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  1. Which Golf Pill Would You Take?

    I would take the 100 yards, driving 400+ yard par 4s could come in handy. After that I guess I would take the free beer, it would pay off more than not slicing or hooking or three putting.
  2. Question about Short Game Lessons

    Sounds like it might be a combination of a glaring weakness AND unrealistic expectations. Making poor contact and chunking each chip shot is not good, but I suspect even with improvement in your short game technique you will not see the type of scores you think you will. I am a +1 handicap, according to my statistics I get up and down just over 50% of the time, my sand save percentage is below 20%. I putt decently, but I'm certainly not draining a bunch of 20 foot birdies. My long game is why I score the way I do. What I'm getting at is even if you work super hard on your short game, the big improvement in score is just not there; even if you improve dramatically. Now I would certainly try and figure out why you are chunking all of your chips, maybe have someone look at your technique and get you squared away. But I wouldn't do that while neglecting your long game. When you are able to break 80 on a consistent basis, I guarantee it will be your long game that gets you there.
  3. GPS watch or Smart Watch

    I don't know, maybe @iacas might. But with the new apple watch having cellular capabilities the watch might be able to now give yardages without the phone.
  4. GPS watch or Smart Watch

    I have an older approach S3. Front middle and back yardages is all I really need.
  5. GPS watch or Smart Watch

    I have an apple watch and a Garmin GPS watch. I use the Garmin exclusively for golf. My Apple watch receives distances from the phone, so you have to have your phone in your pocket to get an accurate number. Not to mention the fact when I put on a golf glove and swing I hit the buttons on the side of the watch. I almost called 911 one time.
  6. Practicing with Long Irons

    I don't hit a great deal of long irons when I play. I only have three rounds on Game Golf, but I have only hit my 5 iron once and have no stats with my 4 iron. I tend to practice the most with the clubs I hit the most unless there is a glaring weakness. I don't hit a lot of range balls anymore so when I do, I don't want to spend a great deal of time on a club I will only hit 1 time a round at the most. Plus, I have always hit my long irons pretty well.
  7. Golf Etiquette - Yelling, etc.

    It can be extremely frustrating to watch a group flounder in the fairway in front of you. That being said there may be better ways of handling it than yelling. Like I talked about on another thread recently, if someone is in your way and you are a faster group then play through them. It's customary to be asked to play through, but some people are clueless. Sometimes you just have to ask to play through and not take no for an answer. Either way playing through will definitely go smoother if you haven't previously yelled at them from the fairway.
  8. Titleist does not have a serial number verification webpage. They look legitimate FWIW. If he has the paperwork I would say ok.
  9. I use a counterweighted putter, I love it. For me it makes the putter feel much more solid and stable. I have had other people try it that didn't like it at all, so its entirely personal.
  10. Golf Sunglasses

    Living in one of the sunniest city in the US, I haven't played a round of golf without sunglasses in like 10 years. Makes a huge difference for me. Like a few others have mentioned I use the Oakley golf prism lens. I actually find they work best on hazy days makes it much, much easier to follow the ball.
  11. changing balls during play

    FWIW, those lines are not all that helpful as it's basically been proven that people are notoriously poor at actually getting them aimed correctly.
  12. Anyone ever play matchplay against the course?

    Interesting format, I play quite a bit of golf by myself in the summer, I will have to give this a try to keep it interesting. I checked, I am 2-0 my last two rounds on Game Golf. Won 2-1 and 4-3.
  13. Mixed Bags Making A Comeback?

    Titleist didn’t do much in the clothing area and neither did Callaway or PING. A lot of those guys went with clothing specific companies like Under Armor or Oakley.
  14. Mixed Bags Making A Comeback?

    Yeah, but even in the day Nike was one of the only companies that did a head to toe complete bag setup. A few of the big name guys got the big money to go with one company, but they knew (Tiger) that the company would make them something they liked. Most of what Tiger played over the years wasn't even available to the general public. His irons weren't a model they sold and his ball was more often than not a Nike "Prototype". The rest of the guys play what they like for the most part.
  15. Costco Kirkland Ball

    A buddy gave me one of the Kirklands, I wish I knew which one it was. Either way it was quite a bit shorter off the tee and did not perform well for me at all, not to mention the fact I had to take it out of play after 9 holes because the cover showed so much wear.

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