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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions - I went out last week and don't think I was really focusing on anything, as I was all over the place with the driver...I did manage to hit 2 fairways, though, so a minor victory. I'm heading out to play tomorrow and thought I'd choose something to focus on as I'm playing - Rather than adding a bunch of things, starting with one at a time seems to be a better route to go (yes, I am planning on lessons at some point, but that's down the line a bit) The suggestions I've had so far are: - Gripping down on the club - Keeping my shoulders square
  2. I do see what you're saying there and even noticed that in my practice swing, there's a more natural "flow" that does include some lower body motion as well. The other thing that occurred to me, but is difficult to see from this angle, is that I may be standing too far from the ball, causing an outside - outside swing, a guaranteed slice every time. I'll get a back-view as soon as I can, but am already planning on looking at my address next time I'm out.
  3. Wow, that's quite the compliment - very much appreciated. It took some time to get it into my head to remember I'm not striking the ball during my backswing - it's about creating the start of a good swing plane. I've heard alternating comments about upper body and lower body - some things I've read say you want to keep the lower body quiet (aside from weight shift from right to left) and others talk about slight shift in the hips...Part of why my lower body's quiet is because I was shifting alot in the down swing and when I corrected that, I stopped topping the ball - completely. I ha
  4. Just a random question, but are you hitting down with your irons or more of a "sweeping" swing? Also, where is the ball in relation to your front foot? While I can't get those types of distances myself, I know I have a sweep swing and don't get stop on the greens unless it's my PW or maybe a 9i.
  5. It sounds like, by what you're saying, is that I should still keep the shaft perpendicular, but turn the shaft so the club face is square - the first part of this did get my hands slightly behind the ball at address. I think the suggestion of choking down is a good one - I'm not overly tall (6' 1") and never had a club with this length. Combining both of these with working on keeping my weight forward will make a big difference. I'm likely heading out to play this weekend, so will pick one thing to focus on for improvement - and if I'm all over the place, just might stick with t
  6. I definitely noticed that right away and pretty sure that's something that's taking away some distance - one thing I'm going to try is waiting to accelerate until impact rather than trying to whip through at the top. I'm also looking at videos to find some drills to keep my weight forward on the follow through - I think I saw one that has a "lean and stop" method to get a feel for the weight forward. For the second poster - I think I get that. By open shoulders, does that mean the leading shoulder is further up than the back shoulder or vice-versa? And, for putting the club down, I'm
  7. This is a bit of a two part question, one to do just with my driver, the other a quirk I noticed today out on the range. This year, I changed drivers and bought a Callaway Diablo Octane driver with regular flex. My driver was from an independent local manufacturer/shop and is at least 10 years old. It was time to upgrade. I've struggled with the push slice, something that happened even before the upgrade. Normally, when I'm addressing the ball, I focus on getting the clubhead square as I take my grip (Vardon grip, still working on keeping the grip into the fingers and no
  8. There were three things I noticed - this is all said with a disclaimer that I'm nowhere near a pro, but rather someone working on my own swing and things I've been working on this year (after 3 years away from the game) 1. The heel of the front (left) foot is lifting during your backswing, but stayed quiet during those practice swings you were taking with the driver (about four minutes in). I've been working on keeping my front foot planted to keep me from turning too far in the back swing. 2. It's tough to tell from the front angle, but it looks like your back foot is in front
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 15 years (off and on, just started again after 3 year hiatus) My current handicap index or average score is: 20-25 My typical ball flight is: slice/fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Hard right slices Videos: The first swing was a pretty severe slice, but the second started straighter with a less severe slice. My first impression immediately after watching them was my balance - it really looks like I'm falling back to my right foot on follow through - to
  10. I'll try and be as descriptive as I can - it's a work in progress to be sure. My original grip did not have the left thumb/index finger pointed towards the right shoulder - the angle pointed at my chin. The new grip I am trying to adjust to is to have the shaft going from the base of the pinkie up to the second joint of the index finger of the left hand. I interlock the right pinkie with the left index finger and use a similar line with my right hand. This is the grip I'm working on (the middle): I think by the heel pad, you mean the pad closer to my pinkie
  11. Since I started playing circa 15 years ago, I've always used the interlocking grip as far as I can remember. I recently got a tip about the position of the shaft in my left hand to help get the angle of the thumb/index better pointed towards my right shoulder, which has definitely been a tough adjustment. Is it possible to OVER adjust and if so, what kind of impact might that have? Since making the change, I feel like I've been getting more soreness in my wrists after rounds (I'm typically playing 9 holes, not 18). Is this potentially a side effect of adjusting how/where I hold
  12. I've tried that before and instead of a slice, I would hit the ball off the toe of the club, which was much worse than any slice I'd ever hit. If you get to a place where you correct the mechanics of your swing, now you're going to have to correct your stance again. What's worked for me are two things: - Changing my grip slightly to make sure the angle of my left thumb and forefinger points to my right shoulder. This helps keep the club head square through impact and also keeps my front shoulder slightly higher than my back shoulder - Keeping the triangle from the down s
  13. I went out yesterday and played and only hit the one pull, but knew I'd twisted and had the ball too far forward in my stance. I teed up again, slowed down, made the adjustment and hit it perfect close to the 250 mark. One thing I did was focus on keeping my front leg quieter throughout the round and any slice I hit was far less severe than previous mishits. All in all, the slight adjustments led to 9-hole 47, my best round of the year so far. I'll work on getting a video of a couple swings, but it's likely going to be a phone video.
  14. I'm going through the same question myself, as I just picked up a set of the Adams A3 OS 3H - PW. According to the Adams site, the specs are: 3 Hybrid 4 Hybrid 5 Hybrid 6 Hybrid 7 Hybrid 8 Hybrid 9 Iron PW
  15. My fear with the looser grip is falling into Josh Hamilton syndrome , but at least it's not likely to put anyone's life in danger if it actually DOES happen.
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