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  1. I play or practice 5+ days a week May-August. I do it by getting up at the crack of dawn. I can play 18 holes and practice for 30-45 minutes and still be home before 10:00am. My family sometimes doesn't even know I went to the course. I also get in some good practice time both on and off the course in the late afternoons if nothing else is going on. Working at a golf course helps a lot, and so does living right next to it. Sometimes I'll have an hour or so to kill and head over, grab a cart, run out, find an open hole, and practice on the course. It beats sitting watching TV.
  2. Had a pair of 71s (-1) this weekend on my first two rounds of 2020. Hit the ball well but really struggled on the front both days due to the greens being frozen solid. The two rounds I was combined 5 over on the front and 7 under on the back once the greens thawed. I did get to check off 10 holes on the Birdie Challenge though and picked up my first two eagles of the season.
  3. NM Golf

    PGA Show 2020

    Some of the fat guys I know with beer bellies would never get a good read. Their belts are a mess. 😜 $199 for something thats not even legal seems like a stretch to me. And if you are using it to practice your reads there are free iPhone apps that do the same thing.
  4. We had a couple old punching bags, and we also took soft toss with flat basketballs filled with a little sand. That would ring the hands a little I tell you.
  5. We used to use something similiar when I played baseball in college. I am not sure how it would extend to golf. I've never seen anyone use something like that, I am afraid I would snap the shaft of the club.
  6. Finally got on the course this weekend. Got in two rounds with 8 birdies and 2 eagles checked off my list. I had 6 birdies and an eagle today. Only repeats were I eagled a par 5 that I birdied on Saturday and I birdied 18 both days. Don’t know when I’ll be able to get out again though.
  7. The kid I sold my irons to kept them for a couple years and the paint fills were still good when he got rid of them. He played a lot too. I would imagine they would last as long as a normal paint fill would, several seasons. I mean it is a permanent thing, its not designed to wear out.
  8. I did mine in bright red and it looked pretty cool. I almost didn't want to sell them. I've considered doing it to my current sets over the years, but just never got around to it. One color doesn't wear off faster than another as they are all acrylic paint and set in the grooves of the number. Just pick a color you can see.
  9. It's not that hard, I did this about 10 years ago with a set of Titleist blades before I sold them.
  10. If you want to put the time in you can change the paint color on your irons. Here is a video on how to do it. Black sharpie will come off.
  11. I agree we visit Orlando a lot and you can be just about anywhere in the city and throw a rock to the nearest golf course. They are everywhere.
  12. Little spoiled, as the course where I work and play most of my golf is 5 minutes from my house. There are several courses I play that are 30-45 minutes away though. I have even driven 3 hours each way to play a good course in Northern NM.
  13. Having this "secret" list and whatnot just smacks of yet another weak attempt to curb slow play without actually ever having to hand out a penalty or really even deal with the issue. If the PGA Tour really wanted to curb slow play and were willing to actually penalize players in the process, then they would come up with a strong POP policy. A policy that would not only allow officials to penalize slow players, it would expect them to.
  14. Very competitive. After all one of the reasons I play golf is to compete. Obviously, not every one of my rounds is for money, but even when I don't play for money there is a good bit if competitive fire and shit talking going on. When we play for money its normally skins, greenies, and robins. If you have a great day you may walk away $20 richer and vice versa.
  15. I keep wanting to give Patrick Reed the benefit of the doubt, but I just cannot anymore. He is a man child, nothing more. His repeated behavior on and off the course just smacks of an immaturity that shouldn't be present in a man turning 30 this year. He reminds me of my children when they were 2 or 3. The pouting, the whining, the cheating, enough is enough. Grow up, take your balls away from that nut job of a wife you have, and start making some mature decisions in your life.
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