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  1. Those scores seem awfully high for a city championship. I know the city championship here you have to shoot double digits under par to win. Last time I played I shot 4 under total and got blitzed by 11 strokes. Took 8th place.
  2. View this round on GAME GOLF First round with my new irons. No warmup went from my bed to the first tee in about 15 minutes so the first two swings were a bit iffy to say the least. Really hit the new irons well especially on the back side. Hit the driver extremely well as well. I moved the ball position a bit forward on the driver and 3-Wood and it seemed to help a lot.
  3. I hate pants, I wear shorts a large majority of the year. From April-October if you see me in pants someone is getting married or someone died. I do have some nice golf pants made from cooler material. Still I would never choose to wear them over shorts.
  4. Well technically it's just the Golf AmTour now but yes. They have dropped the "channel" part. It's tee times only and they try to do threesomes as well. All the major championships are threesomes. I've never seen a 5 hour round, the longest I have seen was about 4:45, but that was a local event at a tough course. The only drawback I hear is cost, but when you consider you will play in a decent time, you get announced on the tee, the overall running of every tournament is top notch, you get your money's worth.
  5. The AmTour only does tee times. Two waves, morning and afternoon, off #1 and #10. It's a thing of beauty, there is someone on #9 and #18 just checking turn times. Then there are multiple AmTour marshals on the course monitoring times as well. It's a well oiled machine. I used to bash the AmTour a bit, then I actually got involved with it and have found it to be a great organization. I highly recommend it now, they made a believer out of me.
  6. The Golf AmTour has adopted rigid pace of play rules. I attended a major championship at PGA West in April. 360 players on two courses over two days, not one round over 4 hours and 30 minutes. Let me say that again...NOT A SINGLE ROUND exceeded 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  7. A little late to the discussion, but I have some thoughts... Okay where to start...just because putting is "half your score" doesn't mean its more important. I would guarantee you, the average golfer who shoots 100 doesn't take 50 putts. He loses a majority of his shots on the long game. Dave Pelz is wrong a lot and his ideas about the importance of the short game and putting is in his own self interests to sell more books. Somewhere on this site there is a long list of Pelz falsities for your perusal. I would much rather play someone struggling with the driver than with the putter. Even an extremely hot putter can't make a birdie when they are always putting for par. The same goes for the guy who makes all his 5 footers. If he can't hit the driver and the irons theres a good chance those 5 footers are for par and bogey. If drives were unimportant how did you get to the green and close enough to make putts? I bet you didn't do it from 200+ yards away from behind the trees. Your experiences are skewed, badly. Mental game again, good lord. It's data based reading material that could help your game. Putting is important, just not as important as everything else.
  8. Good thing you push them instead of carrying them. BY FAR the best push cart on the market. Sketchers make very comfortable shoes. Also, I don't own a pair, but everyone I know rave about how comfortable TRUE Linkswear are.
  9. I played with a group of seniors today, them spitting was the least of my worries. They watered every tree on the back side if you know what I mean. 😂 yes
  10. It's a little spitting who cares. @joneal do yourself a favor, whatever you do, do not ever attend a Major League baseball game, you might lose your shit!
  11. Not the bet ball striking round, nor the best putting round either. A couple of pulled approach shots on #2 and #3 cost me big time and got me in a hole early. Managed to get it together somewhat for a 1 over 73. What saved me was my driving. Kept it in play for the most part only got it way off line once. View this round on GAME GOLF
  12. I use ibuprofen, but I do my best to stretch so I don't have take it as often. I have also become a regular at my health club's sauna and hot tub, those both help a lot. I just played 6 days in a row so I am getting ready to head over for a soak as soon as I get off the computer.
  13. First GameGolf round in a while. I was really struggling with my irons, swing felt terrible. Then yesterday after a round of 72 (how I shot 72 hitting the ball as poorly as I did is a miracle) I was down on the range trying to figure things out when our club pro drives by. He has helped me in the past with my wedges, so he told me to hit a few balls. I take one swing and he notices my posture is way out of whack. I am bending over way too much. He straightens me up has me stand taller and voilà my ball striking improves immediately. I came out today and besides one bad swing on #11, I have the best ball striking round I have had since I can remember. Hit 14 greens and only missed two others by a couple of feet. Hit a couple crazy tee balls on the front and on 11, but I think I got that figured out and hit the driver really well the rest of the way around. Made 4 birdies in a row and lipped out birdie on the next two holes. Golf is a lot of fun when you hit it like that. View this round on GAME GOLF
  14. Cameron is having some trouble as of late, one made cut since February. Has a bit of an issue breaking par in the first round, 81 is tough to come back from.
  15. My sister-in-law allows both her teenage daughters to vape saying "it's not bad for you". She's a lawyer so you can't debate anything with her because her law degree automatically makes her smarter than everyone else (according to her). She also allows them to smoke weed, but draws the line at alcohol because she "picks her battles" and alcohol is bad for you. I just hope her kids don't pay for her poor parenting later in life with addictions and pulmonary problems.
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