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  1. I predict he has to give away half of that check he won, to his soon to be ex-wife. That dude is just gross, a prostitute....really?! Then again the president of Jackson State University just got popped trying to solicit a hooker too. Maybe it's just me, but it's never even occurred to me to do such a thing.
  2. NM Golf

    Tee Selection

    Colors mean nothing, could you give some yardages for the tees? I mean the yellow tees at my course are 5900 yards but at another course I play yellows are the championship tees at over 7500 yards.
  3. Wow nice wife! Mine let me buy a $35,000 camper, but it turned out she likes to camp just as much as I do. My golf purchases, however, must be on the DL. Nothing quite like new clubs, especially if you get fitted correctly, it can make all the difference. Thank god I work at a golf course though. While $2 grand wouldn't break the bank, I've never paid retail for a golf club so I am one cheap SOB. $400 for a driver and $125+ a club for irons just makes me cringe.
  4. NM Golf

    ARod WitB

    I'm guessing he stopped at a yard sale on the way to the course. I have to say I am surprised he doesn't have a least a small familiarity with golf. MLB players play a lot of golf. Hell his yankee teammate Derek Jeter plays golf.
  5. I can't get out to play, every time we have a nice day I have something I have to do. I haven't touched a club since January 20. Checked off 10 holes in two rounds, now I am stagnant. Might get out on Monday if the weather report holds true. Watch out once summer gets here and I can play several times a week!
  6. In the group I used to play in, one of the guys would call you a certain expletive every time you hit a good shot, made a birdie etc. At the end of the round we could judge how well we played by the number of times you got called that name. "It was a ten $%$##$ round, I played really well!" To answer the question, I don't really say "good shot" too often, but it doesn't bother me if someone else does. If it's not a good shot, I just chalk it up to the fact that maybe it's a good shot to them.
  7. I mentioned in another thread that I just ordered a 3-Hybrid to replace my 2-iron. The 2-iron is a driving iron, and although I hit it extremely well off the tee, I just cannot hit anywhere else on the course unless its just a perfect lie. In testing the 3-hybrid, the numbers were similiar in overall distance to my 2-iron. The big difference was I can hit that hybrid out of all kinds of different lies. Now I have tried hybrids in the past but the two reasons I have been reluctant to switch to one, was they had a bad left miss in them, and I couldn't control trajectory. The left miss comes from the fact that most hybrids available are weighted with a hook bias, set up closed, or both. PING are the worst in this category IMHO. Additionally, every hybrid I hit had two trajectories high and really high. I don't need help getting the ball in the air, but I do need to be able to flight it down if I need to.
  8. I have a similiar problem. I carry Driver, 3-Wood, 2-Iron then my next longest club is a 4 iron. I can hit the 3-Wood off the deck quite well, but I rarely need to unless I miss hit a drive or I am playing a really long course. Basically my 3 wood is used almost exclusively off the tee. The 2-iron is a driving iron, and while I hit it well off the tee, I find it useless anywhere else unless I have a perfect lie. Carrying three clubs that I use almost exclusively off the tee seemed a bit of a waste. Since the 2-Iron was one dimensional I decided, just yesterday, to switch and order a 3-hybrid. I have always had an issue with a left miss when I hit hybrids, but when I tried the new Callaway Mavrik Pro I found the ball flight to be fantastic. I am hoping once I get it I am able to hit it off the tee without losing too much distance, but it will be nice to have it available to hit shots in other areas of the course. I went with the 3-Hybrid instead of a 2-Hybrid because I fit better into the gap between 3 wood and 4 iron.
  9. Like others have said, it's mostly sudden noises that bother me. That being said, there is a group of ladies at my course that play fairly frequently on weekends in the summer. We do everything we can to avoid being directly in front or behind them. You can hear them talking and cackling 2 fairways over. They've cost me several strokes over the years, not only from well timed yells to each other, but I find it's just hard to concentrate with someone holding loud conversations within earshot.
  10. Can't say it changed my life, but it is a part of who I am. I took up golf after my baseball career came to an end with an arm injury. It allows me to compete, which is something important to me. Additionally, most of my friends I have made on the golf course.
  11. I played my first round of golf at 22 years old, I am 48 now. I played baseball in college and afterwards needed something to do. I had played around and hit balls at the range before, I had even had a lesson as a kids. My father and grandfather were both really good players so I had been around golf quite a bit. My boss invited me out to play one weekend and I borrowed an old set of the fathers clubs and went out. Shot 100+ the first time out and I was hooked. My dad helped me out a little after that I never shot over 100 again. I was shooting in the 80s within the year. I have always been an athlete, I have been competing at something since I started wresting at 6 years old. The need to compete is what pulled me into golf. The great thing about golf is you can play it your entire life.
  12. I have since switched back to playing the ProV1 most of the time. I keep a couple sleeves of the AVX for windy days because they perform well in those conditions. I have played the newer model. Like most newer models of golf balls, I cannot discern any difference in the two. I have not played any Bridgestone ball in years, so no I've never played the E12, but its a surlyn cover and the AVX is a urethan elastomer cover. Because of that, I would have a hard time believing the E12 would perform as well as the AVX.
  13. Pretty much drink water, but I will occasionally drink a Gatorade zero in the very hot months. I do my best to avoid any type of sugary beverage (except beer). I use splenda in my morning coffee and have done quite a bit of reading on its effects on the body. Used in moderation its one of the better artificial sweeteners on the market. The one big knock against it is it has negative effects on the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system. To combat this I take a probiotic. My gut seems to be just fine.
  14. I play or practice 5+ days a week May-August. I do it by getting up at the crack of dawn. I can play 18 holes and practice for 30-45 minutes and still be home before 10:00am. My family sometimes doesn't even know I went to the course. I also get in some good practice time both on and off the course in the late afternoons if nothing else is going on. Working at a golf course helps a lot, and so does living right next to it. Sometimes I'll have an hour or so to kill and head over, grab a cart, run out, find an open hole, and practice on the course. It beats sitting watching TV.
  15. Had a pair of 71s (-1) this weekend on my first two rounds of 2020. Hit the ball well but really struggled on the front both days due to the greens being frozen solid. The two rounds I was combined 5 over on the front and 7 under on the back once the greens thawed. I did get to check off 10 holes on the Birdie Challenge though and picked up my first two eagles of the season.
  16. NM Golf

