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  1. I've not heard of it, but the US Am Tour is significantly bigger. US Am Tour
  2. I don't know how the season works in California, but around here you need to start hitting up courses in March as they get ready for the busier season and longer days. You will need to go into the pro shop and apply in person most of the time. No experience means, like @phillyk said, you will start as outside staff working in the cart barn, picking the range, and other types of work like that. Depending on your age you could possibly look at being a marshal or a starter, but normally those jobs are reserved for older folks. Some courses also have opportunities in food and beverage, you ca
  3. In the homeowners defense, normally a house on a tee box is a fairly safe location. Obviously she is an avid player, you can tell from the persimmon fairway wood she is hitting.
  4. A lot of times it has to do with how the range is set up. Some courses sell buckets in the pro shop, some have machines with tokens, and some just have balls out in little pyramids, etc. Often places that have the balls out will sell yearly range memberships while courses that sell individual buckets often go with range cards. The course where I work we have a separate membership for greens fees and range. There is no cart membership offered.
  5. Got out quite a bit this year i have 69 rounds recorded, that doesn't count the half dozen or so scrambles I played in nor all the practice rounds I played in the early morning and late afternoons. Courses: Arroyo Del Oso (majority) Los Altos GC Ladera GC Santa Ana GC Sandia GC Tanoan GC Pinery CC Ahwatukee CC Arizona Grand GC
  6. Yeah...no thanks. Played in similar conditions one time about 10 years ago, and I would never do it again. I still remember I nutted driver - 3 wood to the front edge of a 395 yard par 4 thats normally driver-Lob wedge. I played really well and shot 89, won by like 8 shots.
  7. My personal favorite! No in all honesty I feel the same way @iacas feels, they are purely functional until they are so gross that they must be tossed. Working at a golf course for all these years has ruined me from buying hats when I play different courses. I know how much those hats really cost wholesale, and I have a hard time paying $35-$40 for a $13 hat, I don't care if it does say Pinehurst no 2 on it.
  8. I use the pockets to carry around my shame. 🤣
  9. A few more suggestions for reasons: - I have more in my closet than 14 shades of khaki. - I realize there is more to life than my black work belt. - I like to look good even if I play like 💩 - I realize cargo shorts should only be worn when no one can see you in them.
  10. But you'll remember me and thats the important part!
  11. Yes, yes it does. FWIW I've always found @ChetlovesMer's extreme aversion for white belts ironic considering he is wearing cargo shorts in his avatar. I can wear my white belt at any golf course in the country. Those cargo shorts, on the other hand, are a no no at pretty much every high end track in the world. Just sayin' 😉
  12. Like I've said before, have you ever been outdriven by 50 yards by someone wearing a white belt? We should play then. I look fantastic in my white belts. Were you treated unfairly by a teacher wearing a white belt? Unfortunately, I've seen many an asshat get banned from here over the years. Some people just don't know how to play well with others.
  13. Took advantage of a day off and got out yesterday. Really struggling with the tee ball, but the irons are spot on. Hit some great wedge shots on the back, but didn't putt very well and didn't make but one birdie putt. Nice though got to use my new Clicgear series 8 push cart for the first time, Time on the workout summary is a little off, we played in 3 1/2 hours I forgot to turn it off when we finished.
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