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  1. I'm with you. I'm a big fan of the AVX. They reminded me a bit of the old "Kick X" balls that I found through this site. Off the tee, the performance is exceptional. Better distance and accuracy than almost any other ball I play. They have enough spin so that my iron shots hold, but not so much that they spin backwards like crazy with the wedges. Short game performance is not quite as good as the Pro-V's but it's certainly good enough. I definitely wouldn't say it feels like a rock. I rarely buy balls anymore (I have managed to acquire a multi year supply as gifts), but if/when I do, I'd have no qualms about picking up a case of AVX.
  2. Perhaps, but to a much lesser extent. Anecdotally, when tournaments use the Low Index, about two thirds of the field is playing off an index that is higher than their LI. Meaning that the guy who is playing his best golf of the year still has a significant advantage. Maybe not 5 strokes over the field, but usually 1 or 2. And sandbagging does become quite a bit harder when using the LI. It's never impossible, of course. But you have to be a REALLY dedicated sandbagger (cheater?) to keep your index inflated above your true abilities for that length of time.
  3. Yes, but there are some safeguards against this. Specifically, you can set the handicap at the golfers' 6 month or 12 month "low index," and have them play to whatever their LI is at the time. This is how our club operates our match play championships, which run over the course of 4 months. This means that the golfer who shows drastic improvement will not completely outclass the field within his flight, but the golfer whose game has fallen apart won't automatically get those additional strokes.
  4. My 2 cents on Bryson's strokes gained ranking. 1. Give Bryson an additional stroke for the quality of field. The depth of today's tour is so much better than 40-50 years ago. 2. Give Bryson a quarter stroke for playing in the last pairing. None of the other 3 rounds above him came from the final group. Heck, Miller and Palmer both finished almost an hour before the final pairings. Nicklaus was in the second to last group. Having all eyes on you from shot 1 is just harder than playing under the radar for the first several holes. 3. Take away half a stroke for not playing in front of fans. Psychologically, I think this was a big deal for the players. And for someone as touchy as Bryson, I think being able to execute his gameplan without getting rattled or (potentially) heckled by fans was a big help. Add it up and the intangibles vault him ahead of Nicklaus but keep him firmly behind Palmer and Miller. Very scientific analysis I know.....
  5. I agree with you. I'm sure sometime very soon, we will find out where Bryson's round ranked in terms of all time great final round major performances (strokes gained vs. the field). But wherever it falls, in terms of raw numbers will be understated. This wasn't some guy posting a great round early to backdoor a great finish (think Tommy Fleetwood at Shinnecock in 2018). This was a guy who won the tournament, playing in the last group of the day, which is immeasurably more difficult. I think this round will deservedly be remembered as one of the all-time greats.
  6. Pretty sure Harris English just got 4-5 minutes search time to look for his ball. When the camera cut to him, there were about a dozen people searching. I forwarded my DVR 3 minutes and they were still looking (although it was called pretty shortly thereafter). But you have to assume he was looking for at least a minute or more when the camera first cut to him.
  7. I feel like the men's club events should be reserved for amateurs, but I don't see the logic in excluding former college players or former pros who have regained amateur status. When you say "ex tour player," that is a bit of a grey area. I believe you have to apply for reinstatement through the USG&A to play in any sanctioned amateur events here in the US. Do you know if he has gone through that process? If not, and he is technically still a professional, I can see some of the argument for excluding him. The other consideration is what level of participation should be required in other events to qualify for the Club Championship. For instance, our club requires that you have had to play in at least 3 club events the prior 12 months in order to sign up for ours. This is to prevent "hired guns" from joining the club and winning the big prize without actually participating in the ancillary events throughout the year. From your description, this guy plays in the club events, but generally with his tight knit group. If my understanding is correct, then I don't see an issue with that. I mean for me personally, if I joined a men's club and were good enough to compete for the gross championship, then I sure as hell would get to know some of the other members, but that's not everyone's style. Maybe the guy is just a bit more introverted.
  8. Someone needs to tell Mike Whan to cut back on the interlocking finger gestures. He went to the well a few too many times on that one. Other than that, I agree his reasoning is sound.
  9. After 15 years of gaming mostly second hand clubs, I am finally prepared to make a modest investment in some new equipment. I plan to start with the putter. Based on some feedback from members here, I was leaning towards Edel, but I have heard great things about Club Champion as well. My understanding is that Edel's fitting process is free if you end up purchasing one of their putters. Club Champion charges $100 for a putter fitting regardless of whether you purchase or not. Club Champion does carry Edel, as well as all the other major brands. Long story short, if I end up getting fitted into an Edel putter by Club Champion, it will cost me an extra $100. But there is a reasonable possibility that Club Champion would recommend something different that suits my eye better. Is it worth it to take the plunge with Edel or should I spend the extra $100 to keep my options open through Club Champion. Thoughts appreciated.
  10. Flash in the pan is a bit much. The guy finished 1st-1st-2nd in the last 3 US Opens. Aside from Tiger, there probably aren't many (any?) who had a better 3 year run in majors than Brooks from 2017-19. Regarding the poll question: Am I considering the financial ramifications? If so, then I'll go with DJ, the 22 wins and massive career earnings. But if we are leaving that aside, then it's Brooks all the way for me. 4-1 advantage in the majors trumps the 22-7 tournament margin and it's not particularly close. Give DJ one more major and then it's a close call.
  11. You might be surprised how much people can dig up on you. If they start with your name and your general location, and then have an inclination to dig back through details of your posting history, your identity can be narrowed down in a hurry. And again, I'm not saying that really matters on TST, or any golf related forums. But to the extent that people want to have outlet to discuss more sensitive topics in the world in good faith and relative anonymity, I think they should be able to do that.
  12. When you meet someone for the first time, shake their hand and have a conversation, the scope of that conversation is pretty tightly bounded. The contents will be known to the two parties, maybe a few third parties, and perhaps a bystander or two. When you engage in a conversation with that same person over the internet, the contents of your conversation are available to just about anyone with a computer and access to the internet. Now on a golf forum, that's a fairly low risk proposition. Even if someone knows who I am, where I live and what I do for a living, they aren't going to find much on here that could get me into trouble. On a political message board, that's an entirely different story. I don't know the type of forum that Erik is referring to above, but I do think it is valid in some cases for people to want to remain completely anonymous online.
  13. Get comfortable with this technique posted here. Quickie Pitching post That should basically be your "go to" shot for the situation described here.
  14. I read somewhere that the Padres coach threw Tatis under the bus. I didn't get that at all from watching the video. In essence, all he said was, "We gave him the sign to take the next pitch. He missed it and that's a learning opportunity." Aside from some mild criticisms from the Rangers coach (who I don't agree with), I don't see anyone giving Tatis a hard time. Honestly this seems to be the MLB media blowing a story out of proportion.
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