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  1. I wouldn't call the Stadium Course a "must play," but since it is somewhat iconic and well known, I think it's worth a round if you go into it with the right mindset. I've played it twice and it's a very tough course. Water and bunkers everywhere demand accuracy off the tee, which is not exactly a strength of mine. The second time I played it, they had grown out the rough to above ankle depth, which just made the course ridiculous. We had 4 golfers in our group and I was the only one to break 100. I shot a 98 - as a 9 handicap mind you. We all walked away from that day feeling like we ha
  2. Even then you will have a tough time getting a foursome. Long Beach gives their resident cardholders an 8 day booking window vs. 7 days for the general public. You might be able to snag a morning twosome if you are lucky. But the odds of getting a foursome on the weekend are almost non-existent. Your best bet is probably to make friends with someone who has a resident card and have them book a time for you. I'd offer to help, but as a former LB resident who recently moved to Los Alamitos, I'm in the same boat as you. Cool! Good to know another person with SoCal roots. Yeah, I was
  3. I think the more important variable is that the availability of golf "slots" is down significantly. Our local municipal courses in Long Beach (not far from the OP) used to let out groups in 8 minute intervals and they allowed people to go out in fivesomes. Now the groups are foursomes only and the intervals are 10 minutes. It's great for pace of play, but let's do the math..... Pre-Covid - 45 Groups out between 6am - 12noon. Theoretically up to 225 golfers, but let's say 200 to be conservative Post Covid - 36 Groups out between 6am - noon. All foursomes = 144. That is appr
  4. I guess if you think the ball was moving the whole time then sure, it’s a bad ruling. But it seems pretty obvious to me the ball came to rest and then fell over a minute later. From my vantage point it’s a no brainer that they got this one right.
  5. Big C

    Pick Three

    1 and 5 are non-starters for me. I would love to watch the Masters in person at least once before I die, but it's not such a bucket list item that I would want to tie up a weeks worth of my discretionary time every single year. As for 5, I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my clubs. Once I find something that works, I won't change until it breaks or (in the case of my last set of clubs) gets stolen. A round of golf with Tiger is a no-brainer. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind not choosing that. And I would love to get in 18 with John Daly, so that gets second billing for m
  6. What is the objection to allowing past Masters Champions to play as long as they are physically able and can maintain an adequate pace? Do you believe that they are detracting from your enjoyment of the tournament somehow?
  7. Yeah, my comment was mostly tongue in cheek. I agree there is some nuance depending on the length and difficulty of the holes, the distance between tee boxes, and the complexity of the greens, but those nuances are rarely acknowledged in discussions like these.
  8. 5 - U.S., Mexico, Canada, Grand Bahamas and Ireland.
  9. This thread (and all the others like it before) prove that there is only one irrefutable answer to this question. Slow play is any pace that slows me (the golfer in question) down from my desired pace. The actual number is not relevant.
  10. Unfortunately, I recorded Saturday's action, but not Friday's. And I could not find any video replay of Reed's 5th hole Friday online. If anyone else has the recording, I would be interested to see if the video matches my recollection. That said, I realize it would not be conclusive evidence either way. Just another thread in a line of things that make you say "hmmm...."
  11. Yes I’ll try to find the video later today.
  12. Yesterday on the 5th hole, Patrick Reed pulled/hooked his tee shot left into the water. The announcers speculated he did not cross land and would have to drop back near the tee boxes. Ultimately, he chose a drop point about 220 yards in front of the tees, hit a 3 wood into the green side bunker and got up and down for bogey. About 15 minutes ago, cam smith hit the same shot. He took the drop that the announcers speculated Reed would be taking, leaving himself 349 yards to the hole. After pulling another one into the water, he needed a fantastic up and down for triple bogey. I need to
  13. Occasionally I'll play my own "worst ball" scramble when I'm out by myself. Even as a single digit handicapper, I hit so many loose shots that getting more than one par in a 9 hole stretch is almost a miracle. And on those rare occasions where I manage a GIR, I'm usually putting from outside of 25 feet. From there, I'll usually cozy one up to tap in range and miss the other by 6 feet. Then I'll proceed to make my first and burn the edge on the second. Sooooo deflating. It is a great game to test your resilience, though. Nothing worse than executing an amazing recovery shot, only to have
  14. I voted laying up. Looking at the data of this theoretical golfer, I know that driver is going to cost me 0.25 strokes from the penalty. The question is whether the additional 53.75 yards (65 yards x .75 plus 20 yard x .25) that I would gain offsets that quarter of a stroke? On it's own, it would be a really close call. The kicker for me is that I am hitting out of the fairway 80% of the time with the layup option vs. 40% of the time with the driver. I think lay up is the call.
  15. Honestly that is pretty lame list. Anaheim, Irvine and Santa Ana are all within 15 miles of one another, so basically they are all overlapping the same data on golf courses, weather, etc. Riverside is listed, but not Palm Springs? I guess that is because they only used cities in the top 100 for population. But anyone that knows and loves golf would choose the Palm Springs Region over Riverside in a heartbeat. I have no idea who funded this study, but whoever they are should demand their money back.
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