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  1. I would not share a cart with a stranger regardless. If I'm being honest, it's primarily because of my wife. She has been pretty amenable to letting me play since California has re-opened our courses, but she wants me to take all necessary precautions, bring my hand sanitizer, etc. - I can't imagine the conversation would go well if she found out I had shared a cart with a stranger.
  2. For me, I don't like playing a set of tees that forces me to hit less than driver on more than 1 or 2 holes. There are a few courses around here that are plenty tough from the white tees, but that have several holes where the fairway ends, or doglegs severely at 220-250 from the whites. I don't mind hitting a 4 iron or hybrid off the tee as a part of a risk/reward strategy decision. But if the tee box makes that decision for me, I'd prefer to go one set back and accept that I might score higher that day.
  3. According to the article, Kittyhawk pulled in about $1.05 million in revenues last year, and will need at least 4-5 times that much in capital improvements and renovations. Yikes. I know that there is more that goes into running a municipal golf course than bottom line profit, but dollars and cents still has to be a consideration. With figures like that, it's not hard to see why the city reached the conclusion that they did.
  4. My $0.02: On principle, I try to keep my monthly subscriptions to a minimum. It's easy to say "oh, what's another $10?" but after a handful of times, that starts to add up to real money. That said, golf is important to me, and I trust the content you put out, so I would likely pay a modest fee for 1 video per week. I don't believe additional videos from other instructors would add value for me personally. I just don't have time to watch, implement and practice that much content. One video a week is pretty much my sweet spot (as an example, I am just now working on "Day 7" of your Covid challenge). The only other thing I would likely "level up" for, in terms of subscription costs, is the quick video lesson you suggested above. I am not familiar with the Golf Coach App or how it works. But something similar to the Member Swing Thread on this site, where I could post one swing per month and get some feedback would be valuable and something I would consider paying more for.
  5. I've been in Corporate America for 17 years now. During that time, I've only worked for two bosses and both have been great - both very supportive of me personally and in my career development. I've heard enough stories about nightmare bosses to know how valuable a great manager is. It's part of the reason I've never seriously considered changing companies, despite the opportunity to make a bit more money elsewhere. The grass is not always greener........
  6. Mine was pretty similar. I worked for Allegiance Telecom, trying to get people to change their phone systems from AT&T/PacBell to our small regional company. Allegiance was not an MLM company (that would have been even worse), but my job basically consisted of cold calling local business all day to get the owner on the phone and try to convince them to meet with me for the lucrative savings of $8-10/month per phone or fax line. I started with two other trainees. By day 3, I was the only one left. I hated the job, and I had a pit in my stomach every morning as I drove into work. That said, I was determined to stick it out, and even had some modest success setting up a few appointments by week 2. At the end of my 9th day on the job, our manager called a team-wide meeting to advise that our team was being let go. There were about 8 of us in total and they just decided to take a hatchet to the entire team. We were all given 2 weeks severance. Since I had only worked for 9 days and hadn't closed any sales, my two week severance check was actually larger than my paycheck. My one vivid memory of that time was driving home that afternoon and feeling overwhelming relief - like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I couldn't have imagined being so happy to be fired. I think that just about said it all as far as my feelings about that job go.
  7. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this one. When I got the chance to play Torrey South, I actually found myself underwhelmed by the 18th. For TV purposes, it's a pretty cool finishing hole - a risk/reward par 5 over water, especially when backdropped by the grandstands. But when you are out there playing it without fans or a grandstand, it's actually a pretty run of the mill par 5 - and in my estimation, was one of the least exciting holes on the course.
  8. My most memorable match was the championship of our club's flighted match play tournament. I had been playing really good golf for a couple months and was cruising to an easy title victory, up 4 with 4 holes to play. On 15, I bogeyed to my opponents par. Up 3 On 16, I gagged a 2 1/2 footer for par that would have given me the championship. Up 2 On 17 - a short par 3, I missed the green by a mile left and chunked my chip. Couldn't get up and down from there and doubled the hole, when a bogey would have given me the win. On 18, my head is spinning with terrible thoughts. I am thinking about how embarrassing it will be when word spreads that I choked away a dormie 4 lead and kicking myself for missed opportunities. Somehow, I manage to hit a great drive on the par 5 hole and am left with 190 yards to the pin over water. I decide I have to go for it. On the backswing, I remember feeling a slight buckling in my knee. 9 times out 10, that is a precursor to a terrible shot - a weak slice into the water, perhaps. Miraculously, the center of my clubface finds the ball with perfect contact. As the ball ascends towards the green, I just remember feeling an incredible sense of relief. My ball finishes about 20 feet away for eagle, close enough that even in my wrecked mental state, I manage to close out the match with a conceded birdie. John, it seems you must have a flair for the dramatic. Some people can go a lifetime without closing a match out on a chip-in, and you have done it at least twice.
