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  1. I had the opportunity to play Pinehurst no. 2 for free which was pretty incredible. I even made birdie on the par 3 15th hole, which if you do so with a caddie you get a little gold coin that says 2 on 2. The memorabilia in the clubhouse at Pinehurst was impressive as well. Like I said I played for free, but I would have paid to play it once.
  2. And no doubt they appreciated you chiming in, I am sure they were just walking around aimlessly until you showed up. Not sure why anyone would pay $500 and then want to run around the course in 2.5 hours. Its the one place I would want to have the chance to stop and take some pictures and take in the sights. My father has played there and said it was great. It's all relative whether or not you think its worth $500. Among american courses its royalty and one of the only one of those types of courses us regular folk can play. I think it's worth it, I will get there one day I hope, it's on my to do list once I retire. But then again, I know a lot of people that want to or have gone to Scotland and play the Old Course. I have no desire what so ever to do that. Dreary, rainy, cold, not to mention the cost to get there and stay there is far more expensive than Pebble. Again relative, concerning taste you cannot argue.
  3. Dude it was a shank, El Hosel, the laterals, hosel rocket. Not sure why you seem to think you are 100% correct, because the player is the only guy who knows for sure. I've done that several times before, open the face, try and pop it out and crack... hello Mr. Hosel.
  4. A bunker is not a penalty area, it is a bunker. The rules for a penalty area and a bunker are quite different.
  5. Played that hole a few times myself... While not as picturesque, #7 has always been a favorite of mine. Good drive leaves a wedge in and a good look at eagle. Right or left and you probably won't get it back. Not to mention it's hard to pick the line. Feast or famine.
  6. When the foursome in front of you all head to the back tees and none of them get their drives to the fairway. Actually had that happen a couple weeks ago. There is a group of guys that play at my course every Sunday who walk, play the back tees, and none of them can break 90. We normally tee off in front of them, but when we went off daylight savings time they somehow got the tee time in front of us. Let's just say that will never happen again. It was brutal 3 of the 4 took a mulligan because they failed to get their first drive in the air. The one that did get it air born sliced it into the adjoining fairway. We played through on the 5th hole thank goodness.
  7. That was a hosel rocket, happens to the best of us...lucky bastard. You know who else was lucky? All the people on the other side of that hill!
  8. See I don't see a firm bunker and a bunker where grass and weeds are allowed to grow as the same thing. A firm bunker still looks like a bunker. I am only talking from an aesthetic point of view. I don't want to SEE a bunker thats obviously been let go. I play a course here fairly often that has ridiculously hard bunkers. Pretty much hard pan to the point that often I will just putt out of them. BUT they still look like bunkers, they are edged, free of weeds and crabgrass, they are just super firm. Now while I would certainly prefer them to have a little sand in them, at least they don't look like crap. I suppose what I am getting at is I prefer a course to have some aesthetic value. It's almost as important to me as playability. The aesthetic value of a course suffers greatly when the bunkers are overgrown, unraked, and generally look like shit.
  9. Sure greens and fairways matter more, but as some mentioned when was the last time you played a course with superbly maintained fairways and greens and shit bunkers? If a course is allowing the bunkers to turn to shit, the rest of the course is sure to follow suit. All I am saying is bunkers don't matter that much in the playability of a golf course. Whether they are pristine white sand or rock hard and full of weeds the average hack isn't going to hit great shots or get up and down out of them all that often anyway. So I just think if a course's budget necessitates eliminating bunker maintenance, they should look to just removing bunkers altogether if for no other reason than to keep them from becoming eyesores. Why would anyone intentionally allow a part of a golf course to become overgrown and ugly?
  10. I have to disagree, I think you are looking at it the wrong way. Sure they are a hazard, but all lack of maintenance does is makes them look like shit. Just from an aesthetic point of view either keep them up or grass them over. People already avoid bunkers, making them unsightly through lack of maintenance isn't going to affect playability of the course, its just going to make people want to play somewhere else. Exactly, keep them up or take them out.
  11. I find it strange that they rate the RAPSODO so high considering the fact it provides "minimal" data and only works outdoors (or possibly indoors if provided enough room behind the ball). Personally, I've been looking to buy one of these and its lack of data takes it out of the conversation.
  12. We went to the superintendent this past year with a list of bunkers we thought he could get rid of and not affect the playability of the course at all. He agreed and they are eliminating most of them this winter. I would like bunkers to be maintained, but if its an issue, then just get rid of them altogether. Nothing looks quite as shitty as a greenside bunker with a bunch of footprints in it.
  13. We have a tournament on the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. Its been going for close to 30 years, I've been playing in it for probably 20 years. The old guy who started it passed on a few years back, but we keep it going in his honor. He started it so the men had a good excuse to not have to go shopping on Black Friday. It's always a lot of fun, we have about 40 guys and we play regardless of the weather. Most of the time we have really nice weather, but a couple of years we have played in some really cold conditions. One year the greens were frozen solid for the entire round, you had hit your approaches short of the green and let them run on because if they landed on the green it was like hitting concrete. That year I wet my towel on the #1 tee and it froze solid by the time we got to the #1 green. Last year we played in shorts, go figure.
  14. I know people are poor judges of their own golf game but that dude takes the cake. I'd love to know how he has determined these distances.
  15. I really can't believe this is a topic. Of course you can't go practice at a private club if you're not a dues paying member, is that even a question you need to ask? If you want to practice at the local country club with the nice facilities then by all means join and pay dues. A lot of country clubs these days are hurting for members and would be more than happy to add you. To prey upon the fact that a country club has a lot of members and cannot identify you as a freeloading scoundrel, DOES NOT mean that you are any less of a freeloading scoundrel.
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