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  1. NM Golf


    Most of the golf I play is match play for money. We give putts, but nothing too difficult. My normal group consists of all low handicap players and we are very competitive. There's nothing wrong with giving putts either to others or to yourself. I've played with guys so serious they are adamant they putt everything out. I personally don't care if they want to putt everything out, except for the fact they tend to slow everything down. All I ask those type of guys to do is, if they have to putt out every 2 footer that they don't look at it from four sides and plumb bob it for 4 minutes.
  2. Went back to the range this afternoon and set the Mevo up on a piece of wood about a 1/2 inch thick. I got normal numbers again, so it must have had something to do with maybe sitting slightly below the level of the ball.
  3. I guess or maybe its sitting slightly below the level of the ball? I didn't think it was but I will give it a go this afternoon.
  4. I was outdoors and I double checked that it was set to outdoors. Also, I actually measured the distance from the tee to make sure it was correct. Just to try it out I put a couple dots on the balls and that didn't help. It's weird, I got great numbers the first time I used it. I contacted mevo and they said to try setting it on the box. I will try that this afternoon.
  5. I took the Mevo out today and got some really weird spin numbers (Over 11,000 rpm on a 3/4 SW, over 5000rpm on a 6 degree driver) Its causing a problem as its screwing up my carry distances when I practice. Any ideas on why this is happening? My first session with it a week ago it was almost spot on to what I got on a trackman when I purchased my driver. I tried using the dots (which I really don't want to have to do) but the numbers were even higher with those. It will suck to have to return it, but I'm pretty sure I don't spin a 3/4 SW at 11326 rpms
  6. I'm actually interested in all of it as it's all connected. FWIW those last three swings I moved the ball just a hair more forward in my stance and got better numbers. The earlier swings you can't see I had the ball a bit too far back in my stance and my spin numbers were up and carry numbers down, not to mention I was losing it right. I really think its going to make a big difference in the way I practice as I no longer have to go by feel and I can get some real hard data on each swing.
  7. I thought the carry distance was fairly spot on. 😉
  8. Tried the Mevo out for the first time. Got great data, worked on some gapping, fine tuned my SIM driver, and did a ton of wedge work looking at 50, 75, 100, and 125 yard shots. The wedge work I did was especially helpful. It is really hard at my course to work on wedge distance as we only have 50 and 100 yard markers. I think the Mevo is going to greatly improve my wedge game. One thing though, this thing is tiny! I know people say it fits in your pocket, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite this small. Not that that is a problem, it actually fits in one of the tiny valuables pockets in my golf bag.
  9. Well I went ahead and ordered the Mevo. Used Erik's code for the 10% off. Now the wait...
  10. I was leaning towards the Mevo, the funny thing is a lot of reviews knock it because you have to use an app on your phone with it. I don’t see that as an issue what so ever. To me it seems easier to deal with than the others.
  11. I am looking to pull the trigger on a basic launch monitor in the next week or so. I have narrowed it down to the Flightscope Mevo, the Swing Caddie SC300, and the Rapsodo MLM. I know @iacas has some experience with the Mevo, but does anyone have any with the other two. I want accurate outdoor numbers like ball speed, carry distance, spin rate, and club head speed. Basically I will use it for some gap work, maybe dialing in an adjustable driver, and most often wedge work from 50-150 yards. Are they worth the cost (about $500)? Do people that have them use them enough? Thanks in advance for any input.
  12. I've shot 30 (-6) several times. Last time I shot 35 on the front for a nice little 65.
  13. Is that really an issue, do people really just walk up and offer you swing tips? I would never do such a thing, hell I hate helping people even when they ask. Literally, I have only had this happen once in my life, had a guy tell me I should keep my left arm straighter. I just told him as soon as he could beat me he could give me advice. He didn't say much after that. To answer the OP I listen to Airpods while I am putting only. I can't stand to have them in when I am working full swing, I need to hear that contact.
  14. The main difference is all those guys you mentioned show some inkling of emotion on the golf course. A large percentage of the LPGA Tour show no emotion. For example, Sung Hyun Park is like watching a robot play golf. The next smile she cracks will be her first. The lack of emotion coupled with the fact they bunt it around a 6200 yard course makes for a bit of a snooze fest. You mention Scott Parel, thats part of the issue with the Champions Tour. He was a nobody prior to his CT time. The CT needs some star power to make it relevant IMHO. But if I am going to watch people I don't know or care about I would at least like them to be playing interesting golf.
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