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  1. I can see nothing wrong with using this method as long as it does not take up any extra time. The rules definately do not forbid it. You may not touch the line of putt, in front of the ball ,but to the side is fine,though not recommended.
  2. It is quite common practice for guys to pay for one round & take their girlfriend out to watch. As soon as they get out of sight of the clubhouse the girlfriend starts playing. Not suggesting for 1 moment that you were doing that but it could be the courses policy to take the money in case you intended that sort of idea. Sounds totally wrong to me though. If you take a cart you pay for 1 cart for 18 holes regardless of wether you are both playing or not. you should certainly not be charged extra for not playing. Makes no sense.
  3. Hate to admit it but being from Townsville I have to say The Cowboys. Was not a very good year.
  4. The Aussies are playing the Dutch. That may be a little harder
  5. The main problem with the EPL at the moment is trhat it is no longer English. The top clubs are owned by foriegn qwners & filled with foriegn players. & yet the FA do not seem to understand why England are finding it harder every year to find a decent national team. When are they going to wake up & place some sort of restriction on the number of foriegn players a club can put on the field . If this does not happen shortly in the EPL, & serrie A . We will end up with 1 world league & several countries with no national league & increasingly weakening national teams.
  6. Welcome to the Sandtrap Brett. Always good to see another Aussie on here . there are a few on this forum.Sorry to hear about your weather at the moment. What part of Vic. are you from. I happen to be a canetoad & our weather at the moment is terrific for golf. Maybe you should consider migrating north for winter.
  7. Welcome Tape always good to see members from the old country.
  8. Snowyowl Rule 2-5 clearly states that if a player intends to make a claim he must inform his opponent before either player tees off onthe next hole . not halfway down the next fairway. The club pro got that dead right .The playercan make a later claim if he can prove that his opponant gave him wrong information.
  9. Blue is correct you must make the claim & sort it out before hitting off the next tee unless you can prove that your opponant gave you the wrong information intentionally. if you hit the sand during your shot no penalty obviously however if you then ground your club & your ball returns into the bunker, Yes you are penalised.
  10. Played 2 rounds on theweekend with a 16 year old with a handicap of 11. have known him for a couple of years when his starting h/cap was 25 .he is always a pleasure to play with. surely it is a responsibility of all adult club members to help bring along these juniors. they are the future of the game wether at club level or international level. there are arrogant & rude players of all ages.
  11. Well done in the Matchplay Saks & nice to see someone that cares enough to read the rule book now & then. In the case of the singles match you would give him a stroke on match index 1. Hope you enjoyed the Matchplay, IMO. it is the best form of the game.
  12. Bright & sunny most of the day. low of 17*c & high of 28*c. rarely get below 23*c max even in the middle of winter( about 2weeks long) great weather for golf at this time of year.
  13. To make it more confusing, Your club may make a local rule making all of these markers immovable obsstructions. So the first thing to do is check the local rule board. Furthermore if you handed in your card without the penalties taken you should be Disqualified. My advice to all club golfers is to read through the decisions of golf book. It is available at many public libraries & also on the internet at R&a; rules Or USPGA rules. This is a GREAT game isn,t it
  14. pom


    I take it then,that you are a Brit but not a football fan
  15. Welcome aboard Mr Eagle, Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
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