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  1. Borderline and not enough to suggest cheating in my opinion. Don’t underestimate how much your hand eye coordination deteriorates on a lefty shot. I have whiffed balls trying to hit them lefty before. It’s not out of the question to think his practice takeaway might be a bit too low on a opposite handed shot. And not only did he gain no advantage, there was really no advantage to be gained. Even if he dug a 6 inch trench behind his ball, he still has to make a clean ball first strike, which he did. i vote “nothing to see here”
  2. Only if you are already safely in the fairway!
  3. That was my first thought too. But upon reflection, I've had a lot of crisp iron shots that sizzle off the club face before turning dead left into a dreaded hook. The click of a pure pitch shot almost always results in a positive outcome.
  4. My favorite sound is probably the crisp "click" sound of a well struck pitch shot off a tight lie. It's especially satisfying because I tend to have a fair amount of fear about those shots - and overcoming my mental hurdles to clip a 20 yard pitch that bounces once and checks nicely is a great feeling.
  5. Big C

    6-6-6 Tournament

    Took a closer look and assuming it is a "red/white/blue" event and the Fazio tees do not come into play, Here is what I would do. Forward tees on 4, 7, 8, 12, 14, 17. As I said, I wouldn't typically move forward on a par 3, but the difference between 175 and 104 is significant. All the remainder are par 4s/5s where the distance would be significantly shortened. Middle tees on 1, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15 Back tees on 2, 3, 5, 11, 16, 18
  6. Big C

    6-6-6 Tournament

    Your course appears to have 4 sets of tee boxes. What colors do front, middle and back correspond to? It's a fun idea for a tournament, but I think it would be tough to answer your question simply by looking at a scorecard. You would really have to know how the holes set up in order to determine proper strategy. On my home course, there are a couple holes where an additional 30 yards forward doesn't give a huge benefit, because the extra yardage brings more trouble into play. Instead of hitting driver, I would hit a 3 wood, or a hybrid. Holes like that are ones where I would likely stick with the back tees. But again, without knowing the course, no one here could say which holes those are. Generally speaking, I'd look for opportunities to turn par 5's into long par 4's, or opportunities to give myself short pitches into par 4 holes. Unless a par 3 is particularly brutal, I disagree with the strategy of moving forward on those. What I want to do is give myself as many chances for birdie as I can. Hitting a 9 iron vs. a 6 doesn't materially improve my chances to do that. It's a fun concept, though!
  7. I do remember that! We all saw the ball take this crazy bounce left - seemingly out of thin air. It wasn't until I found the ball with a huge red paint stain on it that I realized what had happened. That was the first and last time I had ever seen that. I'm honestly surprised it doesn't happen more often.
  8. Fortunately I have never encountered an example of blatant cheating in the handful of competitive tournaments I've played in. The closest I've ever come was in our club championship a few years back, and even then, I'm not 100% convinced it was an act of cheating. It occurred during the second round of our 3-round championship. My marker and I were among the leaders after day 1 and were playing in the last group. Unfortunately, the day was not going well for either of us, and we both carded relatively poor scores on the front 9. On 10, our bad play continued as we both made double bogey 7's on the par 5 hole. As were are walking off the green, my marker came up to me and said "we both got a 6 there, right?" Something about the tone of his question struck me as odd - like he was little too eager to ask the question. I just responded that I was pretty sure we had both taken a 7, but that he should go back over his strokes to confirm. He took a second, agreed to a 7 and nothing came of it again. And in fairness to him, there is a slight chance he really thought we had both bogeyed. But if I had to place a bet, my guess is that he was trying to shave a stroke.
  9. Agree with all of this. And I will simply add to say that it is interesting to me how the mentality on all sides changes when you go from a public course to a private club. As an example, if I invite a buddy out to join me for a weekend round of golf, it is assumed that we will each pay for our own rounds. There is no discussion, no debate, no surprise. That is the norm. But if I join a private club and I want to play with that same (non-member) buddy, the expectation seemingly becomes that I will pay for his round. There is something a little quirky about that idea, I'm not quite sure what to make of it, and I'm sure there are some country club members that resent it. So yeah, to avoid any misunderstandings, I basically agree with everything David said above.
  10. The Lee comment was in poor taste. But I think his general point is correct. The LPGA has a problem and I don't see how they overcome it. The girls don't hit the ball a long way, and the tour is basically devoid of interesting personalities. Both of those things are extremely limiting factors in terms of developing fan interest and support. @Vinsk I'm not sure what changes he could suggest that would help to remedy the two things I mentioned above. It bothers me somewhat that it seems taboo to talk about the fact that the LPGA is fundamentally less compelling than the PGA. Haney crossed the line by alluding to race in a clumsy manner, so he is probably going to take more scorn than he really deserves. But the overall sentiment is correct as far as I can tell.
  11. @iacas thank you for the detailed reply. I’ll have to give some thought to what you posted.
  12. It really doesn’t though. At its core, the calculation tells us that an excellent round shot on a very difficult course is less impressive than an identical round on a very easy course. Now I’m open to learning something I hadn’t thought about before and I did a google search in good faith on the topic. But I didn’t find anything that changed my mind. In fact, a few of the top hits were articles that criticized the USGA for this backwards calculation. That said, if there is a specific article or link you are referring to, I would be open to reading it.
  13. Perfect example of how counter-intuitive the handicapping system is for plus handicaps. If slope had the same impact on an under par round as it did for one over par, Koepka's differential would have been something like +20. Really, slope shouldn't be factored in at all when you get below par, but it's OT for this thread. Kudos to Brooks for an awesome round.
  14. Romo finished with a 76-74 - 8 over par performance. He finished tied with JJ Henry, ahead of 4 others who completed both rounds and 3 guys who withdrew. He didn't quite hit the lofty "72 or better" prediction I had set for him, but I would call it a pretty respectable showing nonetheless. And an interesting stat - Romo was actually 5- under on the par 5's, while going 13 over on the par 3's & 4's!
  15. Starting out strong. I'm not a big gambler, but I was curious to see what some of the betting sites had predicted for Romo. One of them had the over/under on his first round at 75.5. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't check earlier. I would have been willing to wager a modest sum on the "under" there.
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