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  1. Day 6, No video, but i bet I did this drill for 30 minutes today. Great drill!
  2. PGA Tour caddies are out walking the courses each morning checking pins and tee boxes.
  3. Pinehurst is one of the coolest places I've ever gone on a golf vacation. We stayed at the Holly inn for 3 nights and played no 2 and No 8. The staff there makes you feel like you're at home, super friendly and accommodating. Glad they are doing something for them.
  4. Day 5 completed. No video, had to do it over because my swings were too long the first time around and the second time around it was pretty dark. Good news is I ordered a net and mat today so I can start hitting balls for real when it gets here on Wednesday.
  5. LOL no that wouldn't be right, although I gotta say I thought about it after reading your post. Mostly when I play there its in a money game of some sort. Know several guys who are members there plus working at another golf course has it's privileges and I know most of the guys in the pro shop. It's certainly not as easy as just walking in, but they are definitely not as stingy as the folks at ACC.
  6. Tanoan would be tough to keep people off of as spread out as it is. I am not sure how they would keep non members off the course without staffing the pro shop (something our governor said they cannot do). The city courses have gone to a private security firm to keep people off the courses. These guys drive around on 4 wheelers running anyone and everyone off the course. Tanoan could do that I suppose, but that would limit everyone's access. As cooped u as everyone feels, and the fact that pretty much every other course around here is on lock down I am sure the word spread like wildfire that Tanoan was still allowing play. Although, I gotta say I didn't hear anything. As far as dues, it sucks you have to pay while people that don't get to enjoy the course, but it's not like Tanoan is that "private". I've never been a member there and I have played there 100 times over the years, just saying.
  7. I saw first hand the difference my father and a couple of the older guys at my course saw when they got fitted and went to lighter graphite shafts and more forgiving heads. They picked up yardage and they hit it more solidly. And these are good players, guys that have been single digit handicaps for 40 years. As Erik said year to year you might not see much difference, but if you compare the technology now to technology say 10-15 years ago it's night and day. This is especially true if you are aging and you swing speed isn't what it once was.
  8. Like I tell people, I am pretty good, but I don't think anyone should go and try to emulate my swing.
  9. I have a pretty "home grown" swing. Some traditional things I do not do all that well, but it works for me most of the time. That being said I like the drills because it helps my understanding of the golf swing in general. I have enjoyed everything so far.
  10. Day 4: No video but a couple stills. Had a hard time getting a good look with the camera. A1: I have a strong left hand grip, but I still play a fade. A4: Top of the backswing a little cupped but didn't seem too bad. It's hard to see with the camera position, but I had a mirror in another room. A6: Seems like a good position? Thoughts?
  11. The course where I work allows us to play as much as we want whenever we want. Free range balls and cost or PUD pricing on all equipment. Its the greatest deal there is. You do have to make sure though that you aren't taking times away from the public, and on heavy cart days you can't take a cart, although I walk 90% of the time anyway so that doesn't bother me. They don't like all employee groups to take premium tee times, but if you have a paying player in your group you are good to go.
  12. Ok completed the drills, video didn't turn out due to a change in location. Been a busy day today with jobs around the house.
  13. Day 2: This is actually something I work on as I have a tendency to get too steep.
  14. Alright day 1 in the books. Need to find a better place going forward, this was filmed in my office.
  15. People won't change their ways, once we are through with this they will ride just like they did before. Some guys I know won't play until they start allowing carts again.
  16. Well congrats! Now stay healthy so you can enjoy it.
  17. Skins are available in just about every tournament I play in. Additionally, there are several groups I play with in the summer that play a skins game. Most of the big groups you throw in $20-$30 and they play net and gross skins and then a net and gross overall score.
  18. All the major equipment suppliers (Titleist, PING, Callaway, etc) set their own prices so shops must price equipment according to the manufacturer guidelines. If they sell equipment below suggested retail they could lose the account. So you won't see shops selling stuff too cheap. That being said I wonder how this shutdown has affected R&D divisions at the major manufacturers. Could we see a delay in the next generation equipment if this situation continues into the summer?
  19. You can do it either way, but its a lot easier, mathematically, just to divide the skin pot by the number of skins out.
  20. It won't affect my golf game at all. When we get it we will use it to pay bills.
  21. There's no perfect solution. I hate net skins in large groups because I have little chance to win. Most groups I play in we do both net and gross. I can't remember the last time I won a net skin, because in most of the groups I play in you have to birdie a hole with a pop. The net guys do love when I play though because we play off my handicap and they get 2 more pops. Do both, everyone is happy.
  22. Is there anyone else close to his handicap in the group? As a +1.5 I am going to tell you we LOVE straight up games. If you want to make it more equitable I would play net skins. It's pretty tough to have a 40 person league and play everything gross, there have to be some 15-20 handicaps who are just donating every week.
  23. Went to the course today to just putt and chip and just get some fresh air. There were two cop cars there turning people away. Thats the second time in a week I have seen the police used to shut down a golf course. Meanwhile, the jogging path that circles the golf course boundary fence was teeming with people walking and jogging, and the local park has people flying kites and hanging out as well. I just cannot understand my local government's emphasis on keeping people off the golf course.
  24. Man, it's tough to hit everyone up individually, this site has been an important part of my golfing life for nearly 15 years (minus a short hiatus a few years back). So just to name a few folks who I appreciate their content @David in FL, @Vinsk, @boogielicious, @billchao, @nevets88, @Pretzel, @DeadMan, and of course @iacas. I'm sure I left a few off and I am sorry for that.
  25. Just ordered this this morning. God knows when I will have a chance to actually hit it. I hit the standard Mavrik before all this shit hit the fan. I absolutely love my Mavrik Pro 3 hybrid, hopefully this is just as good. A 3-wood I can hit consistently is all my bag is missing.
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