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  1. Because I enjoy getting perspectives from others on golf courses that I have recently played. If it's from people who I know and whose opinions I respect, that's even better. It's really that simple. Eh, I don't think that's true. It's obvious there are some things that I care about to an extent, that are irrelevant to you. But we probably overlap more than you think. Let's leave out the fringe stuff (carts/clubhouses/driving range) and talk about the golf. I love courses that are challenging without being overly penal. And that allow to exercise different options depending on y
  2. @cipher, @iacas yeah I’m looking forward you getting your (and others) opinions on the two. If you think I’m selling Lawsonia short I’d love to hear why. My major takeaways 1. Lawsonia’s par 3 were weak compared to the rest of the course. In addition to the aforementioned 7th hole, I didn’t get the par 3 4th. It’s shaped like a redan hole, but the slope doesn’t funnel balls right to left. So really it’s just an uphill par 3 that curves to the left, but has to be played straightaway. Pic below. By contrast, I liked all of Lac La Belle’s par 3’s with the exception of the 17th (probably t
  3. @cipher the greens were still pretty hard. But high flighted iron shots still made ball marks and two of my playing partners who tend to play lower trajectories had no issues holding greens, so I would say they were very playable. Your comment about target golf is interesting. I didn't consider it to be a target golf course (one of the things I liked about it was that you could think your way around the course, there was always a bail out area, and misses in the "correct" spot were not severely punished), but you are correct that some holes strongly encourage you to club down off the tee. I hi
  4. Just finished my 3 day Wisconsin trip where we played University Ridge, Wild Rock, Lawsonia Links and Lac La Belle. Lac La Belle is a gem and one of the best courses I have played in a long time. For $100 it’s an amazing value and honestly not that far behind Erin Hills in terms of beauty and playability. I would consider it a “must play” in Wisconsin. Sadly I found Lawsonia to be overrated. Had I gone in with no expectations I might have seen it differently, but considering it’s lofty rating among some of the golf publications out there, I was left pretty underwhelmed.
  5. Brady with the best line of the day. “We got Aaron Rodgers here. One of the best in the game and the leader of the Packers….. I think.” That one actually had me laughing out loud.
  6. Eh, aside from the fact that anything in the Dechambeau orbit is under a microscope, I'm not sure this is particularly newsworthy. I have to imagine that Bryson is a pretty hard guy to caddy for, as he is likely one of the more hard-headed/self-assured guys out there. Perhaps there is something more explosive to the sudden decision, or perhaps they just had an honest conversation and decided the relationship had run it's course.
  7. Great news! Thanks @iacas - I will send you my address now. Looking forward to giving this a try.
  8. Question #2: My dad needs to improve his strokes gained - approach. For a 20 capper, he is pretty good off the tee and his putting and chipping are relatively solid. But for some reason, he really struggles to hit the green after a good drive. From 150 yards out, he might hit a GIR 1-2 times and he sprinkles in the occasional big miss (30 yard pull left) that really shouldn't happen with a short or mid iron.
  9. Yeah I did that, but it merged automatically. I guess I posted my answers too close together. Can one of the mods separate or do you want me to repost my second answer?
  10. Doesn't count, for all the reasons Dave mentions above. But hey, at least now when someone asks you if you've ever had a hole in one, you've got a great story to tell!
  11. Question #1: Greens in regulation will the most important stat for players looking to win the US Open at Torrey Pines. I know the USGA can do crazy things with green speeds, but the greens at Torrey generally aren't too punitive, so I don't imagine there will be a ton of separation there. Keeping the ball out of the thick stuff and hitting accurate approaches will be the key.
  12. I am really looking forward to this Open. The rough is super thick and penal right now, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the pros manage it. My hunch is that those who can do the best job of blending distance and accuracy off the tee will prevail. This might have the makings of another DeChambeau victory, perhaps?
  13. Gents have fun! I'll be at Lawsonia on Thursday July 8th for a company outing, followed by Lac La Belle the following day. I'll post back here once we complete our round with some pics and anything noteworthy about the course or it's conditions. I'll try not to take too many divots, repair all ball marks I see, and generally leave the course in better shape than I found it in preparation for your outing.
  14. I see posts like this every so often and they always confuse me a bit. You say he is a lifelong best friend, so presumably you guys are all very close. You aren't playing for money, so there is nothing financial at stake - just pride, right? And the main reason you care about this is because he "rubs it in your faces" when he scores lower, correct? So in other words, a lifelong friend cheats like crazy and then has the gall to engage in good natured (I'm assuming) smack-talk when he scores lower. So..... how hard would it be for you or someone else in the group to snap back "
  15. Here is a pic of my tee shot on the 4th hole at Pacific Dunes. Those that have played there might recall that the right side of the hole is bordered by a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. So I tried play it “safe” down the left, tugged into the left bunker, and ended up with the worst lie I had ever seen.
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