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  1. Occasionally I'll play my own "worst ball" scramble when I'm out by myself. Even as a single digit handicapper, I hit so many loose shots that getting more than one par in a 9 hole stretch is almost a miracle. And on those rare occasions where I manage a GIR, I'm usually putting from outside of 25 feet. From there, I'll usually cozy one up to tap in range and miss the other by 6 feet. Then I'll proceed to make my first and burn the edge on the second. Sooooo deflating. It is a great game to test your resilience, though. Nothing worse than executing an amazing recovery shot, only to have
  2. I voted laying up. Looking at the data of this theoretical golfer, I know that driver is going to cost me 0.25 strokes from the penalty. The question is whether the additional 53.75 yards (65 yards x .75 plus 20 yard x .25) that I would gain offsets that quarter of a stroke? On it's own, it would be a really close call. The kicker for me is that I am hitting out of the fairway 80% of the time with the layup option vs. 40% of the time with the driver. I think lay up is the call.
  3. Honestly that is pretty lame list. Anaheim, Irvine and Santa Ana are all within 15 miles of one another, so basically they are all overlapping the same data on golf courses, weather, etc. Riverside is listed, but not Palm Springs? I guess that is because they only used cities in the top 100 for population. But anyone that knows and loves golf would choose the Palm Springs Region over Riverside in a heartbeat. I have no idea who funded this study, but whoever they are should demand their money back.
  4. I kind of see where you are going with your thinking, but I just don't think it's realistic for reasons that others have mentioned. If you are talking about an investment that won't show returns for many years (if not decades) and one that has no real way to quantify it's success or failure, then realistically I see no way any company of size would take that plunge.
  5. A CEO that spent 7 figures worth of shareholder equity on a sponsorship because he loved golf and wanted to rub elbows in the Pro Am event would also be showing poor judgement. And would likely be setting himself up to be a short term CEO. Then they would have a profit motive for the decision - increasing goodwill among their targeted demographic.
  6. Immediate? No. But Immediate and long term? Yes, I think that is the only consideration to a sponsorship. I would be careful about conflating sponsorships with charitable works and donations. If a company decided that equal purses sizes between men and women was more aligned with their company values than serving the underprivileged in their community (or something similar), I would have serious doubts about that company's judgement.
  7. When it comes to marketing, do "other ways" really exist? Sponsors are essentially paying for two things - goodwill and name recognition. You can argue that inflating the purse artificially might increase good will (aka: "CME doubles their purse in a dramatic statement about gender equality"), but even so, there would come a point where pumping additional dollars into the purse would have no marginal benefits in terms of the goodwill created. And I'm pretty sure that point would come well before purse sizes would match those on the PGA Tour. So at that point, what else could y
  8. You got me beat! As tough as that 702 yard hole looks, I think my relative scoring average would be worse on the hole before it. That 16th hole looks like a beast from the back tees. Unless they had a drop zone area marked off, I can easily see myself losing multiple balls into that lake if my swing wasn't on that day.
  9. Los Serranos South Course, in Chino Hills, CA. Distance from their black tees is 7,628 - par 74. Both the pro-shop staff and signage on the first tee explicitly discourage anyone above a 5 handicap from playing the blacks. I was probably about a 10 handicap when I did it, but was able to blend in among the rest of my foursome, all of whom were low single digit golfers. I had a really solid ball-striking round that day and finished with an 89. By itself the score was nothing to write home about, but I remember feeling really proud about that round.
  10. If you are the weird one, then our society is doomed.
  11. It is interesting to see how the modern statistical analysis can do what 10-15 years ago seemed impossible - compare athletes from different generations. I do sometimes feel like the abundance of data takes away the "art" of some of these debates. My dad was a child of the 50's & 60's and he will go to his grave believing that Sandy Koufax is the greatest pitcher of all time. His arguments were largely anecdotal, but it was still a lot more fun to hear him recount Koufax stories from that era than it would have been if he were reciting his WAR, or adjusted ERA, etc. Objectively
  12. Yeah, I don't think I have ever logged more than 50 rounds, so I am speculating as well. But I have participated in a couple of outings where I play something like 4-5 rounds in a 3 day period. And while I enjoy those trips immensely, when I am done with them, I am DONE - ready to put my clubs away for a week or two and do something else for a bit.
  13. I selected twice a week, and was surprised to see that I was in the minority there. Geez, I know we all love golf here - myself included - but sometimes when things are going sideways and I've put a few bad rounds together, I just need a break for a week or two to re-charge my enthusiasm. Realistically, I don't think I could play more than 100 rounds a year and still enjoy the game as much as I do right now. I know some people can do it but I think I would get burned out if half of my days were spent playing golf.
  14. All fair points. I don't want to jump in late and re-hash 10 pages of discussion, but the problem Patrick Reed has is that he has the most well documented history of cheating of any tour pro in the modern era. The stories of his days with Georgia are well known, and what he did at the Hero World Challenge a few years ago was blatant. If he has been caught a few times, it is not unreasonable to assume he has bent the rules in his favor many times without being caught. So I agree with everyone who posted that Patrick Reed did everything properly by the rules and that both he and the
  15. Yeah, for some reason I was thinking the PGA & LPGA tours were related. If they are completely separate autonomous entities then I guess the incentives for the PGA Tour are not as clear. The case for it would simply be ratings related. I'm not sure how viewership for the President's Cup stacks up to a run of the mill tour event, but I am guessing the proposed co-ed tournament would garner more eyeballs because of the novelty. Then again, it's not like mixed doubles tennis is a ratings bonanza, so who knows?
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