championship in the championship flight every year. The only thing I asked is not to be paired with them so I didn't have to spend the entire round searching for balls. They never broke 80, the winning scores were under par. As a low handicap I can tell you I have 1 score in the 80s in the last 5 or so years. That was on a course I've never played after a big layoff. Things have to be going really wonky for a plus handicap to shoot 8-10 strokes over par. That or if they are playing a really difficult course, although hell I even shot 76 at Pinehurst no 2 the first time I played it.
  2. I've been fighting the driver big time lately and had my worst round of the year yesterday 75 (+3). Came out today and after a couple poor drives I finally found something and played really well. Shot 67 (-5). Bogeyed the last two holes though dang it! Just lost concentration.
  3. This coyote and her buddy hang out on the other end of the driving range where I work. When I practice in the mornings they sit and watch. Pretty cool really.
  4. I PLAY golf for a few reasons. Competition- I love to compete it's a big part of who I am. Challenge- It's fun to have something to work at and try to improve. I get a lot of satisfaction when I play well knowing I put in a lot of work to get here. Exercise- Playing 18 holes walking at my course burns about 2000 calories. Camaraderie- Many of my friends I have made on the golf course.
  5. Selling my Golf Buddy Voice 2. Like new barely used. Includes mico-USB charging cable. $55 shipped. PM if interested.
  6. Oh there's DRAMA for sure! It's actually kind of funny, these people have no idea so they show up late for tee times and throw fits when we can't get them out. Today it was so packed not a single open tee time from 6:30am until 6:00pm and we have 27 holes! Some poor guy waited two hours to get on as a single. We get yelled at, cussed at, you name it. My daughter was the starter today and some guy paid for his green fee but didn't bother to check in until 16 minute past his time and threw a complete hissy fit when he was told he was out of luck. 2) We are a poor city in a poor state. Hard to support many private clubs. CC and ACC have initiation fees. I have no idea what they are right now. I heard from someone ACC was $8000 initiation and $500 a month but I don't know if thats accurate. @FlyingAce might know the cost for Canyon Club if they checked out becoming members. Tanoan is not a bad course. Some buddies of mine became members a couple years ago and the initiation was waived and it was like $300 a month April-August and $175 September-March. I mean that's cheap. They ran into the same issue though as Ace did, they couldn't get decent tee times. Being a poor city helps keep greens fees down though, because a course can quickly price themselves out of a lot of peoples budgets if they get too high. I mean the average yearly income for an individual here is just a hair over $25,000. 3) We have a huge crime problem here. It's pretty bad. Albuquerque is all about where you live. There are really nice areas, but there are more bad areas. Property crime is really bad. I've had my car broken into several times. My mom's car got stolen out of my driveway in February, and I live in a really nice area.
  7. The course where I work has a hotdog special on Wednesdays. $35 gets you cart, green fee, small bucket, hotdog and a drink. Its an f@$king madhouse of people who have no idea how to play golf. For that reason I just practice on Wednesdays. We have 3 Private clubs in Albuquerque, the best being the Canyon Club IMHO. Really nice course, a few years ago they ran some specials for about $500 a month. I've heard that increased. Albuquerque Country Club is nice but old. It's a short tree lined course. They let the membership get so old there that they had to start running specials because they were running out of members. An under 35 membership at ACC now is like $250 a month. Tanoan is a glorified muni, it's an okay course, but they have way too many members because its cheap. There is a really nice private course in Santa Fe called Las Campanas, but it's quite expensive. As far as Paako is concerned, I think it's overrated. I mean it's a nice course, but at $200 a round, give me a break. Also, they must be paying someone off at Golf Digest to stay ranked ahead of Las Campanas because it's not as good. Additionally, you can play some pretty darn nice courses around here for about $50. The pueblos have some great courses like Twin Warriors and Sandia GC and the University course is really good, always in perfect shape, and you can walk it for $35.
  8. 69 (-3) today. Fought the driver most of the day. Stood up on #18 and hit the best drive of the day right up the left side. Get down there and my ball is gone. Nowhere to be found. I end up taking a double bogey. So irritated, on that hole you can't see the landing area, someone had to have swiped it, there is literally no where for it to go.
  9. I am finished! Finally birdied the par 3 16th hole at my course. FWIW I have also eagled all the Par 5s this year as well.
  10. I have checked off 17 holes on the challenge. Strangely enough the only hole I have not checked off is the par 3 16th hole which happens to be the #18 handicap hole. I am playing quite a bit, so I will get it sooner or later. I have now eagled 5 different holes as well.
  11. At $200 a round, I imagine you'll have the place to yourself most of the time.
  12. You have to call or be there in person.
  13. Arroyo is really busy we fill up with tee times very quickly. We are taking tee times 7 days in advance, if you don't call within the first few hours the morning times are gone. We are going every 12 minutes. We were doing 15 minutes but switched a few weeks ago. Need a time? I can get you one if you tell me early enough.
  14. I can't think of a material less conducive to playing golf in comfort than denim. I started this thread some 12 years ago, and something I have never understood is why people wouldn't want to dress in golf attire as it's made for golf. You look good and the clothing you are wearing is specifically designed for the activity you are partaking in. It's a win-win.
  15. I play a lot of golf and divot holes have never been much of an issue. I answered 1-2 times a year, but I really can't remember the last one I was in. At the course where I play I would say just general bad lies happen much more often. We play it down most of the time and I get a bare lie in the fairway probably once every other round, especially in late winter and early spring. You play it as it lies, it makes you a better player in the end. As far as all the whiners out there that complain about how unfair the rules are, Its the same people that probably complain about anything that doesn't go their way. Get over it, life is tough, wear a cup.
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