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  1. (Raises hand). I mean, I wasn't planning my weekend around this event. But given that my Fridays after Thanksgiving typically consist of helping my wife put up Christmas decorations for 5 hours, I'm pumped to have a golf event to watch in lieu of Hallmark Holiday classics. I'm also interested to see if Barkley's swing can hold up during a televised event.
  2. Like you, I use the lob wedge for almost every stock shot around the green - mine is a 58. There are occasions when I might deviate to a lower lofted wedge. Facing a lie that is sloped uphill or a bunker shot where the flag is on the far other side are the green are two examples that come to mind. Otherwise, the 58 is my choice the vast majority of the time.
  3. I do the same thing but with par 3's. I'm good up until about 210. Anything longer than that probably means I'm playing the wrong tee box.
  4. Maybe I'm the wrong person to ask. I recall spending countless afternoon hours playing no limit texas hold 'em and/or Madden Football with my dormmates during freshman and sophomore years. Basically all it took was someone to broach the subject of a card game and all of my other plans (especially studying) would take a back seat. In retrospect, maybe I should have taken up golf instead. Even without a college discount, I probably would have saved myself a lot of money!
  5. Good points raised here by many. On one hand, I do think there is a lack of creativity in how the golfing community prices their product. It's probably a topic for an entirely separate thread, but I don't see any reason that courses couldn't offer a "same day" college discount for last minute unused times. While college students don't fit the demographic targets that @jamo outlined above, they do tend to have more spontaneous flexibility with their schedules than just about anyone else. A course that doesn't want to give away discounted tee times that would otherwise be booked by customers paying the full rack rate, could easily solve the problem by only discounting times for college students that are in jeopardy of going unused. On the other hand, I suspect there is a stereotype that college students are not desirable customers. Perhaps they are less likely to take proper care of the course, fix their divots, ball marks, etc. They will probably try to sneak a few beers onto the course, but they are certainly less likely to bolster the course's margins by buying food and beverage from the restaurant. When the head pro said "why would I want to cater to you guys?" maybe he meant "why would I encourage customers that are most likely to cause me problems to come to my business by charging them less?"
  6. I didn't circle back on this thread, but needless to say, I did not win. I did perform respectably, with an 83-79 in tough conditions (the tee boxes were set almost 200 yards longer than normal) and I only finished 14 shots off the winner. Sorry, @Double Mocha Man - you won't be able to retire early off my performance.
  7. I'm pretty close to the same handicap as you. Currently a 7.0, but was in the low 6's most of this year. My current card of my last 20 includes the following gems: 90 / 88 / 87 / 87 / 86 / 85. The 98 is probably an outlier for any 6 handicap, but most people in our range are going to post the occasion high 80's/low 90's round so I wouldn't stress about it too much. Sure, there is always the one guy in the club that carries a 6 handicap, but never shoots higher than an 82. That usually also happens to be the guy that will be on pace for a 73, before doubling the last two holes once he wins his nassau. The only advice I can give you is don't play that 6 handicap for money!
  8. Lol. 3000-1 sounds about right. I appreciate the confidence - good to know I've got some support here on TST!
  9. I signed up for our Club Championship this year - gross division. Typically our club hosts 2 net flights, along with the gross (aka, the "true" club champion) and the event is always a 3 day event held in June. Our Club has over 300 members, many of whom are skilled plus handicaps. Last year, the winning score was 17 under par. As a 6-7 index, I essentially have no chance of ever winning this thing. But.....due to Covid, the Club limited the field to 12 players and is hosting a gross flight only over 2 days. Many of the best players did not sign up this year, including the defending champion. If there was ever a year that a hack like me had even a .001% chance of winning the title, this is the year. Limited field, fewer days, and potentially windy fall conditions. I know I'm dreaming, but you never know!
  10. I'm with you. I'm a big fan of the AVX. They reminded me a bit of the old "Kick X" balls that I found through this site. Off the tee, the performance is exceptional. Better distance and accuracy than almost any other ball I play. They have enough spin so that my iron shots hold, but not so much that they spin backwards like crazy with the wedges. Short game performance is not quite as good as the Pro-V's but it's certainly good enough. I definitely wouldn't say it feels like a rock. I rarely buy balls anymore (I have managed to acquire a multi year supply as gifts), but if/when I do, I'd have no qualms about picking up a case of AVX.
  11. Perhaps, but to a much lesser extent. Anecdotally, when tournaments use the Low Index, about two thirds of the field is playing off an index that is higher than their LI. Meaning that the guy who is playing his best golf of the year still has a significant advantage. Maybe not 5 strokes over the field, but usually 1 or 2. And sandbagging does become quite a bit harder when using the LI. It's never impossible, of course. But you have to be a REALLY dedicated sandbagger (cheater?) to keep your index inflated above your true abilities for that length of time.
  12. Yes, but there are some safeguards against this. Specifically, you can set the handicap at the golfers' 6 month or 12 month "low index," and have them play to whatever their LI is at the time. This is how our club operates our match play championships, which run over the course of 4 months. This means that the golfer who shows drastic improvement will not completely outclass the field within his flight, but the golfer whose game has fallen apart won't automatically get those additional strokes.
  13. My 2 cents on Bryson's strokes gained ranking. 1. Give Bryson an additional stroke for the quality of field. The depth of today's tour is so much better than 40-50 years ago. 2. Give Bryson a quarter stroke for playing in the last pairing. None of the other 3 rounds above him came from the final group. Heck, Miller and Palmer both finished almost an hour before the final pairings. Nicklaus was in the second to last group. Having all eyes on you from shot 1 is just harder than playing under the radar for the first several holes. 3. Take away half a stroke for not playing in front of fans. Psychologically, I think this was a big deal for the players. And for someone as touchy as Bryson, I think being able to execute his gameplan without getting rattled or (potentially) heckled by fans was a big help. Add it up and the intangibles vault him ahead of Nicklaus but keep him firmly behind Palmer and Miller. Very scientific analysis I know.....
  14. I agree with you. I'm sure sometime very soon, we will find out where Bryson's round ranked in terms of all time great final round major performances (strokes gained vs. the field). But wherever it falls, in terms of raw numbers will be understated. This wasn't some guy posting a great round early to backdoor a great finish (think Tommy Fleetwood at Shinnecock in 2018). This was a guy who won the tournament, playing in the last group of the day, which is immeasurably more difficult. I think this round will deservedly be remembered as one of the all-time greats.
  15. Pretty sure Harris English just got 4-5 minutes search time to look for his ball. When the camera cut to him, there were about a dozen people searching. I forwarded my DVR 3 minutes and they were still looking (although it was called pretty shortly thereafter). But you have to assume he was looking for at least a minute or more when the camera first cut to him.
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