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  1. Hahaha, feel like you're watching the Nationwide Tour ehhh? Oh yeah Lluie, Faldo pulling Serg is a head scratcher!!
  2. I think the coverage of the Ryder Cup running a little late pushed back the Viking Classic, they did "Live From" for an hour or so after the live coverage was over.
  3. Tell me, just put it under a spoiler button
  4. Harry would have liked if you put the results under a spoiler button as well
  5. Haha, me too...20 years ago. But yes, it is a great feeling for a young man and as the folks always said "it's a privilege, not a right".
  6. Who knows where this thread is going....may be another reason for the tumbleweeds
  7. Didn't know that either, almost pointless to have one IMO.
  8. You should...Minus the travel expense it is very affordable for golf and lodging As for me, I still play just not as much.
  9. I guess you are asking how do you tell them to play the ball down so you can play for money??? I wouldn't think it would be that hard if you are playing for a little cash to include at the begining of the round as the bet is being establish to say; "Since we are playing for money, every shot must be played as it lies, and if for some reason you have to take a drop, hit a provisional, or something else you must declare your intentions before you do anything so there are no problems(ie. if you need relief or are taking a drop you must let your partners know what you are doing BEFOREHAND). Seems simple enough to me...C
  10. 8 1760 if my in your head math is right depends which ton you're refering to 2000 or 2240
  11. Maybe he did Knowing the media they probably asked him(at least once)
  12. Or maybe he was addressing a question that has been asked of him several times since he decided to take the rest of the year off. Also one of the first lines of the article says something about speculation he may be there for the matches, so he could have been addressing that as well. I interpret it as him not being there to not show up the captain since he isn't playing. But like QQQ I have been wrong before...
  13. My apologizes, I didn't know you would be down with the ole skool Best thing that came out of Cali during that time(well a little after) was The Pharcyde, still listen to them to this day. Definitely agree Rap died in the mid 90's, todays stuff is commercialized, recycled pop-rap.
  14. Hahaha, that's funny. Well it was early in the day and I was at my folks house in that pic, so no drinking at that point.
  15. Just find a trap on an open hole when you're playing and try to get some practice in. Ben gave me the tip of concentrating on a spot one inch behind the ball and it has helped me an awful lot.
  16. I'll take some American pride and say the US on Sunday
  17. He is pretty funny, I worked with a guy who was a huge fan of his, and he definitely made me appreciate him more, but I seem to have an appreciation for stand up comedians anyway. I have seen Gallagher, Dave Chappelle(twice), Ron White, Bill Cosby, Shelly Chong & Tommy Chong, and George Carlin(R.I.P.) live.
  18. Me a few years back with a friend, and on the left in the band photo
  19. Craig Mac


    That is pretty pathetic right there, you guys should have had the police get involved due to this jackazz trying to sell stolen equipment. It may have been hard to prove they were your buddies clubs without recipts but at least you would have shown the guy you knew he was stealing clubs, then you should have met him in the parking lot for a little street justice. Last time I played a few weeks ago it was at a muni and I saw a club just off the green and I asked the two guys I was playing with if it was theirs and they both said no, then one asks, "well what kind of club is it", I tell him it was a cheapo and he replies, "nevermind, if it was a nice one I'd keep it". I was like WTF!!! So I responded, "the only person who is keeping this club, is the owner". Some people.....
  20. Go for it!! If I was your age I do it in a second, get to learn about the game, good deals on golf swag, and probably get to hit some balls/putts on slow days.
  21. What kind of flicks do you and the wifey usually like? Comedies, action/adventure, horror, chick flicks???
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