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  1. I played with my father once when he did that exact thing, it was pretty cool. I have had 16 pars in a round, although not all in a row. I have had a few bogey free rounds. Congratulations!
  2. Come on man, obviously you've never spent much time around avid golfers. I don't know a single one that doesn't have a chiropractor or a spine surgeon's name on speed dial. My father has both!
  3. Where do you people play? I have been playing golf for 25 years. I have played thousands of rounds on courses ranging from Pinehurst no. 2, to exclusive country clubs, to the shittiest muni you can believe. Probably half of those rounds I have played while paired up with people I did not know. I cannot remember playing with a single asshole. In fact I can only recall one negative experience ever, and that was when I got paired with a couple idiots who were too drunk and stoned to play. They were nice enough guys, they just may have had a bit of a substance abuse problem. Perhaps I am just lucky, who knows, but I have yet to encounter an asshole while playing golf. I have however encountered a few while working at the golf course and a huge majority of them were not dressed in traditional golf attire. I will say that if the person is dressed "golf appropriate" it often makes the round more enjoyable as it more often than not means the person takes the game slightly more seriously and tend to be better players.
  4. Although I hit balls on the range on occasion as a kid I didn't actually play a round of golf until I was 22-23. The first round I ever play I shot over 100 and I was hooked. I got some help from my dad on my setup and grip and I have never shot over 100 since. 100: Second time playing 18 holes I was 22-23 years old. 90: I can't tell you exactly the first time I broke 90. Breaking 90 wasn't really that difficult nor was it a big milestone for me. I was shooting in the 80's within a year of taking up the game. 80: It took a few years and a few close calls before I finally broke 80. I actually broke 80 for the first time in a tournament. I will never forget, I had bogeyed the 18th hole to shoot 80 like 5 or 6 times already. I came into the last hole 7 over and made a 15 or 20 foot putt for par. It was pretty cool. I went out the next day in the second round of the tournament and did it again. At the time I was about a 15 handicap so I won the tournament by a lot. I must have been about 25 years old at the time. 70: I broke par for the first time with my father. Made a short birdie putt on the 18th hole to do it, shot 71. I was 30 at the time, I know that because I had just gotten married. I don't really remember the first time I broke 70, breaking par was the big milestone for me. I am sure it was sometime soon after that. My lowest round ever is a 64 I've done that twice I remember those rounds very clearly.
  5. Funny you brought this up, I was surprised to see him at the drop area after his ball went in the water. I just thought he chose to go there for some reason. On a different note it's kind of refreshing to see a pro pay for their ignorance of the rules. If I was playing for $12.5 million I would brush up a bit on my rules knowledge.
  6. I agree with this. It doesn't mean that if someone shows up in a tank top and swim trunks they they won't repair their divots and rake bunkers, but in all my years working at a golf course I have never had an issue with someone dressed "golf appropriate." Alternately, I have tossed more than a few guys off the course who looked like they were headed to the beach. Just sayin...
  7. I heard that in order to wear a white belt you must have the ability to break par, perhaps that's why you don't wear one?
  8. I hit balls and messed around at the golf course as a kid while my my dad and grandfather played, but never really played an 18 hole round until I was invited by a friend when I was about 22-23 years old. There was a couple groups of us. I borrowed an old set of clubs from my dad and set out. I wasn't very good, but neither were any of the guys I played with. It didn't help that we chose to play one of the harder courses around. This was over 20 years ago, so I don't remember many specifics about the round except that I shot over 100, and I was totally hooked. After that round I went to my father and had him show me a few things. I've never shot over 100 since.
  9. I'm thinking whisky, beer would freeze!
  10. Three words: Hybrids go left I have never found a hybrid I could trust, they all have a big left miss in them, hook city. I carry a 18° driving iron and I hit it much straighter than any hybrid. It is not as versatile as a hybrid, but I rarely need to hit a hybrid length club out of the fairway anyway.
  11. Pretty much what @iacas said, but I will add this: I love golf, I have made most of my friends on the golf course. I don't think you have to remove the rules, lower the value of competition, toss out etiquette, blare loud music, drink copious amounts of beer, and dress in a tank tops and sweat pants to enjoy it more. I enjoy it playing golf A LOT! I enjoy it while playing by the rules, wearing proper golf attire (the occasional white belt), and holding off until the 19th hole to drink my copious amounts of beer. I am also social on the golf course. I played on Saturday with three complete strangers. We had a great time. We talked, laughed at some of the more interesting shots we hit, and it was completely enjoyable. And no one was wearing a tank top, no loud music was played, and the rules were observed. So, basically that league and it's "relaxed" atmosphere would not make golf more fun for me it would actually make it less fun. If I want to drink beer and act like an idiot I go bowling.
  12. Eggs are delicious and can be eaten on anything. Here in New Mexico we eat eggs on all different types of Mexican Cuisine.
  13. By the looks of it, it seems like everything I don't like to see on the golf course; "relaxed" rules, dressing down, blaring music, yeah no thanks. From the Spark Website: Not sure why playing by the rules makes the game not fun?
  14. Been a fan of Paul Azinger ever since he gave the eulogy for Payne Stewart. He's new, but so far I think he's doing a decent job. You can't make everyone happy, and some people seem to live to find fault.
  15. Not sure why anyone cares so much about iron loft and what not. When I hit irons I just want the clubs to have correct gaps. The numbers on the bottom don't mean much, I only care about how far each one goes. I've never had two sets of irons that were exactly the same.
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