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  1. Funny. Most everyone complains about slow play but no one will ever admit to being slow. So, who is causing slow play?
  2. I can relate. As painful as it was for VH it sure was entertaining.
  3. pusher


  4. I get the "no cargo shorts" thing. They are NOT traditional, and they're a terrible look. They're baggy, wrinkly and silly. No one wants to see people in baggy, wrinkly clothes on the golf course. Besides, you don't need to be carrying "cargo" in the first place. You're not on safari. You're playing golf. You've got a golf bag with multiple pockets and, most likely a golf cart with plenty of room for most anything you'll need during 18 holes. Save the cargo shorts for your next hike in the bush.
  5. Two years ago my short game was a mess; chunks and bladed shots. I had no confidence at all. I decided I needed to do something about it. I worked on it every spare moment I had. I did not take a lesson, though I spoke with a couple pros. We just couldn't work out our schedules. I watched videos, other golfers who were good at it, read articles and practiced, practiced, practiced. Some things didn't work for me. Some did. By last August I began to feel some confidence (yes, it took that long). Now, when looking at a 20 yard pitch or a ten yard chip I feel pretty good about my chances. Same goe
  6. Bill Fields of Golf World wrote this week about Taylor-Made’s Hack Golf initiative designed to solicit new thoughts on how to entice more people to the game. At the PGA show Hack Golf introduced an oversized set of non-conforming clubs and a bigger ball designed for a larger hole. They believe golf is just too hard and complex and needs to be dumbed down in order to attract more participants. This disturbs me. I think dumbing down the game distorts the game itself. Yes, golf is hard. Yes, it is complex. If you want easy there’s always checkers or fishing. I don’t believe the game is ke
  7. I'm sorry, but using the words "fried chicken" in a flippant remark in reference to a black man is a racist comment. Who is he trying to fool?
  8. Holy cow! Can someone please tell McCord to shut the hell up? I cannot stand the constant, inane jabbering.
  9. I was thinking to myself "I wish the announcers would shut up for a minute so I could hear what the pros are saying in between shots" when Bradley dropped a "god damn it" just after his tee shot on the par 3 sixth. It made me laugh.
  10. RM is simply dismantling the course.
  11. I think it's all good fun. Y'all need to lighten up.
  12. "I wish I had the money that built that gut", Feherty on the open mic to Darren Clark. :-0
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