    PGA Show 2020

    Some of the fat guys I know with beer bellies would never get a good read. Their belts are a mess. 😜 $199 for something thats not even legal seems like a stretch to me. And if you are using it to practice your reads there are free iPhone apps that do the same thing.
  17. We had a couple old punching bags, and we also took soft toss with flat basketballs filled with a little sand. That would ring the hands a little I tell you.
  18. We used to use something similiar when I played baseball in college. I am not sure how it would extend to golf. I've never seen anyone use something like that, I am afraid I would snap the shaft of the club.
  19. Finally got on the course this weekend. Got in two rounds with 8 birdies and 2 eagles checked off my list. I had 6 birdies and an eagle today. Only repeats were I eagled a par 5 that I birdied on Saturday and I birdied 18 both days. Don’t know when I’ll be able to get out again though.
  20. The kid I sold my irons to kept them for a couple years and the paint fills were still good when he got rid of them. He played a lot too. I would imagine they would last as long as a normal paint fill would, several seasons. I mean it is a permanent thing, its not designed to wear out.
  21. I did mine in bright red and it looked pretty cool. I almost didn't want to sell them. I've considered doing it to my current sets over the years, but just never got around to it. One color doesn't wear off faster than another as they are all acrylic paint and set in the grooves of the number. Just pick a color you can see.
  22. It's not that hard, I did this about 10 years ago with a set of Titleist blades before I sold them.
  23. If you want to put the time in you can change the paint color on your irons. Here is a video on how to do it. Black sharpie will come off.
  24. I agree we visit Orlando a lot and you can be just about anywhere in the city and throw a rock to the nearest golf course. They are everywhere.
  25. Little spoiled, as the course where I work and play most of my golf is 5 minutes from my house. There are several courses I play that are 30-45 minutes away though. I have even driven 3 hours each way to play a good course in Northern NM.
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