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  1. So soccer (6.5) has a higher hand eye coordination score than golf (6.0)? Umm anyone see an issue with that?
  2. The cool thing about light snacks are that you can eat them while walking....like down the fairway for instance. I would also suggest maybe adding some form of exercise to your weekly routine if you cannot complete 18 holes in a row without fatigue setting in. I am a 50 year old fat guy, and I have no problem what-so-ever walking 18. As far as dehydration is concerned, if you're only drinking during the turn, that's your issue. You should never become dehydrated because you should be hydrating the entire round.
  3. Different countries may have different thoughts on this, I don't know. On every golf course I have ever played in the US, it is considered a big no-no to stop more than a few minutes between nines. Heck, a lot of courses only have half way houses that sell quick bites for that exact reason. To be honest, I am not sure why you would want to stop and have a meal between nines. You tighten up, you lose focus, it would just screw up the whole vibe. There's plenty of time to get a beer and a sandwich after the round.
  4. Nothing like reviving a 12 year old topic. To answer the OP, it's considered bad form to stop for more than a few minutes at the turn. In fact the course where I work if you stop for longer than 5 minutes you lose your spot and we give you a rain check for the back 9. You have to realize that you can't just work your way back in after you lose your place. How would you like it if some group just decided to jump in in front of you as you make the turn? Not cool. I myself might grab a quick drink or a banana at the turn, I never grab anything heavy. Most of my summer rounds are compl
  5. Sorry Actually 3 different actors (from left to right) Arsenio Hall, Eddie Murphy, and Clint Smith. Although Eddie Murphy does play the old man who is just hanging out in the shop as well. To answer the OP, like everyone has said It totally depends on need. Do you need another club to fill another need more often? I know a lot of people would benefit from another hybrid or fairway wood over a 4th wedge. Also @onthehunt526 your home course only has 1 bunker?
  6. Interesting, the drop off on driving is obviously no surprise because, unfortunately, as you age that ball just doesn't go as far. Those 25 year olds don't have all those aches and pains (ahhh to be 25 again). The big drop off in driving doesn't begin until after 40 though, also not a shock. The putting is something I have always wondered about. Why does putting suffer as we get older? I wouldn't think something as simple as the putting stroke would suffer that much with age. Do the nerves wear out? Why do so many older guys end up with claw grips and the like? This is a little depr
  7. @Bucki1968 How busy is your course? If this schedule greatly impacted my access to golf I would be irritated as well.
  8. Two weeks to aerate? Seems like an exorbitant amount of time. My course has 27 holes, and closes down each 9 for one day to aerate the fairways and top dress the greens twice a year. So each 9 is closes 2 days a year.
  9. Sometimes we don't have a choice. The course I've been play at for 20 years decided to go all net scoring. It was that or just stop playing, which is what finally happened. Seems odd to me that someone wouldn't care about winning...why play then? No people that make the biggest fuss are people who just get tired of shooting the lowest score but not ever winning. You may not realize it, but it sucks. Shooting a really good score and not even getting a sniff of the prize money. You'll have to tell me how vanity handicapping is a bigger issue. Personally, I love those guys
  10. Very true, I agree with what you're saying. The issue is when you combine the sandbagging with the fact that higher handicaps have a much better chance of shooting a score below their handicap in the first place, what you end up with is guys like myself getting our asses kicked...a lot. It's just frustrating, it a bitter pill to swallow when you watch a guy you beat by 7 strokes take home winnings when you are left empty handed. Fortunately, I have found an association on the other side of town where a lot of guys like myself have ended up. They pay a gross flight in every tournament. It
  11. Handicaps have to be peer reviewed. So there should be a handicap committee or at least a handicap chairman. I have the same issue, and its driven me out of my association I played in for 20 years. I simply cannot compete because they pay only net, and I am often in a flight with guys that have 6-7 handicaps. The final straw was when they started making me play as a +2. For 20 years guys with plus handicaps played as a 0 in tournaments. It leveled the field a little so I could at least compete. The last tournament I played in, I played really well and shot 67 gross. They added 2 st
  12. Oh most definitely my issue is with sandbaggers, you get tired of playing pretty well and just getting killed...but thats for another thread. I will click on your eclub link, that sounds like a good deal.
  13. Been a LONG time since my first year, but I was around a 10 or so after the first year. I worked pretty hard on my game during that time. I know I broke 80 during a tournament my first year playing tournaments which was the second year playing golf.
  14. It's $60 at my course, although I am no longer a member. The benefits you receive: GHIN handicap index You can play in the club events and get sandbagged to death (the reason I am no longer a member) When the USGA switched to the new World Handicap, it killed me because I quickly became a +1 or +2. I decided I was better off just letting my GHIN expire and playing in groups as a 0.
  15. Shot 69 today, only missed one green and that was by a couple of feet. Putter has been letting me down big time as I had three 3-putts. This was my second round in a row that my ball striking has been superb and my putter hasn't.
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