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  1. I saw this too and can't really decide if I want to spend the extra money on the SkyCaddie, which would be an extra 100 for me through a contact. I think the simplistic nature of this by Bushnell is nice though.
  2. I think the soft hands component to the swing is critical for people who did not learn the game early in life (teens or earlier). It's the single most significant thing that improved my game.
  3. I have the G10 and it's square and perfect! All I can think of is that you were looking at their Draw version of the driver which may in fact look a touch closed (to provide that draw).
  4. bca42

    Ever Broken Par?

    Career round was par on a 71 track. Missed two 3 footers.
  5. I don't see how you can go wrong with TTDGs. Enjoy those 57s!!
  6. Iif the course/situation allows (nothing guarding the front of the green) try hitting bump and run shots with say a 6 iron from 50 yds. BNRs are often higher probability shots with lower risk for error than say a 60 yd wedge flop. You still have to practice it though. Good luck!
  7. 2 1. Which one: 7 iron 2. How long have you used it: since I bought the set (~5 years) 3. Material of shaft: metal 4. Where did it break: mid way down the shaft; 5th hole home course 5. Why it was broken: tried to hit a shot up against a tree 6. Anything wrong before it was broken: no 1. Which one: SW 2. How long have you used it: 13 years 3. Material of shaft: metal 4. Where did it break: mid way down the shaft; 10th hole home course 5. Why it was broken: because my thigh was stronger than the shaft 6. Anything wrong before it was broken: no, one of my favorite clubs
  8. There are people like that everywhere...maybe a touch more in golf circles. Don't let them dictate what you do.
  9. Sadly, yes. Last year, in fact. Though it had been many, many years in between the two occurrences.
  10. I know the Clev wedges are well thought of..but I play Mizunos and use a Bridgestone 330 ball, and regularly I have to peel off pieces of the ball that have been cut from the grooves, like hanging chads from a Florida ballot...softer balls must be even worse.
  11. I only skimmed the thread so not sure what brand the driver is, but almost everyone I know who has cracked a driver has contacted and sent it back to the manufacturer who replaced it with the most current model equivalent. You might try that route and with luck have a new driver in your bag.
  12. I think we should rename the post, "People do dumb things" There's always a handful of stories like this every year, surprised this one involved a Touring Pro however..
  13. bca42

    Ernie's Son

    Yes this is sad. I'll be the first to say that I have criticized Ernie for his lack of good play in recent years, and nothing I said wasn't valid, but news like this is just a reminder of how little we fans actually know about what is really going on in the lives of the people we follow in sports.
  14. I voted for books, but not for reading them. Use them (2) as a putting aid to help groove a consistent stroke. The better you get, lessen the gap between them so the putter blade has less space on either side of toe and heel. Putting and chipping yields the best ROI in most people's game. This helps in that area greatly.
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