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  1. NM Golf

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    No, most people don't have a lot of time to practice, BUT if that little bit of practice time you do have is used to work on your bunker game its a complete waste of time. All I am saying is the full swing is more important than the short game when it comes to scoring. If you have even the tiniest amount of time to practice, you would be better served using that time to work on your full swing. Maybe then you wouldn't spend as much time in bunkers. ^^This^^ The ability to use a cart like this is a lost art. Anymore it's like people are joined at the hip and can't get too far away from one another.
  2. NM Golf

    Keeping a Second, Imaginary Score

    I go beyond imaginary scores, I actually have an imaginary life where I am on the PGA Tour with a smoking hot imaginary wife, and I live in an imaginary mansion, and I drive an imaginary Ferrari, and I fly everywhere on my imaginary private jet.
  3. NM Golf

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    I was careful not to say someone couldn't improve, of course with lessons and hard work anyone can improve. But, as you yourself said, not everyone is good enough to get to scratch and even fewer to elite Tour pro status.
  4. NM Golf

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    I am now a 0.0. I was carrying a + index for the first part of the year, but I haven't been playing all that well the last few months. All my scores are around par, I just can't seem to go low or even shoot under par at all lately. I hate to blame it on my putter, but my GIR % has stayed about the same as has my proximity to the hole. I just cannot seem to get the ball rolling on line. My birdies per round average is down, and my 3-putts have crept up ever so slightly. I made a change to the claw grip and I am seeing improvement, but I have a lot of work to do to get completely comfortable with it.
  5. NM Golf

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    There is a lot of truth to that, but yes it puts people off. Just like any other sport, if you don't have some natural talent you can practice till the cows come home and you will never be a good player. I realize that is not a popular opinion, but I believe it to be true. I play a lot of golf with 15-20 handicappers. One thing I notice a lot is the fact they continually come up short of the green. They hit their 8 iron 170 yards once in their lives now every time they have 170 yards they pull 8 iron and leave it 10 yards short. Well I hate to tell you but if you don't practice then statistics are of no use to you. If you do practice, they are invaluable to help guide you to improve the areas of you game that need the most help. Bad example by the way, practicing bunker shots will have little affect on your score, there is no separation value in it.
  6. NM Golf

    What driver brand do you use?

    Ping g400 LST. It's the low spin version. Best driver I have ever hit.
  7. NM Golf

    I Need Urgent Help Guys

  8. NM Golf

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    The cart thing is a bit of a stretch. I certainly don't think it is meant to disrespect anyone with disabilities. Personally I prefer walking but I do ride a fair amount of the time, I don't think it hurts my game.
  9. NM Golf

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    Along the same lines as the 14 etiquette rules from Golf Magazine here are the 11 reasons why you never get better at golf. 11 Reasons Why You Stink at Golf Surprisingly enough I find most of these reasons to be factual. Some (#2) have been discussed on here at length. I think #11 is debatable at best.
  10. NM Golf

    How High Can You Send Your Divot?

    Jesper Parnevik was legendary for the amount of turf he could remove.
  11. NM Golf

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    Good to know because looking back if there were any of these I break it would be #9, I just don't think I have ever paid that much attention. I don't think I take my bag on the tee box, but maybe I have. Story about #6. the Director of Golf at my course used to be a really good player, one of the best in our section. The first time I ever played with him probably 15-20 years ago, one of the guys in our group told his ball to get up. He looked at the guy and told him, "Don't ever talk to my f#cking ball again, it knows what to do better than you do." I've never uttered another sound since. 😬
  12. NM Golf

    Strike Rules All!

    I wonder what the sample size was, I hope it was more than one of each type of player.
  13. NM Golf

    Strike Rules All!

    Where did this information come from? I try to be careful of the "data" that comes out of thin air. Next he will be posting how the short game is the most important aspect of your game.
  14. NM Golf

    If you had to choose one (just for fun)

    Option A without a doubt, I can make new friends.
  15. NM Golf

    Kathy Whitworth Is A Stud

    I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years back, she and my father were inducted into the New Mexico Athletic Hall of Fame the same year. She was a very nice lady.

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