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  1. NM Golf

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    I have sounded off on this subject in the past. I personally don't understand the need to run around the course as fast as humanly possible. I played four times in the last five days. Twice I teed off in the first group of the day and walked 18 in around 3 hours. I had the kids at home and needed to get home to them as early as I could. It was either play fast or don't play at all. The other two times I played later in the day and completed my round in just over 4 hours, we were right on the group in front of us, the pace of play was just slower. The longer rounds were considerably more enjoyable to me. I had no where to be on those rounds and I was able to relax and enjoy myself. Golf is odd in the fact that people really enjoy playing, but want to try and be done posthaste. Most enjoyable activities people tend to want to do as long as possible. I mean no one goes to get a message and tells the therapist to hurry. People don't go on vacation and hope the entire thing flies by. I mean look at sex, there is an entire line of products available for one reason, to prolong the act as long as you can! I play with old men who have NOTHING to do all day, yet they want to get in their round in less than three hours. They get done by 9 in the morning then sit around drinking coffee in the cafe for the next 3 hours because they don't want to go home. In your case, pick times when the course isn't busy or times in the afternoon when people tend to be more relaxed and not as worried about playing at the speed of sound. I hope you can entice your buddies to return to the game.
  2. NM Golf

    Losing a Golf Ball on the PGA Tour

    Years ago I was watching an event and Phil Mickelson hit a drive well left into an area that even if you found it it was dead (rocky and on a sharp slope). He hit a provisional right down the middle and when he got to the general area where his first ball was likely to be, there were several people from the gallery looking for it. He took one look at that area and started telling people to stop looking for his original ball. He and Bones were both yelling "stop looking, stop looking." and about a minute later some jackass goes, "Here it is!" Phil was pissed, he knew right away he was better off in the fairway laying 3 than finding the original ball.
  3. I would play his courses, why not. I mean I would even play a course that Obama and Hillary owned if it was nice. A good course is a good course,
  4. NM Golf

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    https://www.gamegolf.com/player/nmgolf/round/2175877 Managed to shoot an even par 72, but it was a very sloppy round. I was wondering when I would play a round like this as I have not been playing or practicing all that much so far this year. Hit a god awful drive on hole #13 that went OB resulting in a double bogey. Didn't putt all that well, hit quite a few loose shots. Good starting point though, I will be able to play and practice just about every day for the next two and a half months.
  5. Could be, I just didn't have any ProV1 in my bag to test against it. Interesting how they have swapped the two like that. Either way, I continue to be impressed with the AVX. As I have said I normally do not see a lot of difference in playability from one tour ball to the next, but I see a big difference in the AVX.
  6. NM Golf

    Golf Paradise?

    I live in Albuquerque which is right in the center of the state. The Four Corners area (Farmington) is nice, but I am not sure about the year round golf you are looking for, pretty cold up there in the winter. The golf in that area is great, Farmington has one of the best golf courses in the state, Pinon Hills, and just north in Durango you have Dalton Ranch which is also fantastic. Fly fishing is world class around that area. The San Juan is great and you have the headwaters of the Rio Grande just north of there which I have fished quite a bit, not to mention the Chama and Brazos rivers not too far away as well. Albuquerque is nice because we are warm enough to play golf year round and close enough to some really good rivers that you can make an easy day trip. I have a group of 24 guys that make a trip up there to play golf and fly fish every fall in South Fork Colorado, just northeast of Farmington.
  7. NM Golf

    Golfing on a (very) active volcano

    Can't imagine the air quality is too fantastic, but what are you going to do skip a tee time...I think not!
  8. NM Golf

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    I've never seen a tournament, besides the PGA Tour that pull up the other tee markers. These high school events are always played at courses that allow other public play and they aren't going to pull tee markers only to have to immediately go out and put them back for the public. The New Mexico State Championships are played at course with 5 different tees, all those tee markers are out for both rounds. Heck I don't think they pulled the other tee markers for the New Mexico Open which is a professional event.
  9. NM Golf

    TIL who Angelo Spagnolo is

    In case you want to watch. A little look back... https://www.golfchannel.com/video/remembering-angelo-worst-avid-golfer/
  10. NM Golf

    My bag, need some thoughts

    Or you could use a 52, 56, and 60 to go with your PW. All I am saying is a 5 wedge setup is wasteful IMHO. I have never even heard of someone doing that, as it's completely unnecessary and causes the very issues you are having. It's much easier to produce every necessary short game shot with 4 wedges than it is to try and manufacture long game shots by choking down, hitting cuts, etc. To me it comes down to distance. If you hit the ball a fairly long way then a 4 wedge setup makes sense because you don't need as many long clubs in your bag. But 5 wedges means you have devoted 6 clubs, 43% of your bag, to shots 125 yards and in. Seems counterproductive to me.
  11. NM Golf

    Poor Lucas Glover

    Hope those kids become good athletes, momma don't take well to losers! 😬 I am sure there nothing like laying an egg in the third round of the Players and then coming home to a verbal assault from the missus.
  12. NM Golf

    My bag, need some thoughts

    So you carry 5 wedges, PW, 50°, 54°, 58°, & 62°? That seems a bit excessive. I would go to a traditional 4 wedge setup and put the 3 wood back in the bag.
  13. NM Golf

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    Who even looks at the yardages on the scorecard on a par 3? I am sure everyone will blame the Rules of Golf for this, but its the players fault 100%.
  14. NM Golf

    TIL who Angelo Spagnolo is

    Anything's possible, I mean I could beat this guy using just my putter.
  15. NM Golf

    TIL who Angelo Spagnolo is

    Is that even real? How can you be that bad? I have worked at a golf course for 15+ years and I have seen some horrid players, but shooting 257, I just don't see how thats even possible. You could putt the ball down the fairway and shoot a lower score than that. I don't even know how can that even be fun? He lost 5 dozen golf balls!

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