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  1. Cheater! Haha nah, I've never heard of that. I will say that if you can't find any info on a club then it's not known of by many and is most likely illegal. The penalty for possession of such a club shouldn't be more than 2 years of jail time.
  2. I propose that the flagstick's sole purpose becomes inflicting physical pain (negative reinforcement) on a playing partner that misses a putt they should have made. 5 whacks for 3 footers, 4 for 4 footers and 3 for 5 footers.
  3. If he said "a mandate" I would say no, but he's talking about a mere recommendation here. In that case, I completely agree with the OP. A complete beginner would not only help the flow of legit courses by not playing there, but they would also have a lot more fun at an executive course. I know from experience that I didn't move up to a full length course until I felt comfortable doing so, otherwise you're bringing a lot of complicating factors into a game you already suck at. Trying to hit it a distance you know you can't hit it and playing with a sense of hopelessness when you compare you
  4. My buddies and I joke that our B player's close to turning pro.
  5. Nutter

    Big Break NFL

    Not to mention how easy the shots they hit are. The english host is like "Oh my goodness! So and so just hit it within 15 feet from 125 yards that's amazingggg". I've never seen so many duck hooks and banana balls on TV.
  6. Nuh uh I love golf more than you... Kidding aside, you need a reputable swing coach. Tell him your goals, you probably don't have a lot of time to do this but getting a scholarship to a top 25 college team would be a good goal (top 50 even). You're young but not that young as far as players go these days, work hard.
  7. I'm not really sure what your PS means, but I know plenty of guys that hit it that far and hit it dead straight. Point being that good players that hit it long don't "go for length" it's just a product of their swing and or physique. I do know some small guys that hit it long also though, one of my good buddies won the Puerto Rico Classic last week, he's under 6 foot tall and hits it a mile.
  8. If he's shooting 140 then 2 lessons isn't enough to help him shave 40 strokes. He needs a lesson once a week (from the pro) followed by daily range sessions where he's working on exactly what he's being told until his next lesson. You're expecting too much, and anyone can point out a million things wrong with a beginners swing, but just telling him he needs to do this or that isn't teaching. Someone shooting in the 70's would get tired of waiting for you just like you don't like waiting for him. You either need to be patient or find someone in your own skill range to play with, that's what
  9. I haven't changed my in the bag in awhile, but I usually stick to Titleist woods, Cleveland irons and wedges (may switch to mizuno next not sure) and a scotty cameron putter. I don't know many people that play only one brand unless they're sponsored.
  10. That should never be a goal unless you're looking to compete in a long drive competition. I hit it anywhere from 280-310 and hit some further (just blessed with being tall and flexible), but I take zero pride in a long good drive. Drives are just a means to give yourself the best chance to hit the green. Now hitting a stiff iron shot or draining a 20 ft birdie putt is a different story, that get's my blood pumping.
  11. I don't really set goals in golf anymore, if I was going to I'd have to pick up a swing coach and really get serious about my game and compete in tournaments.
  12. I'm completely against jeans on the course but that makes no sense.
  13. I didn't watch any videos, but I'll tell you right now that if you expect swing or grip changes to "feel comfortable" right away you're going to be stuck where you are for a long time. What you are doing may be wrong, but of course it's going to feel better if it's what you're used to. When my dad and I first got lessons 10 years ago the guy scrapped our swings, changed our grips and setup (those are two things you should do right every time) and we worked from the ground up. Believe me, nothing he made me do felt right to me at the time and I certainly hit the ball worse for long periods o
  14. Funny, I said that in the Nike post and people had aneurysms. To the OP, play the new irons for sure. You'll just be fantasizing about them the whole time if you don't.
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