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  1. NM Golf

    Golf Ball in the Ocean

  2. NM Golf

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    @dennyjones I too looked in NC, some nice places, just not sure it's warm enough in the winter. I really would like to sell all but one pair of my long pants upon retirement. The Socialist Republic of California is just not an option with the cost of living there among other things. I have friends in Arizona, but would like to live near a coast. I agree with you and @bkuehn1952 Michigan is tough to beat golf-wise May through October. Some of my absolute favorite courses are there. Anyway its just the beginning of the conversation, we have a few years yet until we have to pull the trigger. Sure is fun to talk about it though.
  3. NM Golf

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    The good thing is both myself and my wife should have excellent health plans in retirement. I have thought of the RV thing, we own one right now, but we fly for free and it would just be easier to fly back and forth. I wish they would move to be honest. I told my wife that people move AWAY from Michigan when they retire. Other than our ridiculously high crime rate fueled by the poverty level in our state it's a great place to live. Only place I know of where you can ski and play 9 holes in the same day.
  4. NM Golf

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    So I am seven years from my pension and my wife and I have begun discussing retirement plans. We live in New Mexico, but my wife’s entire family lives in Michigan; once the kids are gone she would like to move closer to her family. That being said I am certainly not living out my golden years freezing my ass off in Michigan in the winter. My entire life I have had the luxury of playing golf 365 days a year, I am certainly not giving that up once I have the time to take full advantage of it. So we have come to a compromise, summers in Michigan and winters some place warm, maybe Florida. Are there any snow bunnies out there that do this? Anyone else planning this in their future? I realize it’s a ways off, but it’s never too early to plan your retirement. I would like to know the good and the bad of this type of lifestyle before I actually fully agree to move her to Michigan. I am not a winter person, I hate snow, ice, all winter sports, and I have never owned a pair of long underwear in my life. It is a complete deal breaker for me to get stuck anywhere cold.
  5. NM Golf

    Winter Depression Thread

    Thank goodness the weather here is back to normal. Supposed to be really nice this weekend so I can get back on the course. It's almost been a month since I played.
  6. NM Golf

    Let's Talk about Grips

    PURE grips look interesting. I still remember the review @iacas did on them like 10 years ago. Its about time for me to regrip my clubs, but I don't know if the additional cost for the PURE grips is worth it. I can get Golf Pride Tour Wraps (the grips I have now) for about $5.00 a grip. PURE Grips are going to run me about about $9.00. Anyone that uses them have an opinion? Are they worth the extra cost?
  7. NM Golf

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    Perhaps I am giving the average golfer a bit too much credit, but I would hope they would realize that leaving the pin in on longer putts would be to their benefit. So I wouldn't think pulling the pin wouldn't be necessary until all players have short putts that make the benefit of the pin negligible. So basically most if not all of the players would hit their first putts (lag) and then the pin would be removed for the shorter putts. I mean there would be no need for the pin to go in and out repeatedly. But I probably am giving the average golfer too much credit. There is a lot of misinformation out there about the pin, and many of the guys I play with think it can hurt you to leave it in. This is the same group of guys who still believe short game and putting are the most important parts of the game.
  8. NM Golf

    Great Ball Striking

    Well here's the problem. It's not an opinion. An opinion is something like "I like red cars better than blue cars" or "I like pizza better than hamburgers" or even "Adam Sandler is a terrible actor." Those are opinions because there is no way to disprove them using actual facts and data. Your "opinion" about putting being so important in overall score can be disproven using actual data; so its not an opinion, it's a falsehood, a fallacy, an incorrect statement, a fabrication if you will. And just because your friend who played on the European Tour says its so, gives it no more merit what so ever. Professional golfers are just as likely to be clueless about their game as anyone else. That's why so many of them hire coaches to help them. Your friend is WRONG. You are WRONG. The data PROVES that.
  9. NM Golf

    What Mobile Phone Do You Have?

    I'm an Apple guy. I have the Iphone X, but I waited until the Xs had been released and picked it up much cheaper. I have Apple computers, Ipads, an Apple Watch, everything just works together in great harmony. I hated Apple for years until I was forced by my work to start using an Apple computer. Two months later my entire family switched over and we have never looked back.
  10. NM Golf

    Great Ball Striking

    No you said this What is the truest measure of skill, putting? Short game? Again you have all these outlier rounds, these sample size of one examples that mean nothing. I absolutely guarantee you your ball striking has a bigger influence on your overall score than putting or short game does. Maybe not on one outlier round but over a span of 25 or 50 rounds. If you don't believe that to be true, then let's play a game. We will play 18 holes, lets start at the green. I will drop my ball on the green 30 feet from the hole 12 times and chip 6 times. You put your ball on the green 6 times and chip 12 times. We will see who shoots the better score. I wouldn't make that bet with a 10 handicap. Their advantage would be too great. Says who? My lowest scores always happen on my best ball striking days...because they have to. If I am not hitting the ball well, then my chances of scoring well are not very good. You cannot score well missing greens. How are you going to make birdies when you are constantly putting for par? I totally disagree. The skill necessary for good ball striking is the most difficult skill to attain in golf. My 7 year old made a 15 foot putt the other day, but she can't hit a 150 yard drive or even make contact on a reliable basis. People with little or no skills can learn to putt pretty well in a relatively short time. No there are several factors that go into scoring, all I am saying is ball striking, the full swing, is the biggest determinant in scoring. It plays a bigger role. There are 10 even 15 handicaps I know that putt as well or even better than I do, but my long game (ball striking) is far superior. Therefor I am 15-20 strokes better than they are most of the time. I have no doubt that your "European Tour Pro" buddy fall into the same trap that most golfers do. He is probably a very poor judge of his own game.
  11. NM Golf

    Great Ball Striking

    Okay, I am glad you elaborated on this, I thought your meant their scores. I totally agree with this the lower your handicap the harder it is to improve your handicap. You may shoot your lowest score ever when you get hot with the putter AND have a good ball striking round, but your handicap will most certainly be a reflection of your ball striking skills. You can't fake ball striking. Any idiot can get hot with the putter and make a couple miracle putts, putting is easier than ball striking and takes less skill.
  12. Is it April? Someone could get beat up for wearing something like that.
  13. Nutrition can be a certainly be a factor in more strenuous activities. When I played football or wrestled my pre game meals were much more thought out. My daughter plays basketball, we are careful about what we feed her before a game. All I am saying is, in my personal experience, golf is not a strenuous enough activity to worry about your diet. Hell, I've won tournaments when I sucked down a chili dog at the turn. Any activity where it's commonplace for the participants to drink beer while competing, the pregame meal is the least of your worries.
  14. You may be overthinking this a bit. You aren't running a marathon, you're playing a round of golf. Just eat something you like. Like the thread where we discussed fitness and golf, unless you have some kind of dietary issue I don't believe your eating habits are going to have much of an effect on your round.
  15. NM Golf

    Are you a mudder?

    Considering I live in the desert where we average less than 10 inches of rain a year, I am not accustomed to playing in the rain. We have over 300 days of sun each year if it friggin rains we wait and play the next day. Strangely enough, I have rain gear in my golf bag. I can't really remember when I actually used it last.

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