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  1. Rory or Spieth - who has the better career?

    Speith seems to be more steady. I mean all these guys go through streaks and slumps, but Rory's are extreme and often in the same tournament. Rory has more potential it seems, but something seems to be missing as of late.
  2. Paying for handicap scam

    @The Hook Meister
  3. Harry Anderson, R. Lee Ermey - RIP

    R. Lee Ermey's greatest scene from Full Metal Jacket. RIP
  4. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    Can't do that, onside kicks are still part of the game.
  5. No kidding, how irritating is the crowd. They literally cheer immediately after each shot even if someone hooked it off the planet. I tried watching it again today and it's just god awful, unwatchable.
  6. More birdies

    Volatile?! I would describe it more as "eventful". But, you're right I don't make a bunch of birdies, birdies are hard to make. Most I've made in a round was 8, I also had a round with 7 birdies and an Eagle.
  7. More birdies

    There's nothing boring about winning!
  8. More birdies

    As many people on here have said you need to make more pars and birdies will take care of themselves. I, like Erik, am about a +1 handicap, although we arrive there in somewhat different ways. I make more birdies on average than he does, and he makes fewer bogeys. That being said, I still only average 4 birdies a round. As an 8.5 you won't/can't average as many birdies as you are saying you want to. Let me ask you this, you say you always aim at the middle of the green and often away from the flag, what is your normal miss? Do you miss right, left? Why I ask is you should figure out your tendencies and play to those. If 75% of your misses are to the right then you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you aim at the center of the green on a left pin. What I am talking about are called shot zones and are discussed in full in Erik's book Lowest Score Wins. I think if you are having such a hard time with game management you may want to order a copy, it might help you.
  9. Caved-in my ‘17 M2 3W

    Range balls are hard, super hard so they can take the beating that range balls need to take. And not all of them are limited flight.
  10. Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    Ummm no they're not. Not in the heat of things. A lot of these guys rely heavily on their caddies to do what they do. Back on topic, I have no idea if LaCava is the best guy for Tiger. All I can see is he has caddied for some of the best players on Tour, and he has a wealth of knowledge from doing what he does for the past 30 years. Tiger is just never going to be the Tiger of old. He's in his 40s now and I can attest to the fact lots of things change, attitudes, priorities, hell your body starts to friggin hurt. Tiger is in the twilight of his PGA Tour career. He might win again a time or two, but that won't be because of what Joe LaCava did or didn't do.
  11. I was amazed when I saw that hole in person, it's not near as tight as it looks on television. Jordan Speith hit a couple of horrible drives there on Thursday and Sunday.
  12. Caved-in my ‘17 M2 3W

    That's why I don't hit range balls with any of my woods. I have a bucket of real balls set aside just for that. Range balls kill the thin faces of modern metalwoods.
  13. I guess my least favorite would be #7 as it is the only hole on the course that I don't have any real memory of. I picked 13 as my favorite, but it's a toss up. I love #10, 12, 15 is awesome, and 16 with a Sunday pin. I mean that whole place is just so cool it's hard to pick one hole.
  14. Should divots be considered ground under repair?

    To me the main rule in golf is Play It As It Lies. If you start giving relief out of divot holes then whats next? When does it stop? Pretty soon you are like the old guys at my course that literally bump it everywhere. If that's what you want to do then so be it, but IMHO that's not how golf is supposed to be played. I look at it this way, there have been many times I have hit poor shots and have lucked out when they ended up in good lies. I just had one in my round yesterday, hit my ball left of the #15 fairway and when I got to it out in the middle of the dirt it was sitting up perfectly on a little patch of grass. So if I happen to hit my drive into a divot on the fairway then that's just the way it goes. I mean, I am to believe I am only supposed to receive good breaks while playing golf? That's ridiculous. You have to take the good with the bad.
  15. Which side?

    My buddy is left handed and says the biggest problem with playing left handed is the lack of demo clubs, and just clubs in general. So I would go right handed if it didn't make a difference in your game for that reason alone.

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