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  1. Hi all. I recently got the footjoy M project spikeless shoes. I love them, but I may have made a mistake in getting white shoes. I have gotten them pretty muddy and they seem to be stained with brown spots. Any tips for getting the stains out without ruining the shoes? Thanks!
  2. I shot 9 this morning before work, and had my best 9 ever in a regulation course going: 2 up through 6 holes, with 2 GIR pars and 2 up and down pars, 2 bogies. I ended up finishing bogie, bogie, triple triple, but still shot a 44. Probably my best yet, but if I would not have made a couple of bad mental errors at the end I would have easily broken 40! (Not bad for a 28 handicap). I had a tip from a scratch golfer that I played with to stand closer to the ball and swing more vertical, steep, and through the ball instead of around my back. This has really helped me keep my balance on my long
  3. Not to throw in too much of an off-topic complaint, but there was 3 inches of snow on the ground on May 1st here in Nebraska. We have a tee time this Saturday, but the forecast is 40 degrees, 20 mph wind, 60% chance of rain. Weird weather this year.
  4. You can get a Taylormade burner 2.0 3 hybrid (basically a 2 hybrid from anyone else) for $90 from rock bottom golf. Way better deal than the RBZ stage 2 for $180 at the same site. I have the burner 2.0 and it is very easy to hit and can make up a lot of distance for you fast.
  5. I agree with this. I've been golfing 3 years now and I finally am feeling confident enough to hit a 3 wood. I have the A7OS set and the 4 and 5 hybrids will instantly put you at an advantage over your buddy if he is hitting 4 or 5 iron. The set is as easy to hit as anything. If I were you, I'd get that set and a nice 3 hybrid (don't even worry about a driver right away). If you are like me, and most beginners I have talked to, the 3 hybrid will probably give you more distance than a driver anyways (39 yards of slice takes a lot of distance off). I still hit my 3 wood longer than my drive
  6. I have the a70s set. I love it. The 4 and 5 hybrids are so easy to hit it is ridiculous (although I find them almost impossible to fade/slice, but as long as you know it won't do it, you are fine). My buddies who play with 4 and 5 irons are always struggling on the long par 3s, but I hit solidly and catch the green with the high ball flights of these hybrids. I'm not too vain to play a 4 or 5 hybrid.
  7. Hah, no offense taken (and no health issues here). i am now at the point where I can crank a 7 iron about 145 yards. However, I tend to swing much more slowly and put it at about 125-130 because I am not confident enough in my full power swing. If I go full swing i still am at the point where I can really duff it occasionally. I can hit my 4 hybrid at the range to almost 200 yards (with roll-out), but I still tend to play it as my 160 yard club on the course. I am very consistent with this 60% swing, but am slowly working it up to around 85% so I can play my short irons/mid irons from rea
  8. I have been getting my driver to behave itself lately, so I have been taking it out quite a bit more. My big slice has turned into a slight draw/straight hit with quite a bit more distance. I still am not getting the distance I would like, however (I'm 24, in reasonably good shape, and my driving distance is typically around 220-230, which the really nice ones going 250-260 with some rollout and perhaps some wind help). One thing I have noticed is while using plastic tees, and hitting my driver, my tee almost always ends up 5-10 yards behind me. Does this happen to anyone else?
  9. We have a public par 3 course here that is labeled a "junior golf course", holes range from about 90 yards to 175. During the off-season (like now), the proshop hours are from 9am to 4pm, but they have a sign that says it is okay to play the course if the shop isn't open as long as frost or weather would lend to course damage during your round. Before I knew the earlier hours during the off season, I went to try and get a quick 1 hour 9 holes in before going to work (got there at around 6:45am, just as it was getting light). There were several people starting to play the course around
  10. If people knew exactly what they were doing wrong to limit their distance, don't you think they would change it as long as it didn't influence the accuracy?
  11. I did the same thing recently! I have been slicing my driver for a while now (not so much other clubs, just the driver). In the past few months I have gotten it down to a big fade, and then in the past month I have converted it to only hitting slight draws. I can't hook it if I try, so really putting a big draw swing on the driver results in just a slight right to left and a LOT more distance and roll out. I don't know if this advice will help anyone, but here is what I did: 1. I only do about 3/4 of a backswing (not nearly to parallel), and try not to do too much movement on th
  12. So I just played a round and used this club on some par 3s for the heck of it. My typical 7 iron hit (with my old a7os club) is ~120-125 yards. With this club, on 2 holes I hit the club a beautiful 140 yards with a slight draw right on the green (I expected to maybe hit a little further, so I decided what the heck on these 140 yard shots, coming up short is okay on them). I really like this club and shaft, but haven't gotten to hit it much. I like hitting it during a round because I am more confident of distances. I do not have a rangefinder, so it is hard for me to tell how far I am hitti
  13. Here is where we are different. I have holed about a dozen chips this season but have never made a 20 foot putt in my year and a half of golf. As far as the deep greenside rough: I'm going to try putting it back in my stance and opening up the face with a sand wedge to try and plop it up to allow me to swing a little harder at it without fear of it going to far. Truegolf- I agree about preferring a grassy lie with a sandwedge to a tight lie, but only when it isn't too buried. I'd rather have a tight fairway shot that I could chip with a little finess than a deep shot where I
  14. Honestly, I've never come close to an eagle chance until the last few rounds so now that my drives are actually giving me opportunities it is so hard to turn down. I'm a little unsure how far my drives are going to go now that I am more comfortable with my driver, so these past few times I have outdrove the fairway a bit. My 3 wood only goes 220y at the very maximum, and I am very consistent with this club off the tee, so I'll probably just try using that on these par 4s. The par 5 is only 400 yards partly downhill, and my driver left me with less than 150 yards (a gentle 5 iron for m
  15. It may not be an extremely popular choice, but the mizuno driver in my signature (which was a hand-me-down from my father-in-law) is incredibly forgiving. I think you can get them on ebay for ~$100. My friend just got a brand new RBZ driver, and I hit both my mizuno and his RBZ for one hole and I drove my mizuno dead straight about 20 yards further and the RBZ had a little fade which took the distance off. As a high handicap, forgiveness probably equates to distance, as I lose A TON of distance if I hit a fade with my driver (fade = 180-220 yards, straight =230-250 yards, draw=250-270). I
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