  9. Interesting. But I think there is a big difference between a medical expert's recommended best practices, and what Americans will actually do once Covid-19 is no longer seen as a threat. I think there is a big chunk of the public that see a firm handshake as an integral part of the American way and that forgoing that practice would be seen as weakness or "letting fear win." I stand by my opinion. Handshaking will be back with a vengeance by 2021. Edit: @iacas beat me to it by about 30 seconds - but I agree 100%
  10. Philippe's French Dip is awesome. And now is the best time to go. I had to make a trip to downtown LA last week and the roads were as empty as you will ever see them. I got from Orange County to downtown in 27 minutes. I'll add one other recommendation while you are visiting Philippe's. Check out Breadlam - a sandwich spot in the arts district of downtown. An old high school buddy of mine opened it up last year after a decade of running an artisan cheese and salami shop on the east coast. His sandwiches are amazing, even if I am slightly biased. https://www.yelp.com/biz/breadlam-los-angeles?osq=breadlam
  11. My wife and I were talking about this yesterday. She felt the same as you did. I disagreed. We are talking about practices that have been embedded into our culture for literally hundreds of year. I don't think 3-6 months of social distancing is going to override our ingrained behaviors. But I suppose we will see.. As for positives, I have two 1. The last two weekends have been great for catching up on household projects we have been putting off. We have successfully reinforced and re-painted our kids backyard playground, put up shiplap walls in our office, re-seeded our lawn and planted a bunch of plants and succulents in the planter areas surrounding our yard. By the end of April, I may have checked off all of my yearly "honey dos" 2. I am getting back on a diet. Usually it's hard to stick with anything because I travel & entertain so frequently for work. With a moratorium on work travel, I have been pretty disciplined with eating right and moderating alcohol consumption.
  12. Yes, I'm not particularly quick on the exercises (particularly pull ups - I take forever to get to 100) but 1 mile runs are where I make up a bit of time. BTW, I'm going to update my post above for vanity reasons. I actually checked my history on Wodify and my last two Murph's have been around 39 minutes - not 44. I think the runs totaled about 17 minutes of that, so that essentially means it took me 22 minutes to do 20 rounds of Cindy. So I am still pretty impressed that you were able to get 26 rounds in 20 minutes.
  13. I am Social Member at a Club Corp property. We primarily use our membership for the swimming pool and the family events they host throughout the year. Per the latest announcement, here is what our club is doing for members. - 100% of Social member dues will be credited towards any future food & beverage or club events, good for 6 months after the club re-opens. - 75% of Golf Member Dues will be credited towards the above, as well as cart fees, guest fees, pro shop merchandise, or golf lessons. - All monthly food & beverage minimums will be waived until the club re-opens. From the sound of things, ours is a pretty generous deal compared to some of the posts I am seeing on here.
  14. I haven't done Cindy but I have done The Murph. Our gym does it every Memorial Day (although sadly, we may to postpone it this year). It is similar to Cindy with a Mile run at the beginning and end. 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push Ups 300 Air Squats 1 Mile Run. I think my best time was around 44 minutes. @Typhoon92, 26 rounds of Pull-ups (130 total) is pretty damn impressive. Do you do kipping pull-ups or strict? My other favorite Crossfit workout is Fran. It is alternating Thrusters and Pullups in a 21/15/9 rep sequence. It's a great combination of pushing and pulling exercises and although it's not very long time wise, I am drenched in sweat by the end.
  15. Usually it's the latter. Every event that I have played in has had special "tournament tee markers" that are set up before the first group goes off. Since almost all amateur tournaments are bracketed by public play both before and after, it usually isn't practical to remove all other tees.
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