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  1. Good lord how did I become a scratch golfer without noticing my shaft load and unload?
  2. Picked up # 4 yesterday, still missing #9 and #12 the two longest par 3s on the course. Won't get a chance to try again for a few weeks as they are top dressing this week and my group is headed elsewhere until the greens are playable again.
  3. I've been so dang busy, I didn't even notice We had started a new Birdie Challenge until today. I've only been playing 3-4 times a month so far in 2021, but I've been able to knock out all but three holes after looking back at the rounds I kept stats on. I am pretty sure I have birdied #4 as well, but since I don't have statistical proof I'll leave it blank for now. I also have eagles on five different holes so far because I have had two multiple eagle rounds. I've been playing really well.
  4. Let's see...USA, Canada, Mexico, and Jamaica. So 4. I do live in New Mexico which a lot of people think is another country so 5 maybe 😝
  5. I play sub 4 hour rounds all the time, and I totally understand the need to get around the course in a hurry for those with time constraints. I play a ton of those rounds during the summer teeing off at 6:15 so I can be home before the kids even wake up. All I am saying is I don't mind, and actually enjoy rounds more, when the pace is around 4 hours. It's just more fun for me. More time to talk, more make fun of all the shitty shots we have hit, etc. More "relaxed" pace. There's not a lot of waiting to hit shots involved in a 4 hour round at my course. It's more of a showing up on the tee
  6. I am less and less concerned about pace of play these days. I used to complain and get mad at anything over 4 hours. I would even let it completely ruin rounds because I would get so concerned about pace I would forget to worry about my play. I can play 18 as fast as anyone, and there are still rounds when I need to buzz around the course as fast as possible. But I actually find rounds more enjoyable when the pace is around 4 hours. I play every Sunday with buddies, in the summer we sometimes have 3-4 groups. I have nothing else to do on Sunday mornings, so I am absolutely fine when it
  7. Okay, as someone who is also tasked with getting the times for his group to play each week I will tell you how we do it. First, I have to book times a week in advance so I always know when and where the next time will be before we play. SO: The guys that are playing that week get first dibs. If all 4 are in next Sunday then everyone else is S.O.L. If we have a spot open I send out a text and the first one to answer is in. Do consider getting maybe a couple times and making a larger group. We will have 2-3 foursomes in the summer, it makes for a good time. You can play som
  8. Since you literally spent 4 total minutes on the site, just long enough to write that lovely post, I don't imagine we will have the opportunity to hear from you again. BUT, I will say this, I don't buy anything you said. I know lots of young players, and they don't need to act and look like jackasses to enjoy playing golf. Most of the PGA guys you spoke of are quite serious about their games and I would bet they are equally competitive. Competitiveness breeds wanting to play your best each and every time you tee it up. While I am sure they, like anyone, will play the very occasional "fun" roun
  9. Like new Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder. No slope option. Comes with case that will attach to a golf bag, BUT it is not the case it originally came with. $299 new selling for $215 Shipped
  10. Yeah, but they didn't play golf back then...
  11. I put down 35'. I very rarely 3 putt, in fact in the 25 rounds I have kept stats on since September I've only had 8 three-putts. I also don't make a ton of long putts either, unfortunately.
  12. There are a couple courses I play quite a bit around here that are just under 7800 yards. Sandia Golf Club 7755 Yds Twin Warriors GC 7736 yds The course I played that seemed to play the longest was The Grand Traverse Resort Bear Course which plays 7078 yards from the tips. It's a tough long track. In fact you have to get cleared by the pro shop to even play the back tees.
  13. I play just about every day in the summer. If it were up to me I would play everyday. I might take a day off here and there, but only playing 3 or 4 times a week when I could play as much as I want seems like a wasted opportunity.
  14. I've not heard of it, but the US Am Tour is significantly bigger. US Am Tour
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