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  1. Yeah we have a root rule as well, it's called an unplayable lie. You can move it but it'll cost you a stroke.
  2. Well probably half those were on a course rated 69.5. I had a good streak, yes, but in the long run I am not a +2.
  3. Unfortunately I went through a period in July and September where I had 9 straight rounds in the 60s (a combined 40 under par) and it has had a devastating impact on my handicap with my group. They are making me play as a +2. I shot 71 on Thursday and got my ass handed to me. Good thing is I am playing with house money for a while because that stretch was very lucrative. But no my handicap is not accurate, I am a 0 handicap at best.
  4. I can't look down on people that drink light beer, because all of my friends drink that stuff. Michelob Ultra with a couple limes is actually not too bad on a hot day. We drink it occasionally when we go camping.
  5. I used to play a lot of golf with a guy who fluffed it all the time. Some years back we got paired together in a club tournament, he hit his drive down the middle and when he got to his ball he moved it. I don't think he was really even thinking about it, it had just become habit. I called him on it and he apologized and tried to put it back. I told him it was still a penalty and he was pissed. We were in the same cart and he literally refused to talk to me the rest of the round (awkward!) Funny thing I ended up beating him by a stroke.
  6. Personally, I love Guinness floats. Just pour half a Guinness over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, delicious!
  7. I don't know how they drink that stuff. If I want something light there are still some nice selections not made by millercoors or budweiser. In college thats all I drank, then someone turned me on to good beer. To each their own, I can drink a coors light if I have to, if I squeeze a lime into it its almost not terrible.
  8. It's never too early for beer, but life's too short to drink bad beer. Trade that gross Bud or Coors light in for a beer you can taste. Couldn't have said it better myself, Bloody Marys are practically health food. No better way to start the day.
  9. The best of the municipal courses (by far) is Arroyo Del Oso, its very walkable. They don't take tee times during the week, its first come first serve, but they will be able to get you on as a single. There are other public courses that are nice as well, If you want to walk I would suggest Santa Ana https://www.mynewmexicogolf.com/santaana/. They are a 27 hole facility thats not overly expensive, in nice shape, and very walkable. Its a bit farther away but not that bad. Someone suggested Sandia and Twin Warriors, but both are nearly impossible to walk or don't allow it. I work at Arroyo Del Oso on Sundays if you get by say hello. Ask for Danny
  10. If you really do 3-putt consistently from 15 feet that would be a glaring weakness in your game that needs to be addressed. I still somewhat doubt the validity of that claim though. People are notoriously poor at analyzing their own games, hence the decades old belief that short game is the most important part of the game. It's not.
  11. I put 0, but its not like I never lose a ball, it just doesn't happen all that often. I use a ball for a couple rounds then it goes into my shag bag. After a couple years in the shag bag into the garbage they go.
  12. See this is where people don't understand the partial strokes gained methodology. You are seeing everything in complete strokes. What you don't realize is just about every time you three putt, it's probably partially your drive or approach shot that caused it. For example, you hit a poor drive and you have to hit a long iron out of the rough to the green. You leave yourself a 50 foot putt and you 3-putt. People blame the putter, but its the long game that actually is to blame. People are aIso poor judges of distance. I doubt you are actually 3-putting much from 15 feet. Those 3-putts are probably coming from more of the 30-50 foot range. Take a tape measure to the putting green and check it out, its hard to 3-putt from 15 feet.
  13. Really and truly, I have found that sometimes when I really "pure" a shot it will be a little long. My distances are determined from how I normally hit a golf shot. I don't normally pure a shot so sometimes when I do it may be a bit long.
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