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  1. Cracked/split - almost snapped shaft!

    I bought it 2nd hand form golfbidder, a pga certified website auction. The ball went about 290 and off the the right slightly, so a fairly good hit, but i went for it quite a bit, and i hit the floor at impact quite hard, enough to make a largeish divot. Seeming i bought the club of an auction site, i dont think i could send it to them, although i need to know from anyone with this experience, and how long it takes if i send it off to the manufacturer, and if it costs. Thanks again, Nick Need replys fast!
  2. Ive got a mizuno mx 500 driver. The shaft it a mizuno exsar 50 regular. I was on the 12th tee, and i hit the floor whilst taking my shot. It split from where the head joins the shaft, and up by 2inches. Is it a fault? how do i get it sorted? can i send it back to mizuno and get it fixed FAST and CHEAP? Fast Replysss! Thank you! Nick
  3. What is your average Driver yardage?

    I hit My driver rather far when i want it to be but i am struggleing with rain play at the moment
  4. Im looking for a wedge that would finish off my bag perfectly. i wish for it to be between my pw and sw.which mizuno wedges are the best and what loft should i get? id mainly use my sw for chiping, floping, and bunkers, ill keep it for bunkers, and ill do everything else with my wedge.
  5. Whats your longest ever drive? Mines 329 yards in no wind on boggy fairways. Nic, TheMizunoMan
  6. HELP with my BIG Draw

    The thing that will help you most is... lessons. I cant really help you with this without seeing your swing path and speed. Some people i teach had similar problems, with slicing and pushing etc, they simply changed their tees. 2 years ago when i was slicing (i was 11) i changed from plastic castles to wooden normals... my slice was no longer Just one to try. Nic, TheMizunoMan
  7. Quitting golf???

  8. I have cavity backs (mx 19's) AMAZING forgivness and feel!
  9. Slicing!!! Agrhh!!!

    Well. I Slice. It seems like im slicing, but im actually PUSHING. I need drills and tips that will help me roll my hands over fully so then i hit fairways more often! its only on my driver and woods, my irons are fine! PLEASE HELP lol Cheers, The Mizuno Man
  10. Balls!!!

    Hi, Im looking for a new ball. Im not bothered about how far it goes (but it would be an added extra!), I would prefer it to be soft and so i could get quite a bit of spin around the greens. I wouldnt want to go over the £20 mark ($40 for you americans!) because im 14 and i simply cant afford it! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, The Minzuno Man
  11. Wedges...

    The type of shots i would like to hit: Seeming im off 28, and only been playin 4 months and im 14 yr old, i go for the cheaper srixons and topflites... I found with my new mizuno mx 19's i create a lot of spin with low spin balls ... I would like to hit shots from 15-10 yards and the odd chip with more control so then i wont have to worry about it bouncin off the back and me having to chip on and 2 put, id rather be on the green and 2 put!.. just more control around the greens. Thanks for your help! themizunoman P.S, i will probably be getting a wedge later this year as im out of dosh now :P, im not looking for one any time too soon
  12. Wedges...

    Youve just told me info on my clubs that I never even knew! lol! well I dont have a gap wedge and i think i might ask for one for my birthday ! What do you use a gap wedge for? ( ive never had one) U were a great help thanks!
  13. Favorite dog breed

    I like golden labradors
  14. Wedges...

    Im looking for a lob wedge and would like some recomendations