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  1. Romo is 2 under through the first round of the Safeway Open. I knew he had more game then most celebrity golfers but even so, I’m pretty damn impressed.
  2. Big C

    Gambling Game Idea

    Sounds like a fun game. I would be up for giving it a try, although most of my golf buddies play pretty low stakes. It sounds like this could get pretty expensive on a bad day! The optional multiplier seems like it could add a bit too much randomness for my liking, so I would probably ease into the game without that added wrinkle.
  3. I chose 4-6 shots per round. I went over my last round shot by shot and had 8 full swings, where I could not have asked for better contact off the club face. That is probably on the higher end of my norm, but 5-7 might be a better choice for me, if given the option. I suspect that I am probably a more erratic golfer than most people in my handicap range, meaning I hit more "great" shots than your typical 7 handicap, but also more "wtf" shots as well. OB Slices, chunked chips and the occasional hosel-rocket are sadly still in my repertoire.
  4. Big C

    2019 Presidents Cup

    It's an exhibition event and nobody is going to get more eyeballs and more publicity for the President's Cup than Tiger Woods. It's an absolute no brainer for him to play as long as he's healthy, IMO.
  5. I'm pretty sure the impact on short putts is negligible. The benefit to having the flagstick in comes from when the ball approaches the cup at high speeds. Dave Pelz did the most widely referenced study that concluded in favor of leaving the flag in. But his methodology was to roll putts at speeds that would typically go 3 feet, 6 feet and then 9 feet past the hole. You shouldn't be missing too many short putts 3 feet long. And you will almost never miss them 6 or 9 feet long, unless you are truly a terrible putter. So for short putts, my hunch is that there is no real benefit statistically, and it comes down to personal preference and what makes you comfortable visually.
  6. I wouldn't call it special treatment - I don't begrudge anyone their right to leave or pull the flag, regardless of the situation. If the roles were reversed and everyone in my group liked to leave it in, I would still politely ask for the flag out on the shorties. It just feels "weird" to me to putt with it in. I've tried and I don't like it. This guy feels the opposite way apparently. It's bit annoying logistically, but he's totally within his right.
  7. Yeah I can see that. From my experience, this guy is in the minority, compared to the people that like the flag out on the short putts. But it definitely slows things down a bit when that is the case.
  8. Anytime I play with someone new, I try to clarify on the first green. As they get ready to hit their first putt I will approach the flag and ask "Do you like it in or out?" and based on their answer will take that into consideration for the remainder of the round. To the original question, I would say it's sped things up very slightly. I love not having to worry about the "pin-tend" dance for long putts. The only time it might potentially slow things down is if I played with someone that wanted to keep the flag in, even on short putts. For me personally, I take the flag out for anything inside of 15 feet. So if someone wanted it in for a 5 footer after I had the flag pulled for my 10 footer, that could potentially be awkward. But so far, I haven't really encountered that scenario. Almost everyone I have played with prefers the flag out, or doesn't care on the medium to short putts.
  9. Borderline and not enough to suggest cheating in my opinion. Don’t underestimate how much your hand eye coordination deteriorates on a lefty shot. I have whiffed balls trying to hit them lefty before. It’s not out of the question to think his practice takeaway might be a bit too low on a opposite handed shot. And not only did he gain no advantage, there was really no advantage to be gained. Even if he dug a 6 inch trench behind his ball, he still has to make a clean ball first strike, which he did. i vote “nothing to see here”
  10. Only if you are already safely in the fairway!
  11. That was my first thought too. But upon reflection, I've had a lot of crisp iron shots that sizzle off the club face before turning dead left into a dreaded hook. The click of a pure pitch shot almost always results in a positive outcome.
  12. My favorite sound is probably the crisp "click" sound of a well struck pitch shot off a tight lie. It's especially satisfying because I tend to have a fair amount of fear about those shots - and overcoming my mental hurdles to clip a 20 yard pitch that bounces once and checks nicely is a great feeling.
  13. Big C

    6-6-6 Tournament

    Took a closer look and assuming it is a "red/white/blue" event and the Fazio tees do not come into play, Here is what I would do. Forward tees on 4, 7, 8, 12, 14, 17. As I said, I wouldn't typically move forward on a par 3, but the difference between 175 and 104 is significant. All the remainder are par 4s/5s where the distance would be significantly shortened. Middle tees on 1, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15 Back tees on 2, 3, 5, 11, 16, 18
  14. Big C

    6-6-6 Tournament

    Your course appears to have 4 sets of tee boxes. What colors do front, middle and back correspond to? It's a fun idea for a tournament, but I think it would be tough to answer your question simply by looking at a scorecard. You would really have to know how the holes set up in order to determine proper strategy. On my home course, there are a couple holes where an additional 30 yards forward doesn't give a huge benefit, because the extra yardage brings more trouble into play. Instead of hitting driver, I would hit a 3 wood, or a hybrid. Holes like that are ones where I would likely stick with the back tees. But again, without knowing the course, no one here could say which holes those are. Generally speaking, I'd look for opportunities to turn par 5's into long par 4's, or opportunities to give myself short pitches into par 4 holes. Unless a par 3 is particularly brutal, I disagree with the strategy of moving forward on those. What I want to do is give myself as many chances for birdie as I can. Hitting a 9 iron vs. a 6 doesn't materially improve my chances to do that. It's a fun concept, though!
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